Love is in the Paladins

I don’t do link love very often. I’m always afraid I’ll forget someone deserving of mention. Still, I’ll make a exception this once. After all, this week is a great opportunity to say a few words about the paladin blogs in my paladin blogroll, as well as introduce some newer blogs that I look forward to adding to my blogroll over the next few weeks.

We might not be as tight as the tree bloggers (I guess there’s just something about a forest sticking together), but I can assure that there is just as much awesomeness (if not more!) in our corner of the community.

I’m going to be as inclusive as possible, but the internet is a big, big place. If anyone reading this knows of a pally blog that I don’t, feel free to share it in the comments. Of course, there’s no point in linking to dead blogs, I’m sticking with blogs that have been updated in the past month.

Say hi to our newest Pally neighbors!

I get so excited when I see new pally bloggers introducing themselves. It’s great to hear new voices, read new takes and have new people to argue. Here are some promising voices I look forward to hearing more from:

Crusader Shock – Check his webpage, it looks gorgeous! Josh’s blog is still in the very early stages, but, with his nice, easy to read writing style and his prot paladin and Guild Master experience, he’s off to a great start.

Hand of Argus – Orthien is another prot paladin and GM who just recently started sharing his adventures with the blogosphere. His blog is still very new, but it seems like there’s a lot going on with his guild and that he’ll have quite a few stories to share with us over the next few months!

The Physician Log – Many of you may recognize Dristanel by her fantastic comments on my blog. Also, see my new spoon RSS feed icon? Yep! That was her! Isn’t it cool? I was thrilled to learn that she was starting her own blog on Holy Paladins and even more thrilled when I saw the quality of her blog and her writing. She also plans on bringing some role playing to the table, which I’m looking forward to reading. She’s definitely one to watch! Oh, and fellow bloggers, sign up for her secret admirer event! Should be tons of fun!

A Healadin’s Tear – We’ve got not one, but TWO! new holy paladin blogs! Tarinae is a GM and seasoned holy paladin. And do you know what especially exciting about her? (I’m assuming it’s a she…if I’m mistaken, forgive me!) According to her about page, she’s a PvP healer! I really hope she has a lot to say about PvP, because I sure have a lot to learn!

The V-Team – We’ve got not one, not two, but THREE holy paladins! Vailladin seems a bit shy, but maybe we can get him to open up. He writes from a more casual perspective that is very easy to relate too. His “New to Level 80” series was fabulous idea and he does an excellent job covering the topic. Another blogger to watch!

EDIT: After I hit the public button, several bloggers I wasn’t familiar with stopped by to introduce themselves. I’m thrilled to add them to their respective categories and say a few words about each! In the new blogger category is Labrat. Her blog name, Paladin Pants, is my sort of thing! She’s not exactly new, you may know him from Atomic Nerds, but her pally blog is still in the gathering momentum stages. Her articulate, opinionated posts on topics varying from guild tales to prot paladin intricacies to reflections on in-game social interactions caught my eye immediately. Now, if you don’t mind, I need to excuse myself so I can finish read her excellent musings.

The Essence of Paladining

It is a common misconception that, in order to be a good paladin, you must roll your face on your keyboard. Or mindlessly spam two spells. Or hit a 9696 macro.

Pff, believe me, it’s so much more than that! There’s a whole essence, a spirit, a lifestyle that comes with being a paladin. If you can’t feel like a paladin, deep down in your soul, then you’re a pathetic excuse for a paladin. To really get in touch with your true paladin self, I highly recommend you take to heart the wisdom of Jong and Megan at Forbearance and of Antigen at Haz Mace, Will Raid.

If you’re a veteran at paladining and have broadened your horizons to the world beyond the limitations of the Light, and perhaps even to the world-that-is-not-WoW, then I’m sure you know Galoheart, the Ardent Defender. I’m also sure that, like me, you hope that his vacation from WoW will be a short one and that you’ll be hearing from him again soon.

