happy-face Not very bossy of me, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot. The topic of member recognition recently came up in guild discussions. We finally decided against establishing a formal motivational system, but I made a point to remind everyone that informal recognition can be very motivating as well.

Personally, I find that a formal system (such as a guildie of the month) is a little childish. It reminds me of when I was 9 and in Girl Guides. The other issues that were pointed out with that sort of system were that 1) by recognising one person at a time, you’re not recognising the 24 others who’ve also dedicated their time and energy to the guild, and 2) an effect opposite to desired one might occur and people who are forgotten may get resentful. Basically, formal recognition has the potential of becoming an additional oppertunity to play favorites.

So how can recognition be done informally? Many ways!
– Point out someone’s improvements and the raids where they perform better than usual
– /w someone after a raid and let them know they rock
– Thank people warmly (and possibly publically) when they do a favor for the guild
– Slide compliments into conversations
– If you’re a leader of some sort, occasionally give someone a specific task that will allow them to shine

The sum of it is, be positive. While downing a new boss and getting new lootzes is lovely, knowing that you’re appreciated by these people you’re spending several nights a week or more with has a longer lasting afterglow. Plus, you’re not limited to a certain number of members per month and anyone can recognise someone else, its not just officers pointing out who they currently like most. I think officers do have a role in setting the atmosphere and in reaching out to the quieter, overlooked members, but in the end, keeping up team spirit is a group effort and is everyone’s responsibility.

I realise that I’m a little girly and sentimental, but I think that everyone, even the most serious, grim player, smiles a little bit, deep down inside when told “good game” after a /win.

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