Since everyone’s talking about emblem changes

Someone, please think of the magic!

Someone, please think of the magic!

In WoW news, it’s a big deal. It’s debated, some times better than others, on forums, on blogs and in Barrens chat. I don’t study patch notes too much. I skim over them briefly, notice the obvious changes to pallys as well as the more practical of the “user-frendliness” changes. I’m a visual learner, though, so unless I see things carried out in practice, I forget all about them 10 minutes later. When asked “did you see what they want to do to our mana regen?” my honest answer is “yes, but I have no clue what is was.” Emblem change notes were no different. Actually, I didn’t even notice them at first. When I finally did, they made no sense to me. But after reading debate after debate, I think I’ve gotten the gist of it. And my final thoughts? I’m not sure.

Why I don’t like the changes

My reasons are entirely self-centered. I’m not very competitive so I don’t care who’s downed boss X before and after me. Gear doesn’t impress or unimpress me. To me, other players’ gear is a means to an end, little more. What bothers me, personally, about easy badges of conquest is that I really enjoy slow, steady grinds. I go at my own pace and savour every step of the way. A handful of badges a week keeps me happy. When I get a new item after a few weeks, its feels so good. Cutting out that grind just takes all the magic away.

Another problem I have with the changes is something that had bothered me with badges of Justice in tBC too. I care minimally about loot, but minimally is more than nothing. When I down a new boss, I can’t wait to see if I get a souvenir! Its disappointing when you realise that the boss only carries what you already have or worse. Again, loss of magic.

Why I do like the changes

I have a mage. She’s fun to play but there’s no way I could stand to be full time dps. Dpsing is for when I want to relax on offnights. Unfortunatly, I can’t spend the time and effort to make her acceptable for Ulduar-level raids. Some day I may have another alt that I’d like to try raiding with and again, having multiple raiding toons is an extremely time-consuming hobby. Thankfully, easy access to emblems of conquest will accelerate the gearing process significantly. I’ll be able to play my alts the way I want before I end up sick of them.

There is one advantage for my main as well. When I get unlucky with drops, rolls or owing favours, I can just go and by something pretty for myself. Screw the boss giving me loot, I’m a modern woman, I can just get it myself.

In the end

In the end, it doesn’t matter at all what I think. Changes happen, they’re annoying to get used to but you either accept them or you leave. Besides, despite being a cranky, bossy pally, I always remember to have fun. Now hurry up and drop 3.2, I need to run some heroics and go shopping!

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