WoW – Where You Can be a Kid Too!

After my yoga class today, I had a really interesting discussion about WoW with another adept (at a loss for a better term – we’re not exactly yoga “students”). Well, it was interesting by my standards, I can’t speak for him or for the other coffee shop patrons who overheard. He’s not a gamer but knows I am. He even reads my blog at times (hi!). The discussion started when he mentioned seeing some episodes of The Guild and asked whether I knew of the show.

As a side note, I love The Guild for more than one reasons. Obviously, it’s hilarious and scarily dead on. I also love it because it’s easily enjoyed by non gamers as well. Thanks to The Guild, I’ve been able to have discussions about WoW with non gamers who would think I’m on crack otherwise.

There’s a scene in Season 3, in the first or second episode (I can’t remember which) where the rival guild, Axis of Anarchy, childishly cuts in line at the gaming store. Suddenly, all these adults start acting like little kids.

I hadn’t stopped to think about it before, but video games (and well, games in general) are a direct line to our inner child. All those pop psych books, all those self help workshops, all those reality TV shows of people in therapy… Those are just money making schemes. If you want to get in tune with your inner child, video games are where it’s at.

It’s usually a good thing. Having fun is a good thing. In perspective, most of us have pretty boring lives. Seriously. How many dragons have you slain lately? How often do you get to kill your rivals without getting in trouble for it? Can you throw around big balls of fire? Lift a badass two handed sword/mace/axe? You’re boring, boring, BORING! But it’s ok! You (and me and them) can temporarily forget about it. We can take a few hours a day/week/month and immerse ourselves in a world of make belief.

Like children playing make belief, we become powerful heroes (or villains, depending on what you do). Like children playing make belief, we no longer face serious consequences to our actions (oh dear, repair bills, boo hoo!). Like children playing make belief, we’re finally in control of our world. Not completely in control, no. But in control enough.

Video games give us that outlet, plus remind us of that important thing we tend to forget about it. What’s it called again? Oh yeah. Fun. By bringing out that child within, video games remind us that our dreary, lackluster lives can still contain pleasure and enjoyment.

Some time back, I had a troll try to insult me by saying my blog was a “fantasy blog”. He wrote it so viciously, it must have been an attempt to upset me. I was confused. My blog is a fantasy blog. Mr Troll, your point is?

I was vaguely reminded of the third grade. We were lining up to go outside for recess. My usual daydreaming was interrupted by another little girl. She looked at me with that snotty look little girls are so good at. “Sophie says you’re as skinny as a needle.” Nastiness was just oozing out of her. The two messages collided and resulted in confusion. Being skinny was a compliment. Why was she complimenting me with an insulting tone?

Back to WoW, thank the light we can bring that careless child out once in awhile. Thank the light…but…sometimes we get a tad too connected with that careless child.

Ever roll your eyes at a fellow adult player throwing a silly temper tantrum? Ever done something so utterly childish that you couldn’t log into your character for days out of embarrassment?

Don’t lie. I know you’ve done it.

Gaming, playing, brings out our inner child, for better and for worse.

For the record, next time I’m called a drama whore, I’m pointing out that I’m not drama whoring, I’m working on my personal growth.

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6 Comments on “WoW – Where You Can be a Kid Too!”

  1. Pheadra Says:


    Seriously, this is one of my favorite articles you’ve ever done. I like it because you are so right, and it really got me thinking about why I enjoy video games.

    I also hadn’t thought about why people act differently in WoW than they might in their real lives. My guess would be if that’s how they are acting when there is drama in WoW it’s very reminisicent of how they behaved in elementary school.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Thanks 🙂

      It was more of a “here’s a funny idea” post than anything else, but I do so enjoy thinking about “funny ideas”. Glad someone else does too!

  2. Grognik Says:

    I really enjoyed this article, you have pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    I am not your typical gamer that people expect, in fact I get called the Biker from hell at times by my fellow guildies. Everyone needs a release from their everyday lives, even the hardasses like myself. Games give us the option to just de-stress and enjoy life with little to no consequences. As you said it allows our inner children out for some much needed exercise. I have always been of the mind that we don’t stop playing because we get older, we get older because we stop playing.

    Great article 🙂

    • Ophelie Says:

      Thank you!

      I completely agree with you when you say “we don’t stop playing because we get older, we get older because we stop playing”. Whenever I meet happy, healthly elderly people, I’m always impressed about how playful and upbeat they are. I have a strong belief that the ability to play is key to a happy long life.

  3. Scarrydoo Says:

    Okay, slightly unrelated, but my favorite part of that episode of the guild is when the healer exclaims something like “YEAH! 8K HEAL CRIT! I JUST GOT HARD!”


    And I totally know someone that’s trying to write her senior thesis on what role video games play in society and I’ll definitely point her this way! It’s nice to have primary sources.

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