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As I was spying on other tanks to compare epeens (I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!), I came across this interesting waste of two talent points. When it comes to unconventional builds, you can often understand the logic behind it. Someone quit raiding and is overgeared for 5 mans, someone only ever OTs, someone only ever MTs, someone only runs Ulduar, someone always runs with ret pallies, someone never does, someone is paranoid about running out of mana, someone is stuck on reckoning.

But I don’t understand why anyone would ever spec into Eye for an Eye. Exactly how often do you get critted as a tank? Um, thats right, never! (I think there is an exception or two, but one or two bosses in a 5 man don’t justify 2 talent points) I suppose if you prot pvp a lot, EfaE may be acceptable, but this particular build didn’t include any other pvpish talents. So why, oh why would you choose EfaE over Crusade? (Or over Seals of the Pure if, like me, you spend 90% of your raid time in Ulduar)

Also strange is the choice of Divinity as a third glyph. I’m somewhat liberal myself with my third glyph, but when would you care that LoH restores your mana when you cast it on someone else?

I run out of mana in two situations:
1- 5 mans
2 General Vexaz

5 man mana is easily regenned by switching to seal of wisdom once in awhile (I wear all threat all the time gear in heroics so threat is never an issue) or by pulling more mobs when possible. I solved General Vexaz by wearing lots of block and threat pieces and using spiritual attunement as my third glyph. LoH doesn’t even restore mana on General anyway!

The strangest thing is that this particular tank has an otherwise decent build and has made a decent choice of gear and enchants. They obviously do their homework, so what’s up with the eccentricities?

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