What goes on in here stays in here. Or not?

One of my concerns with starting a blog was that I love talking about how people interact with each other, how I interact with people and about people in general. But where do you draw the line between discussing a hot topic and betraying trust? What is safe to talk about publicly and what isn’t?

In my last post, I talked about the current status of my relationship with my guild’s management team. I kept it as general as possible, focusing on my train of thought rather than on the circumstances themselves. Was that still crossing the line?

What if I wanted someone else’s opinion, sent a letter to wow.com’s officer quarters section (note: I didn’t) and it got published? Obviously, no one but other officers of my guild would recognize that I was talking about them. But how would they react? Would they be insulted that I went behind their backs and publicly commented on things that should remain private? I think they would be.

How would I react if I came across a post saying “we have this one guildie, she’s overly emotional, nosey and whiny” and the examples provided made it obvious the post was about me? I know I’m overly emotional, nosey and whiny, but that doesn’t mean that I want other people writing that where I can see it.

At the same time, there’s no clean cut way to lead a guild, everything depends on personal factors. And the resulting discussion is too damn interesting. I love reading Plus heal’s forum on leadership discussion. Yet what happens when you post on a public message board “this our problem, this is why the problem occured, this is what we’re doing to fix it, what do you guys think?” Is that acceptable behavior, or is it doing dirty laundry in public? As I mentioned earlier, offense may be taken, but it’s also how you compare notes, widen your horizons, are exposed to new ideas.

All I can say is that it gives me headache.

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2 Comments on “What goes on in here stays in here. Or not?”

  1. Larísa Says:

    There’s nothing “right” or “wrong” about blogging. It’s your blog, you’re the king! Personally I’ve decided to never write anything at the blog that I couldn’t tell a guildie upfront. And I’ve never ever hidden it from anyone, on the contrary I spread the blog address in the signature at our guild forum.
    Yeah, it IS a little limiting – I can’t just pour my heart out and use the blog as an outlet if it involves the guild. But on the other hand – it makes me feel free too. I’m never ever sneaking, I never ever have to worry about if I’ve crossed the line.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I did tell myself when I started a blog that I would avoid any personal attacks or issues that directly concerned a guildie, but I have trouble seeing the gray area. I made an entry some time back about Puggable, which is a project initiated by a guildie of mine. I was very worried that he’d be offended at my clumsy journalistic attempts. But when I showed him the entry, he was actually excited about it. When it comes to guild matters, what worries me is that they would see it as “our confidential discussions posted all over the internet”. But at the same time, I love writing about the discussions we have and the challenges we face because I find them fascinating and I want to analyse them under different lights, for the mere fun of playing with the thoughts. Maybe I could just ask those concerned before blogging about a topic that might be in the “confidential” category? They’d probably tell me if they’re fine with it or not.

      I hesitate about putting a link to my blog in my signature. I do have it as my website link because I didn’t want to be secretive (plus I post my information-type posts on our message board so they’d easily find me if they googled any sentence) but putting it out in the open makes me feel… somewhat naked. Even introducing myself on Blog Azeroth was a huge deal. Receiving hits from people who aren’t looking for beacon of light mechanics or giant spoons pushes me way out of my comfort zone! But it’s nice too, like a scary ride at an amusement parc.

      Thank you so much for the comment. I have been following your blog for months and I love your writing so I am really excited to receive your imput on a topic like this.

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