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Let us figure out why I’m so bad at writing papers

March 19, 2010

Ok, so I spent 3 hours writing a wonderful and intricate blog post about the mechanics of a specific spell (and by 3 hours of writing, I mean 3 hours of sort of writing while flipping back and forth and participating in other discussions) and then I went to save it and WordPress gave me the finger and I lost it all and OMG I don’t want to start all over. I even had MATH in it, just to prove to Codi that I’m not always lazy! (Note, since everyone’s feelings are kind of on-edge these days, I want to specify that I am saying this with much affection and <3)

So after the obligatory crying fit, I decided to write about something lighter for a Friday post. It has little to do with WoW, but perhaps if we all put our heads together, we can figure out why I’m such a bad paper writer. (And the whole reason I have this on my mind is because I have 2 papers due Monday that I’ve barely started)

This is my paper writing process:

1) Read assignment question.

2) Check blog stats.

3) Reread assignment question.

4) Gather dirty clothes and start some laundry.

5) Pull out notebook to work on plan.

6) Look for pencil.

7) Discover a roll of Lifesavers under bed.

8.) Tweet about said Lifesavers roll.

9) Refresh blog stats.

10) Start working on plan.

11) Check blog comments.

12) Write rest of plan.

13) Check Blog Azeroth.

14) Start paper, write 3 words.

15) Go get snack.

16) Tweet about snack.

17) Write 3 more words.

18) Refresh blog stats.

19) Write 3 more words.

20) Remember laundry.

21) Get interrupted by cat demanding food. Feed cat.

22) Write 3 more words.

23) Run “1” heroic (courtesy of @Acaldra)

…. and so on.

Anyone have any insight on why it takes me a week to write a 2 paged paper?

What happens when I talk on vent

March 9, 2010

I coordinate the Sunday 10 man ICC runs. Last Sunday, we had a bit of a shakey start, but once we were off, we were off. Despite only having half of our normal group (and one of those who were helping us out claimed that he’d never been in ICC before), we were rocking the place.

Things were going great, but we noticed some strange things… At one point, Stinky dropped aggro on the tank and charged our mage.

Raid: Watch your aggro!
Mage: I was nowhere on the aggro list!
Tank: He wasn’t near me at all on the aggro list, this doesn’t make sense.
Me: Mages just have a secret taunt button.
Raid: You know, a real mage would have iceblocked.

We shrugged it off as a freak event, and moved on. Then Rotface did something similar, gobbling down our enhancement shammy and our poor mage in the process.

Rotface Tank: I somehow lost aggro, I don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense.

Great, we thought, a bugged instance. We ended up calling a wipe and trying again.

Sure enough, it happened again. Our mage had learned his lesson by then and iceblocked, so only on the shaman was sacrificed.

It was then that our Rotface tank figured out the problem. “It’s like I’m bopped, she said, I can’t attack or anything!

In our guild language, “bop” is the word for Hand of Protection. Quickly, I look for a pally to blame.

No other pallies in the raid.

I check my bop.

Sure enough, on cooldown, the timing coinciding exactly with the aggro reset. I was shocked. I must have hit the wrong button. But it didn’t make sense. I’ve had the same key binding for years and I’ve never hit it by accident.

Then it dawned on me: my key binding for bop is ctrl + right mouse button.

Ctrl = vent press-to-talk
Right mouse button = Holy Light

Speaking on vent and trying to heal causes me to bop the tank.

It had never been in a problem in the past because I don’t usually speak on vent. That night was different because I was leading and, due to some earlier events that evening, was feeling more outspoken than usual. Plus, I usually tank while I’m leading, so I don’t typically find myself casting Holy Light.

In my past guild, the first time I spoke on vent, we wiped. It was just coincidence, but I gained a reputation for wiping the raid when I speak. I guess it’s sort of a curse. Years later, I am still wiping the raid when I speak.

Anyway, for our final (and successful) Rotface attempt, I put bop on cooldown before the pull, then halfway through the fight, just to be safe. I did cast it by accident on a tank later on that night, but thankfully there was no wipe involved.

But I guess it’s time I start revamping my spell bindings.