The Endless Wells of Information

A long time ago, back in December 2005, there was an introductory blog post that ended with “Here’s hoping that this is a successful experiment.” That blog post written by no other than Rohan from Blessing of Kings. For over four (FOUR!) years, an eternity in internet time, Rohan has been providing solid paladin and WoW content. Many paladin blogs come and go over the years yet Blessing of Kings remains a pillar for our corner of the internet. If there was a lifetime achievement award for WoW bloggers, I would nominate him in heartbeat. I’m curious as to whether he considers his “experiement” to be sucessful…

Equally fitting into the endless and diverse information category is the strange and colourful Paladin Schmaladin. The addition of Hofflerand and Honorshammer to Team Ferraro has even further increased the scope of the blog’s already large niche. While Ferraro tends to be somewhat marginal to the paladin and blogging community, Paladin Schmaladin remains an excellent source of information for paladins of all types, big and small.

Of course, no Paladin-information-link-lovefest would be complete without’s Gregg Reece and Chase Christian, the Prot/Ret and Holy (respectively) columnists. I’m sure they don’t need an introduction, after all, who doesn’t know The Light and How to Swing it?

The Protadins

The other night I acted without thinking and impulsively volunteered to lead a raid. After my guildies pointed out what I had done, I took a deep breath, grabbed my notebook and immediately went to Divine Plea and The Children of Wrath. The well designed cribsheets by Adgamorix and Renaissance Man, respectively, were lifesavers! Besides their helpful raid leading notes, both protadin flavored blogs offer great insight into the game and make for great reads.

Most paladins, when they think of tanking, they think Honorshammer. And with reason! Many of us (yes, myself included) learned to pally tank by avidly studying Honor’s Code. Honors has such a gift for explaining things and for spreading his passion for tanking.

And if Honor’s Code is paladin 101 tanking blog, then Righteous Defense is a paladin 201 tanking blog. Like Honors, Rhidach is also an expert when it comes to translating tanking theory into plain English for the rest of us. Whenever I need to brush up on the latest news and trends on pally tanking, Righteous Defense is my first, and often my last, stop. And if providing solid tanking content wasn’t enough, Rhidach also has this knack of slowly letting his personality shine through his writing, a little bit at a time, making his writing style absolutely addictive.

Aaand, if Honor’s Code is paladin tanking 101 and Righteous Defense is paladin tanking 201, then Avenging Wrathy is paladin tanking 301. Paladin tanks wanting deep, complex theory discussions get their fix at Avenging Wrathy. Still, while Wrathy does cater to a more select audience, his warm and vivid writing style is anything but dry! Now, if only he wasn’t so busy getting crazy achievements and updated a bit more often…

When I want to read about tanking in a different flavor, I have the perfect blog on hand. You may think Killing’em Slowly is a Warlock blog and you would be right. But every now and again, Fuubaar takes center stage and talks about pally tanking with an energy I’m envious of. She doesn’t get nearly as much blogging limelight as she deserves, so I’m going to start a protest, right here, right now.

EDIT: Svenn from The Misadventures of Svenn is another blogger who stopped by to say hi after I published this post. He reflects on the game and the people who play it, shares the results of his experiments and gives his guildies some love, all while taking a creative and unconventional approach to his writing.

The Retadins

I keep hearing QQ about how ret paladins are taking up space everywhere. I disagree. There’s at least one place where they do not take up nearly enough space: the blogosphere. has something akin to a blog on it’s main page, but it’s not the same as a blog regularly updated by the same person. With the excellent Suicidal Zebra taking a prolonged break from blogging, it’s a good thing we still have Morrighan and Firespirit to keep us updated on the Retworld! Both seem to be unfortunately busy with their offline life so I am impatiently waiting for them to update Caer Morrighan and Light’s Fury, respectively. Morrighan’s guides and cheat sheets are a huge help to me whenever I get the urge to smack mobs around with a two hander and Firespirit’s musings and adventure tales get me thinking, but you know me, I always want more!

The Healadins

I have a confession to make! I only realized recently that The Holy Paladin and were two completely different sites! You have to admit, they have a lot in common, even beyond their names. Both have somewhat mysterious authors (although Sweetiebird from The Holy Paladin is a regular at Plus Heal) and both are focused on holy paladin information. Those are the two first places I go when “reviewing the literature” for my more…informative…posts.

