I’m Not Addicted to WoW, I Can Stop Anytime I Want!

Oh my, I went almost a whole week without playing WoW!

And you know what? I’m happy to say that I didn’t miss it at all! Oh, I missed updating my blog and I’ll admit that I scribbled WoW blog ideas on every piece of paper I came across. Also stressed quite a bit about how my last entry was on a touchy topic, poorly written in haste as I was nodding off at the airport. Word of advice, don’t do something like that if you’re planning to not have internet access for a week. Um, so yeah, to everyone who received shitty replies to comments, um, sorry?

Ok ok, so back on topic, not playing for a week was surprisingly easy. I guess it helped that I had IRL guild meetings all day and huge 800 player IRL raids (in plain English – social events/parties) every night. And let me tell you, when it comes to IRL raids, I’m totally one of those casual hardcore types. I don’t IRL raid often, but when I do, I do it right. Never mind the durability damage: burned hair, lack of voice, blisters on feet and suspicious bruises around eyes. It’ll be a big repair bill, but it was so worth it.

So it’s easy to get out of the gaming routine when the rest of your daily routine is turned upside down and inside out. Not so much when gaming is the only change of routine. I remember a time, about a year and a half ago, when I had to get my computer fixed. For three weeks, there was no email at home, no randomly reading websites, no instant messaging, and, and, worst of all, no WoW. Oh, the horror!

How did that work out for me?

Well, had I written a diary of the experience (note: I didn’t), it would have gone like this.

TITLE: Semi-Fictionish Journal Documenting 3 Weeks with No Computer.

Day 1

This isn’t so bad. Annoyed at having to go all the way to school to check my email, but otherwise it’s all good. Kind of bored though. Maybe I should do homework.

Have to say, though, there’s a bit of an itch to play. I wonder what my guildies are doing right now. Hmm. Might as well do some more homework.

Day 2

Why am I sort of having trouble breathing? And why am I biting my nails? Clearly I need to do more homework.

I wonder what my guildies are doing. I should call one of them. Let me see if I have someone’s number. I don’t. I’ll have to dig out some number from my emails at school tomorrow. Damn my stomach’s upset. I usually play WoW at this hour… How about some more of that homework.

Day 3

AAAAAHHH!!! MY HEART IS RACING AND I CANT BREATHE!!! And my nails are gone. My feet hurt from pacing. Skipped class to refresh my email at the library. I WANNA PLAY WOW I WANNA PLAY WOW I WANNA PLAY WOW. So anxious, anxious, anxious. On the bright side, I’m way ahead in all my courses.

Kind of getting sick of doing homework, good thing I wrote down a guildy’s phone number while I was refreshing my phone number. I might as well call him. I may have a phone phobia, but apparently I have a lack of repetitive behaviour phobia too.

Hope he doesn’t get too shocked hearing from me.

End of Week 1

Anxiety’s getting better. Still pacing a lot but can sleep again. Speaking of sleeping, I’ve been doing more and more of that. Never realized how many hours there are in a day. Days sure are long. Doing a lot of homework. Also cooking a lot. I love cooking.

Spent record time on the phone over the past few days. Spoke to my family for the first time in months. Also happy that I have a guildy who likes to talk on the phone. I wonder what the rest of the guild is doing. I should call my guildy again and ask.

Week 2

Worried that male guildy is getting the wrong idea from my frequent phone calls. Need to find other ways to occupy my time. Getting pretty sick of studying. Also seem to be putting on weight from all this food I’m cooking. I wonder whats on TV.

End of week 3

Computer should be back soon. Not sure I want it back. Sure, I spend the last 5 days doing nothing but watching TV and eating. But, you know, I’ve kind of forgotten about WoW. I’ll be really far behind too. Don’t want to have to catch up on dailies, rep grinds, gear, qq. It’s probably not worth getting back into the game. I should just find a new hobby.

How it all turned out

Until I had to get my computer repaired, I hadn’t realized how much of a nervous wreck I was. Pretty pathetic how lost I was without doing repetitive things all the time. On the bright side, those were pretty much the best weeks of my life in term of grades. Yet, I don’t think that WoW really gets in the way of shiny grades for me – as soon as the initial shock had passed, I replaced WoW with TV. And food. I must have put on 20 pounds during those three weeks. Then, once I found a new routine of time wasting, I didn’t want to go back to playing WoW.

Looks like I’m just destined to dorkness.

