Doing a little tidying!

Quiet little me decided to come out of the blogging closet and openly admit to writing a blog. Ever since then I’ve been feeling a little naked, but no worse for the wear! To my greatest relief, I’ve been treated very gently. Until now, I had been holding off commenting on other people’s blogs out of fear that they would find mine (shyness isn’t logical, okay?) and I’m really looking forward to being more vocal in the future. I added a couple of blogs to my blogroll, the more informative paladin ones as well as the ones that I find would interest anyone who happens to pass by my site (including those who are just looking for my giant spoon picture). Eventually I’ll have to make a links page, since I tend to have a blog and an article to link to for every occasion, but that will be a project for another day.

Based on kind feedback, I changed my theme to one that would let me personalize my heading a bit. My experience in graphics editing is limited to drawing clumsy circles in MS Paint, so after many, many hours of tampering, I managed to produce something I’m rather proud of. Sure, it screams amateur, but at least I managed to do it.

I’ve been having so much fun with this whole customization thing that I’m even considering private hosting so that I can mess around some more with the layout… Originally, I started blogging to get some writing exercise as my every day writing consists of summarizing textbooks. But between then and now, I’ve learned to flex more than one side of my creativity. Which is great because I’m all about learning.

And now back to our regular programming!

[EDIT] Ok, maybe the dress in the header wasn’t the best option for a chilly day (it’s either the spring dress or the summer one, I can’t remember) but lets face it, 1) none of my gear covers my belly any better 2) my gear changes all the time, I keep festive clothes forever 3) the colour is pretty

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2 Comments on “Doing a little tidying!”

  1. kromus Says:


    you’ll never be chilly with my hugs…
    oh wait – im a warlock. /imolate. You can’t complain, at least you don’t look so coldddd!!! brrr!

    haha, nice blog, it looks nice and tidy, and lmao at the spoon. What made you choose the spoon? pure randomness? I love randomness, i breath it.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Thanks! I love hugs, but immolates work too! I’m a prot paladin, a few ticks of fire keeps me warm AND helps me regen some mana.

      The Giant Spoon has been my weapon of choice for years. It’s how I get away with being such a bossy pants. “Oh she’s so mean and stuff but she threatens me with a giant spoon, how can you stay mad at someone with a giant spoon? And I better do what she says too, those things hit hard.”

      I love randomness as well – those testimonies on your blog made me laugh so hard! I need to update my blogroll!

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