Blogger Elder Project: 5-Man PuG Social Rules

March 6, 2010

EDIT: I kinda feel bad for not posting anything actually useful for what was supposed to be a helpful event. If you came here looking for some fairly applicable Bossy Pally tips, check out my guide to tanking heroics without running out of mana, some techniques for effective complaining and my holy paladin talents discussion.

So I’m a little last minute with this Blogger Elder post (why isn’t anyone surprised?) But I’m getting it done AND THATS WHAT COUNTS MKAY?

I run a lot of 5-mans PuGs. Being a healer (and if I have to wait longer than 2 minutes in the queue, I magically become a tank) really helps my number of 5-mans:time ratio. I’ve noticed that quite a few people don’t know how to behave in a 5-man PuG. There is some sort of 5-man culture. Tourists unfamiliar with that culture, they stick out.

Due my inability to take anything seriously, I present to all 5-man tourists, a quick run down of social rules in a 5-man. After my quick tips, you’ll never feel out of place in a random PuG again!

1- Greeting your PuGmates is accepted but not encouraged.

It’s ok if you say “hi” at the beginning of the instance. Nothing longer than “hi”. Others may say “hi” as well. It’s not encouraged, though, so don’t come to expect greetings and certainly don’t expect answers. “gogogo” is another acceptable alternative to “hi”. Note: never capitalize. Delete the shift key from your keyboard.

2- As you zone in, type in “might”.

Even if you play a mage and even if there’s no paladin in the party, you should still type “might” as you zone in. If you are feeling particularly social, it’s ok to say “might plz”.

3- After the first pull, do not communicate with your PuGmates unless desperately required.

You can always spot a tourist by their strange small talk. Small talk is a big no-no. If you are grouped with a small talking tourist, look the other way and pretend not to be reading party chat.

4- If you must communicate, use words that are 1 letter or shorter.

“r u r y” is an appropriate sentance, “Are you ready, yes?” is not. The goal here is not to be understood. Besides, everyone is busy pretending not to be reading party chat anyway.

5- Follow each request by “ffs”

Need to ask your healer for a “h” ? “ffs” Want the tank to “p” faster? “ffs” You don’t have a “k” buff? (Whether or not there’s a paladin in the group is irrelevant.) “ffs”

6- If you are dps, during trash, always attack the creature the tank has the least threat on.

Check the tank’s threat level on all the mobs before unleashing and always choose the one where the tank has the least threat. Never attack the tank’s target, always go for the one the tank has the least threat on. If you take too much damage, type “h”. If you die, “ffs”.

7- After a boss kill, if anyone asks if they can need, DO NOT ANSWER!

If you need something, it is acceptable to ask if you can need, but it is not acceptable to respond if someone else asks. If the asker waits for a response, “ffs”.

8- After the last boss, wait to see if anyone rolls need on the orb. If no one does, roll need at the very end.

Some groups might say “roll need” or “r n” at the beginning. In that case, you can roll need the second the boss drops. Also, if another person rolls need before you roll, you can safely go ahead. However, if others are rolling greed, do not roll until the very end! And whatever you do, do not ever greed on orbs.

9- Before leaving group, “thx” is acceptable, but not encouraged.

If you’re an especially nice person, you can say “thx” at the end of the run. If your group was exceptional, you can tell them they were a good group as well by typing “gg”. It’s not encouraged, but no one will hold it against you. Nothing more though! No full words! Only “thx” and “gg”. And like the “hi” you may say at the beginning of the run, it’s completely normal if no one answers.

10- Don’t ever be the last person to leave the group

I don’t know what happens if you’re the last one to leave. I’ve never tried. I’m sure it’s terrible, though. So play safe, leave group ASAP!

With those easy rules, you’ll fit right into random 5-man culture! Say goodbye to awkwardy touristy moments and embrace your new local pugger self!

Of course, if you want some more serious WoW advice, check out Khi’s original post at her blog, The Tree Burglar and her Blogging Elder Project thread at Blog Azeroth.

Shared Topic: Positive Random Dungeon Stories

March 4, 2010

“Is my DPS high enough?”

Our warlock shyly asked us if she was doing alright. I assured her that stuff was dying fast enough so I was satisfied. Our crazy well-geared and could have gotten away with being arrogant tank agreed with me.

