If WoW were Reality TV…

I like reality TV. The great thing about it is that the “plots” are so simple and repetitive that you don’t have to watch the show regularly or attentively to know whats going on. Since sitting still and I aren’t friends, reality TV shows are pretty much the only things I ever watch. They make good background noise when I’m making supper or eating.

I realized that I watch them a biiiiit too much when I started seeing the potential for reality TV concepts in WoW.

WoW Survivor

Starts off with two guilds of, say, 13 or 14 people. They each have their guild website and forums where we can follow their adventures. Guildies are welcome to be as dramatic as possible and even post video blogs on their forums.

About two times a week, the guilds compete against each other in a task. In the early weeks, the task could be getting a 10 man raid together and getting as far as possible (note that the guilds have 13 or 14 people…drama flag!), later on it could be challenges requiring less people.

The guild who looses the challenge must vote to /gkick a member. As the guilds shrink in size, they eventually merge (and we all know how that usually goes over!). The challenges become individual, with only one person gaining immunity to the /gkick. This goes on until there is a single WoW Survivor.

GuildMeister’s Ultimate Guild Takeover

Naughty healers? Cranky mages? Disobedient warlocks? Failed raids? You don’t have to put with that crap!

GuildMeister uses her skills and experience to turn your unruly guildie into top notch (or at least very polite) players. She teaches your guild to be disciplined, productive and to work together as a team. By coaching your GM, officers and members in fields like raiding, recruitment, communication and organization, she’ll turn your failing guild into the most successful group of people on your server.

But change doesn’t happen without some level of resistance! Drama, name calling and other childish behavior almost invariably ensue. Will GuildMeister succeed in giving guilds their much needed makeover? Tune in to her frapps log to see!

Also, if you enjoy GuildMeister’s adventures, but sure to check out the Guild Whisperer, the Guild Super Nanny and ‘Til Drama Do Us Part.

180 Active Members and Counting

In these days of small, tight knit guilds, managing even 30 members can be a handful. Yet the Dugguild has 180 active, happy members. They do all sorts of things together: raid races, hogger raids, guild parties, guild meetups. Even though they’re bursting at the seams, they never stop recruiting!

Want to see how they handle their huge, huge, huge guild? Check them out on their guild blog! With 180 motivated members, it gets updated quite frequently.

What Not to Wear, Gear Edition

Every week, our two WoW fashion experts surprise spell power wearing rogues or cloth wearing death knights (like my death knight!) at the moment they least expect it! The fashion offenders are then shown screen shots of their poor judgement in front of all their guildmates and friends.

Our experts take our challenged players to WoWhead, Elitist Jerks and MMO Champions where they teach them a few gearing rules. The players are then given 50 000 gold and 500 badges for purchasing new gear and enchants. After players are left to fumble around for a few hours on their own at the Auction House and Badge Vendor, our experts show up to help them finish the task.

Once their shopping is complete, players are brought to the Rotation and Not-Standing-In-Crap-Specialists who give them some extra tips to get the most out of their play.

After a whole week with the team of experts, players finally return to their guilds where their friends are waiting to admire their progress at a big raid party!


See! I think WoW is a perfect place to exploit drama for a profit educate players using real people and a loose plot. Of course, instead of weekly hour long TV shows, WoW Reality TV would be done using the internet, via message board interactions, blogs, You Tube Videos or all of the above combined! It’s a recipe for success!

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12 Comments on “If WoW were Reality TV…”

  1. Imalinata Says:

    You forgot one! WoW reality TV just wouldn’t be complete without the WoW version of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette!

    • Ophelie Says:

      OMG you’re right! I did think of it when I first got the idea for the post, but completely forgot about it when I was writing! A WoW Bachelor or Bachelorette would be insaaaane!

    • Juz Says:

      It’d have to be the Bachelor-Tank and the Bachelor-Healer editions. One lone Bear Druid has to choose her pocket healer from amongst these 30 competing healers. Watch this exciting drama, filled with lucky crits, backstabbing heal snipes, and the search to find that one special person who can let you duo Heigen…

  2. Ryan G Says:

    Talk Kimbo & Matt into doing the Survivor thing. Can’t turn out any more awkward than last night…

  3. Nim (Ankh) Says:

    The Real World of Warcraft.

    Get every angry/nasty/bitchy/condescending/know-it-all player in one giant house with no supervision. They will all kill each other.

    Profitable, fun to watch, and beneficial to everybody who wants to enjoy the game!

  4. HP Says:


    There’s probably a few “The Bachelorette” shows running in WoW too =P

  5. Svenn Says:

    Very Funny, the comments too 🙂

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