Signed, your guild’s spoiled brat

This is going to be an unusual follow up to my positivity post…. Sometimes I wish my guildmates weren’t so mature. Yes, yes, not a thing you hear every day! See, I’m a big baby and I’m embarassed about it. In real life, nobody notices cause there are always louder, crankier babies around. But in my guild? It’s like I log on and I have about 24 daddies (and 3 mommies) to take care of me. So in hopes of poking fun at myself, or finding fellow spoiled brats who might relate, here are some situations that automatically turn me into a 3 year old stomping her foot:

– Not getting slotted for a raid
– Not getting slotted for a raid that I actually organised (although the fact that it even happens makes you wonder!)
– People asking for buffs while I’m still running back (OMG PATIENCE PEOPLE!)
– Not being assigned to tank X (unless I’m healing, when I’m healing I’m not interested in tanking X, just thought I should clarify)
– Someone asking for a heal (like I’m TOTALLY not watching your health bar)
– Not getting an immediate response to a question
– When something I say in chat is overlooked
– Being forgotten when summons are tossed out
– Being made fun of when trying to explain a fight for the first time

Oddly enough, loot issues (which seems to be a predominant culprit when it comes to hissy fits) rarely phase me. But for everyting else, heaven forbid the world doesn’t revolve around me!

I don’t know about other spoiled brats, but I’m thankful that people around me in game ignore my little spats or gently tease me about them. I suppose it could be insulting, but I find it reassuring when one of the guys says “you’re cute when you’re angry”. I see it as “Yes, we both know you’re getting upset about something you shouldn’t, but I’ll still talk to you after you calm down.” After raid where I’ve been more fragile than usual, say after a rough day at work (my job is pretty intense!) or during finals week, I always cringe. Did my childishness annoy everyone? Will I log on to find I’ve been demoted? What if they gkick me? It’s so comforting to log on and have everyone act like nothing happened.

When it comes down to it, I do wish I wasn’t the only big baby in the guild, but at the same time, I guess I’m kind of grateful that my guildmates are mature enough to let my storms pass through and are ready to play again when I am.

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