Alls fair in love and war(craft)

My prices aren't even that low

My prices aren't even that low!

I got my first auction house hate! I’m so excited! I must be doing it really well if I managed to piss someone off. Every week, I laugh reading Greedy Goblin’s Morons of Week posts. “People aren’t really like that, are they? I thought. No one on my server must get upset at others over silly AH stuff.” I get the impression that Gelvon‘s readers are mostly poking fun at suboptimal money making strategies, but what I find hilarious is seeing people get so worked up over auction house prices that they’re ready to pick a verbal fight over it. Horrible spelling and grammar is an added bonus. Nothing makes a verbal fight more entertaining than when the challenger has no actual verbal skills to fight with.

The frustration over pvp stuff – be it horde vs alliance killing or the more, um, sophisticated?, competition on the AH – puzzles me. In either situation, I will be choosing actions that will 1) make me win and 2) make others loose. I may cruelly MC and fear others with my shadow priest in the BGs as well. And, of course, I expect my rivals to do the same and I’m fine with that. Why? Because that’s the game.

There are rewards for winning: honor points, arena points, gold. There are penalties for losing, but they’re minor. A couple of lost gold pieces and delayed rewards, but that’s pretty much it. On a pvp server, there is the added frustration of being slowed in your questing while you’re getting ganked, but as I see it, the whole point of choosing a pvp server over a pve server is the extra thrill of being subjected to the whims of your enemy and they to yours. (Pvp server people must be kinky.) As a result, I don’t feel any remorse for using all the tools at my disposal in any forms of pvp and I don’t feel any resent when my opponents use theirs. We’re all after the rewards, we have little to lose and regardless of the ultimate outcome, we’re having fun along the way.

As for my little auction house provocation, I have to admit that I was pretty surprised about getting some hate. I don’t play the auction house seriously. My goals are really just to cover my raiding and goofing off expenses with minimal effort. I know many AH players claim to make 1-2k net profit a day. I don’t make nearly that much but I don’t really try either. I picked the glyph market because it’s fun. There are so many different styles of glyph sellers on Moonrunner that the market changes constantly. Glyphs that go for 1g one day will be priced at over 40g the next and vice versa. I’m no specialist on the mechanics of it all so I’m not even going to guess at whats going on, all I know is that the gambling side of it is terribly amusing, far, far more amusing than doing dailies. And even my nonchalant, half assed attempt at playing the AH is more than enough to support my raiding, my multispeccing and my army of alts. But I didn’t expect my nonchalant, half assed attempts to be enough to frustrate the other glyph sellers.

What stuck out is that the first whisper she (no, no I’m not being sexist, I’m familiar with the toon in question and I’m pretty positive the player is a woman. She’s fairly active on our server which is why I blocked out the name, I want to discuss an aspect of player interactions, not ruin someone’s reputation) sent me is “what did I do to annoy you”. Well, it wasn’t exactly what she said, but I’m assuming she was just really mad and couldn’t type properly. Why on earth would anyone assume that deeply undercutting was a personal attack? I deeply undercut because 40+g glyphs won’t sell before some farmer comes along and floods that market. It has nothing to do with her. It’s a game, like chess, she made her move, I made mine. Maybe I’ll win and she’ll lose, maybe we’ll both lose and some third person will win. Most likely, we’ll all win a little and we’ll all be able to afford a few more weeks a raiding and another epic mount.

To me, PVP is part of the game, part of the fun. There’s nothing personal about it. I don’t care if you teased me and made me cry back in first grade or if you’re my best friend in real life. If you’re on the opposing faction and I feel like killing your toon, I’ll do it. If you’re selling stuff on the AH and I want to make money, I’ll undercut you in a way to make the most profit. And I hope you do the same to me. For me, being forced to think and adjust my strategy is the ultimate reward in pvp. Don’t disappoint me.

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