Oh my, writing ish effortful

So the week before finals PROBABLY isn’t the best time to start writing a blog. Two weeks of nothing but studying, then some recovery time where effort was not to be used unless desesparetly required. Before you know it, its been, what? 2 and half months? Ish!

I had a feeling this would happen, so I tried to hide this blog as much as possible. The stats show a few hits and I got a comment from a weight loss bot. It was a nice comment though! They don’t make bots like they used to. I’m hoping that all those hits were from bots, but if a real person somehow stubbled upon my posts, well, I apologise for either my n00bism to blogging or my lag of blog entries, whichever you found most bothersome.

So! I am working an entry (omigod a whole entry!) but I thought it would be best to keep the bla-bla-bla-I-made-a-post-then-disappeared introduction seperate. And with that, back to the real entry.

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