Doing it again after all these years

I play Alliance on Moonrunner. Several classmates of mine play Horde on Eredar. After over a year of feeling left out, I decided to join them. However, I’m not ready to give up on my guild (and 25 man raiding for that matter) just yet. Besides, when you live off student loans, you can’t justify spending 55USD for a server/faction change. So did I do the logical thing and roll a DK on their server to play during offtime? Nope! I did the silly thing and rolled a cute, teeny tiny little pally. Isn’t she adorable? (I admit, its hard to see after my great MS paint photo editing) I wish I wasn’t drowning in midterms while trying to keep to raiding 4-5 times a week because I want to play her ALL THE TIME.

My time has been very limited, so I made it as far as level 23 over the past 2 weeks, squeezing in a quest whenever I could.

Silvermoon starting area

Since I’ve been rushing, I’m unfortunately missing most of the scenery. The quests are your typical “big cats hurt us, go kill 10 of them” or so it seems. Silvermoon City, though? Wow! Seems like I’m playing a whole different game! One of the things I love about WoW is the zone diversity. The different factions each have a unique culture that you can immerse yourself in. Having never played a blood elf, I couldn’t stop gawking at the pretty walls, the purple drapes, the cool looking inns. Yes, yes, it looks just like Magister’s Terrace (and possibly Sunwell – I’m not ‘leet enough to have seen that) but it’s so much much much bigger! It’s like Magister’s Terrace everywhere! I love it!

The bloodthistle is a nice touch too, an interesting highlight of blood/high elf arcane tenancies.

Leveling the Modern Paladin

I remember when slow, boring and leveling a paladin went together. Up until level 20, it hasn’t changed much. Looooong cool down on judgment and no other attacks. Judge, let auto attack take over and go make yourself a coffee. Luckily, you don’t need much experience to level anymore so you reach level 20 before you lose your mind. Talentwise, I moved up the ret tree to grab Pursuit of Justice as early as I could. Even with mounts as low as level 20, any kind of speed bonus is godsent.

For my professions, I grabbed skinning and herbalism. A girl’s got to make a living. The herbalism bonus is surprisingly nice. You would think that a paladin doesn’t need another heal, but a strong, instant cast HoT that requires no mana? Yes please! Skinning I took up because I’ve already leveled mining 3 times and never want to see another mining node for the rest of my life. In case you’re wondering, I’m making more from selling flowers than from selling skins, which is to be expected considering the professions that use either mats.

Playing on a PVP server for the first time

I guess I can’t really comment on that yet. At level 23, I’m just stumbling in Hillsbrand Foothills, I’ve only ran into two Alliance, both were far too busy to make the detour to kill me. What I have noticed, though, is among my faction, people seem way friendlier than Moonrunner’s Alliance. I don’t know if its an Eredar thing, a Horde thing or a PVP server thing, but I constantly receive random buffs, help on difficult quests and inquiries about my willingness to run SFK. Oh and I did run SFK. The group was laughable, the melee warlock ninja quit after the first boss and I think I was the only person there over the age of 12, but I completed three quests and got a decent cloak for my efforts. I can’t complain too much. A couple of years ago I was the one who had no clue whatsoever as to what was going on. And pretty much all of the low level dungeons are designed so you can 4 man them with hunters wielding +strength swords and no ranged weapons anyway. Trust me, I’ve done it.

So all in all, I don’t really expect to hit 80 anytime soon, but playing a new character on a new server feels strangely refreshing. Leveling a paladin again also feels like some sort of repentance. An apology for doing it so badly the first time. May I be forgiven.

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