I need some opinions!

I think we can all agree that I need to work a bit on visual side of my blog. Unfortunately, I lack any sort of eye for judging visual appeal. I’m the kind of person who gets dressed in the morning and has to ask my (male) housemate if my clothes match. So you can imagine how lost I am when it comes to making websites pretty.

Fortunately, Faith, the daughter of a guildie of mine, came to my rescue and offered to help me with my banner.

She drew this amazing picture of my character :

Isn’t it gorgeous? And I’m still in awe over those boots. Those are so me.

What I need is an opinion on whether or not it would fit well in my heading banner. Does it have the Bossy Pally feel? Does it suit my writing style?

(Note that it’s not coloured yet, but will be if I choose to use it in my banner.)

While I know I absolutely love the drawing, it’s difficult to tell from the inside if it really represents my writing.

An alternative position for my character would be to have her on her side, ankles crossed with the spoon laying about the whole length of the body. She’d have one arm resting on the spoon and her head resting on the other hand.

Which also sounds amazing.

So…what do you guys think?

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21 Comments on “I need some opinions!”

  1. Hempia Says:

    Not voting due to biased opinion… But it’s great! 🙂

  2. Jaedia Says:

    Perhaps change the background tooo the Aldor Inn in Shattrath, lying on one of the beds, or the lounge in the middle of Dalaran. I like the bed idea either way and the piture is pretty 😀

    • Hempia Says:

      I loved this idea, however Faith just suggested the Beer Garden on top of one of the wooden tables in Dalaran! That’s her hangout anyways… 😀

  3. Jasyla Says:

    That is a fantastic picture! But I don’t think the dimensions are quite right for a header 😦

    I think the other position would be more banner friendly.

  4. Starbuck Says:

    I like your idea better. This is a very cute drawing You idea seems more suitable to your site. This drawing seems to cutesy. Maybe something with a bit more edge.

    • Ophelie Says:

      The other position is their idea as well, I have no credit to take! When it comes to images and graphics, I’m absolutely useless.

      • Hempia Says:

        Edge! The Bossy Pally requested Disneyish, soft, round lines. Faith already has a strong tendency to draw hard edges…

        Keep the input coming! Love it! 🙂

        • Ophelie Says:

          I do love the soft, round lines. The style of drawing is exactly what I had in mind.

          I think it’s possible to have more edge while keeping the same Disneyish features.

          I want to say more, but I don’t want to add to much bias.

  5. Windsoar Says:

    Somehow, I always imagine you beating people with your giant spoon of goodness. Sex kitten here makes me think that you’re offering alternative ways to enjoy certain “leisure” activities.

    While I love her boots, I think a different pose might be more appropriate 🙂

    • Hempia Says:

      Agreed, the pose has been one of our concerns. Ideas and suggestions are welcome! 🙂

  6. jong Says:

    That drawing is awesome.

    Is the giant spoon some cool cultural reference I don’t know about or is it just completely random?

    • Ophelie Says:

      ’tis my weapon of choice! Those sharp swords or barbaric maces just didn’t feel right. The giant spoon is so much more natural.

      It came from an old inside joke back in my message board days, but judging by the number of search engine hits I get from people looking for giant spoons, I’m thinking it has other meanings I’m not aware of.

  7. Jel Says:

    The image is great and very sexy. I don’t think that it is really right for your blog though. Having her laying on her back is kind of for lack of a better way to put it… submissive and not at all “Bossy”. Her laying on her side, with that kind of “You will do my bidding or have to die” look would seem more appropriate.

  8. Sougent Says:

    Draw her holding the spoon like a sword ready to whack the heck out of someone…

  9. Pheadra Says:

    I like this drawing a lot. I think it would fit well with your style, and it’s an unusual body position which speaks of your quirky nature. =P

    My only suggestion would be to have her draw you with one eye brow raised. It would give it a more “bossy pally” expression.

    I’m excited to see your website become more artistic! And now I’m going to continue to steal all your ideas and start obsessing about how artless my blog is, especially for an art student. Now where is my sketch pad…

    • Ophelie Says:

      Oooo you’re an arts student? That can do wonders for your blog.

      Funny how this blogging world works. I thought I’d start blogging to teach myself to write. And while I find my writing skills have improved, I’ve learned way more about basic html, graphic editing software and interacting with an audience than I have about writing. Go figure.

  10. Ophelie Says:

    Huge, huge thanks to everyone who voted or who commented with suggestions! It’s helped me more than you can possibly imagine. (You have no idea how lost lost lost I am when it comes to visual artsy stuff.)

    Normally I’d answer every comment individually (I found it hard not to!) but I didn’t want to induce too much bias.

    Thanks again!

  11. Ikuturso Says:

    I would say “no”. The pose is very much “porno” in “come and take me” way. Not very “bossy”.

    But the artist can draw, so perhaps you should commission her do another picture.

  12. Awryt Says:

    Absolutely love the boots! Can we get this girl to design armor for female characters? Please can we have less pirate and legwarmer/moonboot styles?

    I love the drawing, but Bossy Pally seems to need a bit more of a forceful/commanding presence. Lying on your back (while lovely) is a little too passive and submissive.

    For some reason I have this image of you sitting with the spoon upright between your legs, your hands clasped atop the spoon, maybe resting your head on your hands with a quirky look as though someone is trying to explain to you how they want you to do something that doesn’t sound all that appealing, but you will do it anyway because you’re you and a helper. 🙂

    The other alternative that comes to mind is standing, one hand on your hip, one hand resting atop the spoon.

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