But anyway, this time I was just gone a week which, by most people’s standards, isn’t much. Can’t wait to do dailies! Or, um, whatever it is I do in game when I’m not raiding.

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9 Comments on “I’m Not Addicted to WoW, I Can Stop Anytime I Want!”

  1. aveiceae Says:

    Heh, I end up in the same boat when I don’t have access to my computer – if it’s not wow sucking my time, it’s something else! I think I just have an entertainment-addicted personality x_x

    • Ophelie Says:

      I think I have an entertainment addict personality too! Or maybe we both just need a lot of relaxation time. Relaxation time sounds so much more positive.

  2. Heather Says:

    I have to say, your post sums up how I have felt during a WoW break. I’m weird because when playing WoW I want nothing more than to do stuff out of game such as website updates or making icons, then when I’m out of game all I want to do is play WoW. I think sometimes it’s not so much about addiction, more that the grass looks greener on the other side or a case of wanting what you can’t have.

    • Ophelie Says:

      It’s true that the word “addiction” gets tossed around pretty carelessly.

      I haven’t had a forced break from the game (other than last week and I was so busy I didn’t having time to notice) since I started blogging, but I think I’d be the same as you. I’m finding that I want to do out of game stuff more than actual playing, but if I had the game taken away from me, I’d suddenly want to play again really bad.

  3. Starbuck Says:

    I have not played WoW since winter break. I honestly feel pretty good about it. The only thing I am really concerned about it being behind in gear and not being fluent in the fights. It is a strange feeling to not want to play, almost a relief. I will probably go back sometime this week once I polish up on the fights for ICC. This time though I wont let it take up so much of my time. When you take a break you start to remeber the person you once were before the addiction to hold. It is a welcoming experience.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I noticed that as well that time I had to take 3 weeks off, especially for the first week or so, I had so much spare time that I became more interested in other hobbies and forced myself to be more sociable.

      One of the advantages of high level gear being easily available is that even if you take a break from the game, it takes no time to catch up. There’s a lot less grinding to do in the game now too, so I’m finding I don’t need to dedicate as much time to the game as before, which is very nice for my offline life.

  4. Will Says:

    Last year, from April (literally the day before 3.1 went live, in fact), until around the end of August, I was WoW-less because, well, I was also computer-less.

    It was certainly a bit frustrating, to say the least, but thankfully I had gotten to know a couple of my Guildies well enough to have exchanged e-mail addresses by then. That meant I could go down to the local library and use their Internet a couple of times a week to keep in touch as well as I could.

    Around May or June, I believe, I was alerted that my Guild had kind of exploded. Some went off to do their own thing with other Guilds, others don’t play as often or at all anymore. I still keep in touch with those that I really liked, though.

    But needless to say, it kind of threw a wrench into the machinery to come back into the game and find myself not only two Tiers of content behind; since ToC had been out for a few weeks by then, but without a Guild.

    I reguilded within a couple of weeks, though, and while I’ve had to change my playstyle a little bit (no Raiding for me these days), I’m mostly content.

    Heck, last week I even made my first alt in two years of playing. 🙂

    So your little break doesn’t sound all that bad to me. 😉

    • Ophelie Says:

      Oh yes, a guild disbanding during away time is awful. That actually did happen to me once, about four years ago while I was away for 4 months on a student exchange but I wasn’t playing seriously yet so it was more of a “Hey, there’s no one in my guild anymore. That’s sad, I kind of liked this guild.” I’d be devastated now if I had to break for a few months and came back to find my guild gone.

      • Will Says:

        I suppose I should be thankful I at least had the heads-up before I got back. I can imagine what it would have been like just logging in to a ghost town.

        Especially since this Guild actually helped me be a better player to an extent. By that I mean that I leveled completely solo until level 63; not even a single Dungeon run while working my way up. Even my Talent points were just kind of thrown together into some abomination of a Marksmanship build. (Oh yeah; my main is a Hunter.)

        But after joining the Guild, I made a point to actually go and read up a little better on how to perform in a group setting, what the better arrangements of Talent points were; that sort of thing.

        Running Dungeons, doing my first Heroic, stepping into Kara… Combine that with the first five months of Wrath, and I have fond memories of the old crew in its heyday. I’m thankful for that chance meeting with the guy who would be my GM that day in Zangarmarsh, because I met some good people in that Guild.

        Hard not to wonder sometimes about what might have been, or what I don’t know about from my away time, though…

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