Players love the Random Dungeon Finder, the Random Dungeon Finder loves me

I was being a bit too efficient in my work, so I figured I’d screw it all up by putting it back on /ignore for some time. After all, reading blog post after blog post about how random PuGs will show up with grey bows, drag you through mud, smack you around and ruin your self esteem, I was getting antsy. I haven’t had some good drama in ages and there’s nothing like strangers making me cry to wake me up after spending hours sorting through and answering pages of school-related emails.

And this is me in HoS, not healing.

I have run a few random dungeons already, but I’ve always been under the warm, fuzzy security blanket provided by my caring guildies. This time I was flying with my own wings. I excitedly queued up. I barely had time to close the tool that a “your group is ready!” message pops up. OMG OMG OMG! I hope that they’re mean and I hope they suck!


The group greets each other with some hi!s. Not starting off well for a mean group. I mouse over my PuGmates. Oh look, the druid tank has the Starcaller title. Oh look, so does the ret pally. And the rogue has the Undying title.

15 minutes of not having to heal anyone later, they’re warmly thanking each other as we receive our frost emblems.

So much for a mean, sucky group.

I still had loads of time to procrastinate, so I queued up again. This time it took me a little longer. 3 whole minutes of my time wasted as I browsed the Auction House for something to do.

Utgard Pinnacle!

I’m teleported inside the instance and I’m….alone.

Me: Um, where is everyone?
Tank: We’re on the last boss, hang on, we’ll summon you.

Two minutes later, I finally got the King’s Bane achievement I had missed every other run, received some triumph badges and made off with some gold.

No matter how hard I tried, the worst I could find were the one-night-stand PuGs where everyone goes matter-of-factly about their business and doesn’t make you breakfast the next day. Oh, there was this one tank who quit after needing a ring off of Maiden of Grief in Halls of Stone. That was annoying. The 3 seconds it took to replace him were excruciatingly long.

Next instance, Gundrak!

Someone says something about my GS. Embarrassing amounts of cooing follow. Oh finally!, I think, A potentially sucky group!

The tank held aggro.

Stuff died at a decent pace.

The dps didn’t stand in crap.

And the entire time, they’re singing my praise, complimenting my heals, stroking my epeen with both hands. Seriously. It was awkward as heck. I don’t know how to respond to strangers being overly nice to me. What happened to these nasty, ruthless PuGs?

So apparently, RDF an’ I are best kind. Gonna have a time on George and everything. And I just have to rub in your faces. I’m the luckiest pugger ever. (But I am missing out on that authentic, homemade PuGing experience.)

EDIT: I just got the Make It Count achievement. With a PuG. I’ve never even been able to get that with guildies.

On completely different and happily festive note

Yay male naked dancers!

Gnomeaggedon came up with an idea to have some WoW Blogger Kris Kringle/Christmas blogging fun over the holidays, Secret Santa style. Going by who’s signed up so far, it’s bound to be quite a time. The more, the merrier so everyone head over to the thread on Blog Azeroth and join in on the festivities!

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9 Comments on “Players love the Random Dungeon Finder, the Random Dungeon Finder loves me”

  1. Sushicookie Says:

    Ya know, I haven’t had an issue with the RDF either. I’ve come to think- if you can out heal the dungeon, a shitty group doesn’t even matter. lol.

    • Ophelie Says:

      That is true! It’s actually the main reason why I always queue up as a healer. Even if the mage ends up tanking, I can usually heal through it. But I haven’t had to carry anyone so far. (Of course, now that I’ve written an arsey blog post, I’m probably going to get only bad groups from now on.)

      I was talking with a classmate who does way more randoms than I do and he was saying he hasn’t had a bad heroic group yet either. Apparently the lower level instances are another story…

  2. Orangeslice Says:

    I have to agree with your experiences…mine was the same. I have not got into any bad, mean, drama filled PUGS as of yet….makes me wonder where they are?

    • Ophelie Says:

      They’ll probably come out now that we’ve gloated about our luck ;D

      What really shocks me is how good the groups I’m getting are. Starcallers, on the last boss, ego strokers… It’s a shame you can’t friend people across realms.

  3. Jaedia Says:

    Haha, actually looking for a bad pug ❤ Love the idea :p

  4. Jaizon Says:

    I have done lots of PuGs, only had a bad one where the healer kept complaing that the DPS weren’t doing well. (We were all pulling 2.5k+ and the tank was new so had to watch aggro) in H UP… Eventually the group did wipe because the druid healer was to busy complaining to heal. Other than that I too have been pleased with my groups. Got my Shadow DPS T9 all done, starting on healing t9 today 😀

    • Ophelie Says:

      NICE!! Grats!

      It is impressive how quickly and easily the triumph badges accumulate. I think that as soon as I can afford it, I’ll work on my ret set some more. Spice things up a bit.

  5. […] Ophelie went looking for fail, and found nothing but friendliness and easy PUGs, the opposite of ‘when it rains’ eh? 😉 […]

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