If you want numbers, if you want some pointers from a healer who’s seen it all and if you want a blog that has character, Moar HPS! is the blog for you. Most of us paladin healers tend to walk on the safe side, afraid to rock the boat. But not Codi! Whether it’s rewriting best in slot lists, experimenting without addons or wishing the rest of us would be a bit less politically correct, she proves over and over again that she has guts and knows how to use them.

Another blogger with guts is I am a Paladin, who, I’m happy to say, is updating quite regularly these days. For years now, she’s been offering advice to, provoking thought in and entertaining paladins and non paladins everywhere in her unique, upbeat and completely fearless writing style.

A Touch of Arcane might sounds like a mage blog, but don’t let sounds fool you. Dreaming is very much a holy paladin blogger. Who dabbles in discipline priest affairs on occasion, yet still very much a paladin. For any new paladin getting the hang of healing, I highly recommend his “Healing Through” series for descriptions and tips to healing Halls of Reflection and the first few bosses in ICC.

If you’re a paladin looking to talk holy, then you might want to strike up a conversation with Zabery. He (of course!) doesn’t post often, but when he does, h brings up topics the rest of us don’t really stop to think about, such as appreciating Seal of Wisdom beyond the glyph bonus or the in-depth implications of the 3.3 Paladin changes.

Three holy paladin blogs I’ve recently discovered (read: who need to advertise themselves more!) are Holy Shock, Looking for More and Non-Squishy Heals. Ruhtra, Jeffo and Saunder, respectively, have interesting, very readable writing styles and speak of topics that are easy to relate to. By the way, those of you on the Bloodlust Battlegroup looking for some awesome people (like me!!) to PvP with, Saudner is getting a group together for Saturday March 6! He doesn’t allow anonymous or open commenting, but I’m he won’t mind receiving emails from interested parties!

And last but most certainly not least, Pheadra is one of my personal favorite bloggers. On DI The Tank, she writes about her experiences raiding, playing a holy paladin and, recently, making the difficult but rewarding jump to a more intensive raiding environment. Her posts are a delightful mixture of her personal, heartfelt adventures and of her thoughts and interpretations of her class.

EDIT: In my determination to get this post out on time, I forgot to mention the unbeatable Snottydin. Creation of the brilliant Tamarind, Snottydin is, like, totally a grl irl and omg like can totally solo heal WoW! Want a challenge? Keep a straight face while reading Snotty’s posts. I bet you can’t do it! (By, the way, I believe Tamarind accepts guest posts for Snottydin’s Awesome Blog. Please, an email is all it takes to keep Snotty alive and well!

Through the comments I received on this post, I got the opportunity to meet two new holy paladin bloggers! One of them, Hana, stopped by to introduce half of his (I think!) blog, Flash of Moonfire (no worries, I’m sure the druid half is excellent too!). He writes a lot of fight descriptions, but fortunately, he is good at it. And I mean good! He’s a natural storyteller and skillfully avoids the usual boss fight clichés. I also noticed a few arena mentions, which I hope to see more of!

Another person to introduce themselves is Silk from WoW – Silk’s Blog. I’m shocked that I had never heard of him (I think!) before! He doesn’t post very often, but what he doesn’t have in quantity, he makes up for in quality. His thoughtful, well organized posts cover the ins and outs of high end raiding, reflections on the game and good ol’ holy paladin guidance. Despite the apparent seriousness of his writing, I did chuckle at a few occasions while reading, leading me to believe that there’s a hilarious, tongue in cheek jokester hidden somewhere.

See! Paladin Bloggers Are Awesome!

My fingers hurt. I wish I had room to say more about each and every blogger in this post. There’s such great work and discussion on the paladin class across the blogosphere. I did my best to include everyone, but as I mentioned in the introduction, the internet is a big place! If you know of a paladin blogger who has updated their blog in the past month, please let me know!

Also a few paladins I didn’t include but who definitely deserve some recognition are the brilliant posters at Maintankadin and Plus Heal. There is a reason why I rarely (if ever) post on those sites: questions and discussions are responded to in ways more articulate, helpful and efficient than I could ever muster. If any of you regulars from those forums are lurking around here, I want to say thank you.