This week’s Shared Topic, as suggested by Zan from Altoholic Anonymous aims to balance out all the pugging horror stories floating around the internet. Links to the other participating posts can be found at Blog Azeroth. Also want to mention that I noticed a few other bloggers coincidentally posting about happy LFD stories earlier this week. I didn’t catch names so please let me know or report to Blog Azeroth so I can link you on the Shared Topic recap at Twisted Nether.

Hey, we're almost all at full health! Must be a good group!

I have talked about how impossibly lucky I am with the LFD before, but since I don’t recycle posts for Shared Topics, I have two newer stories to share.

Back to our warlock, I knew it was a “she” because the instance was Oculus. The date was December 26th, some time before the instance was nerfed. Not that it really matters… Players still instantly drop group upon zoning into Oculus. So yeah, after our first tank immediately dropped, I got to know the rest of my pugmates pretty well. After our second tank immediately dropped, I got to know them even better.

The warlock told us about how excited her kids were with their Christmas presents. She’s a cool (and obviously rich!) mom who got her kids some video games. The DK chimmed in that he and his wife were expecting their first kid in a few months. The rogue let us know that he was a kid. I couldn’t contribute much to that conversation so they looked at my mana and asked if I ever ran out.

Relaxing and chit-chatting made the wait rather enjoyable. It was especially nice that all four of us were coming from completely different worlds, yet we had plenty to talk about.

The wait was getting long, so eventually the DK offered to reforge his weapon and tank for us. Obviously, as soon as he finished reforging, a third tank zoned in. We called the DK back.

Is this one staying?

We burst out laughing and tried to explain to the clueless tank that we’d been stranded at the entrance of Oculus for the past half hour.

Anyway, once we had a tank, we finished the instance in 15 minutes. Utter faceroll.

And the warlock’s DPS?

Who cares?

My other group had a colder start. I had an ominous feeling when the rogue asked for might. Never mind that the warrior tank that was from his guild already had Improved Battle Shout up. (Yes, I realized that there’s something wrong there.) The ominous feeling grew when we wiped a few pulls in. Wiping a few pulls into Utgarde Keep must be a bad sign.

Sure, in a way, the wipe was my fault, I neglected bubbling or healing myself while I was being attacked because I thought I’d have time after getting that big heal out on the rogue. I shrugged.

As I was running back, I got a whisper from the tank.

I’m going to blame the dps for that wipe and deny that it had anything to do with my crappy tanking. I’m just a dps skipping the queue.

Oh dear. I guess that explained the Improved Battle Shout. I confessed that I could have bubbled but didn’t. He was easy to heal (after all, the mobs were beating on the dps and I more than on him), so it was all good. I just vowed to be more careful.

Thankful for my good nature, the tank chatted with me for a bit as we ran the instance. He told me his stories of fail, bragged about his Ulduar tanking gear. He must have been the funniest guy I’ve ever run into in a pug. He may not have had mad tanking skillz, but he certainly made up for it by having me laughing my face off.

And yeah, we got through the rest of UK without any further problems.

Shared Topic: What sort of Boss would you be?

February 20, 2010

This week’s Shared Topic is another of those creative types! Sephrenia from Guild Mum asks, if we were a raid boss, what sort of boss would we be? Check out the thread at Blog Azeroth to see how everyone else answered the topic!

If you are looking for my boss form, you can find her roaming the streets of undead Stratholme, exploring the corners and grieving for all those who have fallen to the Scourge.

As for her appearance, I have to say, I’ve always felt a deep connection with the gigantic women bosses in WoW. Bosses like the Maiden of Virtue in Kara or Maiden of Grief in Halls of Stone. I suppose being the tallest kid in school most of my life has taught me to empathize with other tall ladies.

Except for instead of that silly staffmace thingy, I would totally be smacking the main tank with my Giant Spoon. My emotes would be along the lines of “Do you want the spoon? DO YOU WANT IT????

Me, though, I’m used to working with small children. My summer/part time jobs have always involved teaching or being a camp counselor. See, I happen to love kiddie games. If I were a boss, a big part of my mechanics would involve a favorite game of mine:

Every minute, I call out a number between 2 and 5. Raiders have a few seconds to group up according to that number. For example, if I call out three, they have to get into groups of three. Anyone who isn’t in a group of the correct number would be transformed into a stone figurine and stored on my shelf.

