It’s All About Sticking With It

After quite a few tries…

Someone from our 10 man team: We killed Anub!
Gchat: Yeah, with 5 people dead.
Me: Actually, it was 7 people dead.

Many argue that a fight isn’t well done if half the raid is dead when the boss goes down. I agree to a certain extend, especially for a fight that’s usually on farm. Stupid mistakes? Uggg.

But sometimes… Not everyone is comfortable with a fight yet. We wipe. We try again. We get a little further. We wipe. We try again. A little further. We notice that we’re doing better and better. Then we have that 2% wipe. Then we’re facing that 2% wipe again as the raid drops like flies. Heavy sighs are heard. But at the last second, someone yells out on vent. The boss is DOWN. We win.

I love that feeling of satisfaction. The silliness of having only 3 people alive with no rezzers only adds to the pleasure.

I’m sort of fortunate that I haven’t seen Anub on hard mode very often. My first time, I was healing an experienced group and we 2-shotted him. The second time, I kept pulling healing aggro and we ran out of time. The third, I was tanking and learning the fight from a new angle. The fourth time was tonight and I was tanking again. So, to me, the fight is shiny and new and I’m making my little hamster run as I play out my actions in my head. I feel a bit bad for those in our team who’ve learned the fight ages ago and are patiently waiting for us new kids to perfect our execution. Only a little bit bad, though, because I’m selfish and I’m having too much fun.

I love watching the learning process of a fight. How we fumble around and land on our faces. How every attempt becomes a little smoother. How eventually we wonder why we were even having trouble in the first place. I love the magic that happens as we put the puzzle together, piece by piece, one wipe at a time. I’m not the most social of players, I usually keep to myself or pick 1 or 2 people to follow around, but when I’m learning a fight, I’m suddenly in love with my team. I warm up, I start sharing my thoughts. Sometimes I get so excited that I have to fight the urge to whisper a fellow raider about how much fun I’m having. (I fight this urge because I’ve discovered the hard way that not everyone appreciates the subtle beauty of learning a fight and may take our their unfounded frustration on the happy-go-lucky person sending them tells.)

If most of the raid dies before the boss goes down, then no, we haven’t mastered the fight yet. But we’ve come along way. And if the many times I’ve 2 manned Heigan for a half an hour have taught me anything, it’s to respect those who keep their cool and stick with it when we need it the most.


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7 Comments on “It’s All About Sticking With It”

  1. Hempia Says:

    Like you, I thoroughly enjoy the mechanics of mastering a raid and appreciate the tenacity of people that can stick it out when it gets rough. You can whisper me anytime with your glee… I will respond with likewise. 😀

    • Ophelie Says:

      Hahaha YESSSSSS! I love the excitement in their voices!

      I’ve seen a Malygos video where that happened and what made it funny is that it was a strat video, so the narrator just went on talking calmly: “the dots continue to tick so you can kill Malygos after everyone is dead, which is what happened to us here.”

  2. Bleuchz Says:

    I actually live for those close calls :).
    Nothing beats working and working on a boss fight and finally getting that first kill down. When runs are smooth, and nobody dies it may be easier and in some senses more fun. However, nothing gets your adrenaline pumping then when the boss is at 1% and people are dropping like flies and you don’t know if you’re going to make it or not.
    When my 10-man hard mode group got firefighter for the first time, we did it with two people left standing, and it was just one of those things where we were still learning and every single person gave it their all. With most of our raid already dead and the boss at 1/1/0%, I popped back up (on a shaman), and our druid burned a battle-rez on a caster so we could get his head down. I died what had to be two seconds later after throwing a dot on his head, but it was enough.
    Nothing like screaming for joy in vent is there? 😀

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