It’s always exciting to come across the project of a guildie being advertised on WoW.com. I say “always” as if it happens all the time…It doesn’t. In fact, just having something come out of Moonrunner is a cause for celebration.

But yes,

I remember when Puggable was an idea posted by an innovative warrior on our guild forums… I had pretty much forgotten about it until seeing the article at wow.com.

Basically, Puggable is a site with information on the characters you PUG with and, more excitedly, voice chat service. The advantages Puggable has over Ventrilo and other voice chat services is that its free and you don’t have to share your private server information.

I haven’t participated in the beta yet so I can’t speak from experience, but Vivox, the company behind Puggable, has an excellent track record for providing voice chat in MMOs. If any of you random passerbys reading this blog would like to know more, signups for the beta are still open on the Puggable site. I strongly encourage you to check it out.

Grats Vetali! And I hope your experience of 3-manning an HoL PuG with a level 70 rogue, a healing warrior and a tanking priest was exceptional. ;D

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