I squeal with glee at the drama that would arise from guilds deciding who will have to be sacrificed first.

Another of my featured mechanics would be my unrequited love of singing. As much as I enjoy singing at the top of my lungs, singing, unfortunately, does not enjoy me. Nor does the raid, as they flee in terror and attack each other every time my boss-self bursts into song.

Since I don’t want to be a one tank fight, I would have a chance on hit to put a “submissive” debuff on the tank every time I wack him. Once the debuff reaches a stack of 5, that player becomes completely submissive and must do my bidding. Think madness on the Yogg fight. To avoid becoming my slave, the tanks must taunt me back and forth.

I guess I should give the raid healers a little something to do as well. I’ll admit, I’d love to have fire summoning skills. Whenever my frustration builds up too much….bang! Half the raid gets hit by my angry fireball of doom! Hey, don’t want those non-pally healers to be bored!

As for loot…

Loot is always touchy. I would drop a Giant Spoon, for sure. In case you were wondering, a Giant Spoon is a 2-hander that’s classified as a mace. Otherwise, I would drop trinket. Wonderful, awesome, lovely trinkets that do nothing but be cool. Along the lines of the Deputy Pa’trolla Badge or the Super Simian Sphere.

Oh, I suppose I could drop a mount and a pet, just so that people would venture to my lair to kill me. I’m thinking of a pretty, flying mount. The style of the gorgeous Ashes of Al’ar comes to mind. As for a pet, I adore the Ammen Vale Lashling, but that already exists… Maybe a slightly more aggressive flower. A carnivorous plant that gobbles down critters. Oh yeah!

So what do you say? Do you have what it takes to defeat the Bossy Pally and her Giant Spoon?

Love is in Singles Appreciation Day

February 15, 2010

I would have liked to get this post done on the weekend, but it’s ok. Singles Awareness (and/or Appreciation) Day, or SAD (ha!), is often celebrated on February 15th anyway, as a protest against the commercialism of Valentine’s Day.

So anyway, cutsy oootsy look we’re a happy gaming couple blog posts are pretty common. And understandably so. Gaming as a couple is tons of fun. I refuse to date non-gamers for that very reason. To quote the Spice Girls, If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my guild. At least, I think that’s how that song went.

With the, um, Hallmark sponsored events of the past weekend, there’s been a temporary increase of LOOK AT MY WONDERFUL GAMING COUPLE LIFE across the blogosphere. As a result, I feel that there’s a need for a strong voice to represent those of us who do not play as a couple. Who, in fact, solo life as gracefully and effortlessly as Snottydin solo heals WoW.

Because, even though I’m convinced that there are a total of, like, three singles (myself included) who play World of Warcraft, we still deserve representation.

What does a single gamer look like?

It is rumored that the single male gamer looks like either this, or this. On rare occasions, he is rumored to look like this and to whisper obscenities to female characters played by men.

It is rumored that the single female gamer looks like either this, or this.

Those rumors could not be further from the truth. In fact, single male gamers all look like this:

And all of us single female gamers look like this:

True story. What can I say, we’re a modest bunch. We’re also not allowed to post pictures for fear of accusations about our ability to distinguish WoW and eHarmony.

While we’re on the topic, I would like to point out that, in my four years of playing WoW, I have met several players who suffered from the inability to disguish WoW and eHarmony. Most of them were already married.

The Challenges of being a Single Gamer

Ah, it is true, we are very strong, independent and resourceful. Still, some days are a little harder than others and seeing the habits of happy gaming couples may cause a little tint of green.

For example, having excuses for screwing up such as “Sorry XYZ was tickling me! Oh, XYZ stop it!” I would appreciate having easy excuses like that on hand . My “Sorry, my cat was tickling me! Oh, cat stop it!” doesn’t go over as smoothly.

