Well hello healing non-meme traffic

So here I was in my quiet corner of the internet when my hit counter went nuts. “Uh oh, I must be overwelmed by spam bots or something” I panicked for a second. A little bit of research lead me to discover that Miss Medicina’s Healing Questionnaire got featured on Wow.com.

Geez, had I known that my answering the survey would cause the internet to show up at my doorstep, I would have tidied up a little bit!

I’ve been enjoying going around reading all responses. The diversity of answers is really beautiful. Out of all the roles in the game, I’ve found healing to be the one closest to an art, where there are basic rules, but different formulas work for different people and each healer has a unique style. There is one thing that I’d like to emphasize, though. I have seen some reactions I didn’t exactly approve of. We are bloggers. Blogging isn’t about writing black and white systematic reviews. It’s highly personal and opinionated, but it also provokes discussion. While some bloggers who partook in the survey are hardcore, farming heroic Anub’Arak healers, others heal exclusively in 5 mans and the rest are somewhere in between. As well, there were replies from seasonned bloggers alongside replies from very new bloggers. Anyway, my point is, or points are, we each come from a different healing and writing background and we are sharing our experience. If any of you read information that you disagree with or that is “false” or you read something that isn’t clear, then please please please do say something, but do it in the form of a comment on the post in question. Don’t secretly do it on your own blog, don’t do it on wow.com. We are bloggers, we welcome discussion.

Same goes with any post. I look at where my incoming traffic comes from, which posts they read and I think “oh boy!” If the information on a blog is inaccurate, debatable, offensive or has room for improvement, sparking a bit of discussion does everyone a favor.

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5 Comments on “Well hello healing non-meme traffic”

  1. Sushicookie Says:

    hello! 😀 I think this meme was a great way to find some new active healy blogs to follow!

    • Ophelie Says:

      Hi! I met tons of great new people too! I thought I followed a lot of blogs before but my bookmarked list must have doubled over the past few days.

      With all this new traffic, though, I’m just paranoid that I’m spreading misinformation and no one’s correcting me. I’m new at this so I guess I’m still a bit insecure.

  2. Stop reading my mind!

    Yes, there was a comment over at wow.com that really pissed me off, and i think you addressed the exact same problem I had with it – not everyone is healing TotGC hard modes! That doesn’t mean that newbie healers shouldn’t be informed as well. That’s one of the things I love about blogs as opposed to elitistjerks. If you are completely new to a class, EJ, is way over your head… blogs are great for filling in that gap.

    If you ever get worried about people claiming you are misinforming them, just post more of your pallypower assignment methodology – that will shut them all up!

    Speaking of, I’m curious just how much extra traffic everyone who is linked got over the weekend. I went from a nice hefty 250ish hits over the past week (of which I was quite proud) to roughly 8,000 on Saturday alone. I saw that before I saw the wow article and i was flabbergasted, hahah,

    • Ophelie Says:

      Hehehe, I have no problems with people telling me I’m wrong with my information, I just want them to do it (politely) to my face so I can decide if I want to make corrections.

      I obviously didn’t get quite as much traffic as you did, but I went from having me, my guild, the search engines and the odd guest from Blog Azeroth to about 500 hits on each day. Very awkward (but exciting!) to say the least.

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