EDIT: Sure enough, there were even more wonderful paladin bloggers that I wasn’t aware of!

Pugging Pally is a fantastic paladin blog I just discovered and I don’t understand why I didn’t find it sooner. I added her at the end since she doesn’t exactly fit into any of the above categories. The author (who does not provide a name) tells her adventures as she levels a holy paladin through the looking for dungeon system. The quality of the writing is top-notch and I burst out laughing several times at the hilarity of her descriptions. A must read for anyone who’s ever leveled, or tried to level, a libram wielding character.

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47 Comments on “Love is in the Paladins”

  1. Lissanna Says:

    there are a lot more paladin bloggers than I realized. Thanks for the good resource list!

  2. theerivs Says:

    Mage Blogs are better!!!

  3. Thank you so much for the amazing link. I’ve had so much diving into the blogosphere and I can’t wait to wade out into the water a little further. I had contemplated a post today, given the realm status, but did a formspring instead. Which makes a really great tie into something you mentioned in this post!

    “It is a common misconception that, in order to be a good paladin, you must roll your face on your keyboard. Or mindlessly spam two spells. Or hit a 9696 macro.”

    The question “Besides the eternal-OP issue, what’s the one Pally stereotype you’d wish would go away?” appeared on my formspring to which I replied:

    “The idea that ret paladins are facerollers. IMHO it is very complicated to play an efficient ret pally because EVERY, SINGLE $#$# technique has a cooldown of at least 6 seconds. So no, it isn’t spamming Steady Shot like a hunter could do with his eyes closed (I play one of those too), it requires finesse and excellent CD management.”

    Its great to know someone agrees! ❤

    • Ophelie Says:

      I suppose it’s easy to be a mediocre ret paladin, but to be good, really good, you have to bring a lot more to your game.

      If you don’t read Forbearance yet, I highly recommend you check out Jong’s posts. He makes frequent (and awesome!) answers to the ret paladin stereotypes.

      The link was my pleasure, I hope you get some well deserved traffic from it! (My blog is on the small side, but I assure you that the readers here are the bestest!)

  4. Vailladin Says:

    Thank you so much for the props! I will come out of my shell soon enough. I am not sure you all want to hear my dry sarcastic humor mixed with the occasional Lewis Black tantrum topped by a Ron White drunkid rant of a cherry!

    • Ophelie Says:

      It was my pleasure!

      And dry sarcastic humor mixed with the occasional Lewis Black tantrum topped by a Ron White drunkid rant of a cherry sounds quite appealing. No more holding back!

  5. Zabery Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the posts!

    My guildies, who get to suffer through my push-to-giggle vent habit, would love to hear that you thought that I was a lady.

    I’m going to not tell them, if that’s cool with everyone.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Oops! Sorry! I suppose the banner and your avatar should have made your gender obvious. I’m a little blind so I just took a guess. I’ll go fix it!

  6. Justeroo Says:

    @ Zabery

    — You may not, but I will 🙂

  7. HP Says:

    Thank you for the compliments!

    Thanks especially for giving me more paladin blogs to subscribe to =)

  8. Firespirit Says:

    I knew that Ret Bloggers were few and far between, but I had no idea there were like… three. Wow! Thanks for the link love.

    Yes, posting has been slow of late. You may have just sparked my muse. I suddenly feel the itch to write…

    • Ophelie Says:

      I guess ret paladins are too busy pwning faces to be writing about it. It’s a shame, though, I’d love to hear more from the dps path.

      Glad to hear about that itch of yours! I look forward to reading you!

  9. Dristanel Says:

    Aww, thank you for the link and the kind words! And… yeesh! That’s a lot more paladins than I had in my feed reader. I’ve gotta get to work!

  10. Svenn Says:

    Taking advice from Larisa @ The Pink Pigtail Inn, I am trying to be more consistent in my posting as well as shameless in my self promoting… Pally Blog: The Misadventures of Svenn. Well, mostly Pally anyways:)

    Not quite up to the above mentioned blogs’ standards, but I’m working on it.