Having to speak for ourselves all the time can get a little old too. We’ve all seen these couples where only one person says boo. “Oh, XYZ is going to get a drink. Oh, XYZ is on the phone. Oh, wait a second, XYZ has to go to the bathroom.” Once, some time ago, as I was leading a guild-only raid in Ulduar when I received the following whisper from a complete stranger in another guild: “Hey, I’m XYZ’s husband. She’s missing a buff right now, could you ask the person giving that buff to buff her?” SRSLY! I came pretty close to demanding she be /gkicked. New rule: if I have to ask for my own buffs, then so does everyone else.

But it’s not all bad

I know some days are hard. Still, dear fellow singletons, let us remember that some days are wonderful. Wonderful, for come what may, we have each other.

Each other. Our fellow singletons. Our friends with whom we’ll stay up until all hours of the night, drinking and laughing over Vent/Skype/telepathy and pwning n00bs in AV. (Or in my case, getting pwned by n00bs in AV.) We’re free to do as we wish with our friendships, no worries of hurting a third party. Never anyone reading over our shoulder. Never having to say “hang on, I need to check with the partner“. Never having to share out of obligation, only out of free will.

We’re never limited to a single gaming partner. Sure, we can have our bestest best friend. But we may have as many bestest best friends as we like. At the same time. At any hour of the day. Like Brittany Spears says: “What we do is innocent, just for fun and nothin’ meant. If you don’t like the company, let’s just do it you and me. You and me…Or three….Or four….- On the floor!

And yes, she’s totally talking about hanging out with single friends in WoW.

Let Us Rejoice!

When I said we soloed life, I lied. We don’t solo life, we raid life. 100 player team, Wintergrasp style. And we pwn.

Dearest Deyndor…

February 15, 2010

Now that the truth is out, I can post here about all the fun I had being Deyndor’s secret admirer for the weekend.

And did I EVER have fun! I did my “required” tasks by posting three comments hinting to my identity (saying I’m female is a hint, yes it is!) in his “admirer weekend” post.

But because I can never do things the way I’m supposed, I got a little crazy. Since Deyndor doesn’t allow anonymous posting, I made an email account ( I think it was). While I was filling in the email field, I figured I might as well fill in the website field too, so I made a Deyndor Fan Twitter.

And while I was making a Twitter, I figured I’d go all the way and made a Formspring.

I’ll admit, I was a little worried about overdoing it. He didn’t seem too creeped out, though, so I kept at it. He even played along with the formspring, asking me a question.

I noticed a couple of the bloggers who took part in the event received some “don’t you find that creepy?” comments from readers. The thing is, most of us who signed up already knew each other to a certain extent. We saw the list of participants beforehand, so we knew that whoever was leaving us anonymous comments was someone we’d spoken to before in chat, on Twitter, on each other’s blogs, on Blog Azeroth. It wasn’t at all like getting stalked by a stranger.

I’d like to give a shoutout to my wonderful admirer, the lovely Shawndra from the Escapist Scroll. If you haven’t seen the comments she left me, I encourage you to check them out! Especially the Poe poem she adapted. I <3 my secret admirer!

Finally, I'm going to publicly thank Dristanel for coming up with this great idea. This is probably the best Valentine’s Weekend I’ve ever had. Coming up with ways to stal- err, I mean admire Deyndor was a blast and coming home to kind, anonymous messages on my own blog was a wonderful ego-flattering experience. And as you all know, I’m all about ego-flattering experiences.

Love Is In the Secret Admirer

February 12, 2010

I’m interrupting the gift series with a very special post. See, in the spirit of Love Is In The Air, Dristanel from The Physician’s Log came up with a fantastic Blog Azeroth event! All of us participating make a post like this one and we each get our very own secret admirer.

And I get to blogstalk someone else…as if I didn’t do it enough already!

I’m very excited about this! I’ve never had a secret admirer before! No, that guy who sat in front of me in the fourth grade and stole my pencils when I wasn’t looking doesn’t count.

If you want to see other bloggers’ secret admirers, head over to The Physician’s Lodge to read the kickstart post!

Shared Topic: A Conversation With Your Character

February 10, 2010

(Or in the spirit of Love is in the Blog, this post is also titled “Love Is In My Character”)

Me: So Azryu from The Arcanery proposed this week’s Shared Topic.
Rykga: Never heard of him.
Me: Oh, I have, he writes about mages. He’s just not on our server. Anyway, he wants to see one of our conversations.
Rykga: No, he doesn’t.
Me: True, but he doesn’t know that he doesn’t.
Rykga: You should share the one we had during couples therapy.
Me: That was my initial plan. But after thinking about it I decided the world is better off not knowing about that.
Rykga: Shame. That was good times.
Me: For you maybe. Anyway, you should check out everyone elses’ conversations. The links are in the thread at Blog Azeroth.

So my girl and I have an interesting relationship. And by interesting, I mean deep and fulfilling. She might beg to differ. Oh, heck, I know she would demand to differ. She’s quick /hug her fellow guildies, but she’s a little colder with me. It’s ok, I know we’re BFFs. Just take a look at us on a typical Friday night in Azeroth.

Me: Oh hai, I need some retail therapy, you in?
Rykga: Do I have a choice?
Me: How much do we have?
Rykga: 64 badges.
Me: Wooooooooo.
Rykga: /tar Ophelie
Rykga: /rolleyes

We’re always there for each other, no matter what. We spend long hours talking about our hopes and our dreams, our successes and our failures.

Me: I’m really upset. Why wasn’t I invited to the no pants party?
Rykga: That ability isn’t ready yet.
Me: I’m always excluded from stuff like that. I wasn’t invited to the epic mount party either.
Rykga: It’s too far away.
Me: I feel much better now, thanks for listening to me rant.
Rykga: Not enough room.

Even though we’re super tight, she does get a bit girly on me at times.

Rykga: If you ever quit the game, would you abandon me or leave me at the mercy of a stranger?
Me: That sounds like a trick question.
Rykga: It is.
Me: I appreciate your honesty.
Rygka: At least you appreciate something about me.

I forgive her for it though, I have my girly moments too.

Me: So, say if we hadn’t met in Northshire Abbey and you’d have met another player instead of me. Would you have gone with them instead?
Rykga: I guess so.
Me: So that’s all I am to you? The first person who came along?
Rykga: Um.

Rykga: I guess so.

I’m often asked if we fight. We don’t very often, but there is the occasional disagreement. When that happens, we sit down and talk it out.

Me: Those Beer Basted Boar Ribs look delicious.
Rykga: They are delicious! They’re soooo good. I bet you want some! You want some but you can’t have any! BAAAAM!!!
Me: So unfair.
Rykga: Yep.
Me: Wanna go jump on tables in the beer garden?
Rykga: Sure.

Some people may call our relationship unhealthy, but they clearly don’t get us. Rykga and I, we’re best kind. We don’t need words. Mouse clicks and button mashing is enough for us to communicate. We understand each other, almost as if we were the same person. Because, in a way, we kind of are.

Rykga: Ok, that was fun. Can we go kill stuff now?

Love is in the Blog

February 7, 2010

Singles Awareness Day is a week from now and the Love Is In The Air event is starting up in the game. Are you guys finishing up the stupid candies achievement for your Purple Drake? Thank goodness I got that last candy on the last day! While the event is very cute, I got a lifetime’s worth of it last year. I don’t expect to be getting my hands dirty again any time soon.

Wait, wait, you say there’s some new items this year? Among others, a Toxic Wasteling pet and a Heartbreaker? Ok, I suppose I’ll head over to Scarlet Monastery Shadowfang Keep  a few times.

But really, I’d rather do a different kind of Love Is In The Air achievements this year. I’d like to take the event to my blog. Love is in the Blog!

With me being Ms Hardened Singleton Extraordinaire, you’d think I’d hate Valentine’s/Singles Awareness/Male Judgment Day, however you choose to call it. You’d think. But I don’t. It’s actually one of my favorite holidays. It’s the one time of year where I have an excuse to be a sappy shmoock and drive my friends, my colleagues, my acquaintances, random strangers on the street crazy with displays of affection.

Since this is a WoW blog, I want to use the next week to spread a little WoW love. Or raise WoW singleton awareness. Or get in touch with my sentimental side. I haven’t planned it all out yet, but I’m excited to announce that love will be in the blog.

EDIT: Just thought I’d mention, I’m totally not claiming copyrights on the idea (and as far as I know, it could have been done by people in the past). If anyone is at a loss for blog ideas this week and wants to join in on the theme, I’m all for it and will even link back to you.


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