  11. Windsoar Says:

    What are you trying to do to my feed-reader???

    Thanks for all the hard work in organizing everyone, but, but…

  12. Gameldar Says:

    Thanks for this from me too… like the others I now have more to fill up my reader (an twitter too) with… and I had been so good so far.

    All these pally bloggers make me wonder if I should ever post pally related stuff since they generally know it better… but still it probably won’t stop me (especially since I have one in the works that I’ve been working on for a few weeks).

    • Ophelie Says:

      The great thing about blogs is that everyone writes from their own perspective. Even if there are 20 people writing about the same thing, as long as they’re taking a personal approach, each blogger will come up with something unique. Look at how many Tree blogs there are. They’re all writing about resto druids, yet each one is different.

      Besides, just because I sorted a blog under holy, ret or prot doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a blog about technical stuff, many bloggers just like to share their personal impression and muse about the game from their class perspective. So write about as much pally stuff as you would like! I look forward to reading it!

  13. Rhidach Says:

    Just wanted to add my thanks as well Ophelie. Great post and I really appreciate all the compliments about my blog! I love your description of Honors, Wrathy, and I as prot 101, 201, and 301.

    • Ophelie Says:

      It was my pleasure! Thank you for being such an awesome prot paladin writer.

      And I have “Righteous Defense” on a post-it note on my computer screen now so that I never make another screw up like that again.

  14. Fuubaar Says:

    Thanks for the link Lovin 😉

    I really should write more about my beloved main but alas she does her thing and keeps her mouth shut. I’m normally not honked off about paladin things because I’m so used to the ups & downs of the class. When I do start feeling the Blizzard Squeeze though, I’ll be the first to yelp.

    Good resource for new paladins & old alike!

    Bookmarked my dear.

    Also, I demand Pitch forks & billboards at these said protests!


    ❤ Fuu

  15. Antigen Says:

    I’m glad you feel I convey what it means to be a paladin. After all of the characters I’ve rolled, I thought there was a reason I made my paladin my main.

    It’s a lifestyle, truly, and thanks for the compliment!

  16. Hana Says:

    My blog is half-druid/half-paladin if you’d like to add it. The “Flash” in Flash of Moonfire came from our Flash of Light spell.

    I sometimes think I subscribe to more paladin blogs than druid blogs, and the druids are pretty populous!

  17. LabRat Says:

    Technically speaking, I have a blog that is semi-regularly updated, I am a paladin, and I sometimes talk about paladin things. Nowhere *near* Rhidach or Honorshammer’s league, though.

    Thanks for this- I’m going to be adding a lot of links to the blogroll, including yours.

  18. Silk Says:

    Wow – when I started my blog partly it was because I assumed that there was a vacuum of top end raiding holy paladin blogs (so MANY priests…)

    Thanks – will totally check these out

  19. Joe Ego Says:

    Greetings from an active @ PlusHeal! Thanks for the list of links and, hopefully, I can find inspiration to get my own ball rolling.

  20. It makes me very happy that you’ve found my blog to be useful.

  21. […] Blogs – Now With 100% more Pew Pew Well Bossy Pally put together a list of Pally Blogs, I though I would do the same for us mages. Yeah I add myself…cause I can. All these people I […]

  22. puggingpally Says:

    Wow, Ophelie! Thanks for the link love and it’s nice to “meet” you… I’ll be sure to comment again in four weeks once I’ve had a chance to check out all of the paladin blogs you’ve linked. 😀

    I go by my pally character’s name, at least with relation to the blog – Vidyala, but perhaps I haven’t put it in a prominent enough place. I’ll see what I can do to make it a bit more obvious.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Hi Vidyala! Thanks for dropping by!

      I can’t believe I only came across your blog after having written that post. The first thing I thought to myself was “wow, I’ve been missing out!”

  23. Josh Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! I’ve finally posted the first part of my Tanking 101 articles! Love to hear what you think:


  24. […] the post title is because Ophelie didn’t know my name but she was kind enough to link to me anyhow. And now I need to go through her post and meet many more great paladin bloggers because they all […]

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