Shared Topic: How Will Cataclysm Change YOUR Game?

What is it with these really hard shared topics? When Rilandune from Heroically Random! suggested we talk about our playing plans for Cataclysm and Pheadra from DI The Tank suggested we talk about changes to the game we’d like to see, I groaned a bit and googled “Cataclysm”. I didn’t discover anything I didn’t already know, but for those of you who are even worse than I am with WoW news, here are some references you might appreciate.

Official Cataclysm Website
Official Cataclysm Forums
MMO Champions Cataclysm Thread

I’m going to announce something that will terribly shock you all : I’m sticking with my paladin in Cataclysm. Probably keeping my same playstyle too. Healing most of the time, tanking part time and dpsing when I’m drunk. I’m hoping my guildies won’t be sick of me either, I enjoy my Azerothian home and would like to stick with it.

I also expect to start another paladin to toy around with, just to see how the pally leveling experience has changed. One can never have too many paladins!

I guess I’ll eventually get a Goblin. Yes, I know I usually play Alliance. But given the choice between playing a short, green creature and playing a very hairy creature, it’s a no brainer.

What really comes to mind when I think of Cataclysm, though, is every time I hear the words: “This is my last expansion, I’m not playing anymore after Wrath.

To which my knee jerk reaction is, but…but…you can’t…I like you.

Granted, many of those who plan on leaving might not actually mean it. Once upon a time, I knew a fellow player that I didn’t like much (while I’m generally pretty nice on my blog, rumor has it I don’t like everyone all the time). He was always saying things like “Oh, I’m quitting WoW for Hello Kitty Online!” Each time I would rejoice, only to be disappointed a week later when Hello Kitty Online or Aion or that game with the half dressed chick in handcuffs that advertises on WoW websites didn’t deliver.

Still, I’m a little apprehensive of player turnover. Maybe a little excited, as well. I hate seeing teammates go, but it’s fun to hear from old long lost friends who’re stopping by to see what all the fuss is about. New expansions are the time, every few years, where I get to hassle people about how they never call or write or answer the emails I send them. Just because I’m answering-emailically challenged is no excuse for everyone else to not answer. I’m polishing my giant spoon as await the many returns.

So what do I hope for Cataclysm?

Rideable druids.

No, not like that you dirty people.

Since I often find myself playing lowbies with druid friends, it irks me to no end to run behind their travel form. Or, in later levels, to have stop and wait for them to catch up to my mount. Or, to just be separated in any way while running. I’m not clingy, I’m impatient. I want to ride my friends.

I’m having trouble coming up with significant changes I’d like to see. I went to suggest changes to the Auction House and Mail system, but those would be better suited for minor patch changes, not an expansion.

Having so little tangible information on the actual changes to the talent trees and gear stats, it’s difficult to say what else I would like to see. I know I want paladins to keep their versatility. I don’t mind that we struggle with raid healing more than the other classes since we also have the options of tanking and dps. (Then again, druids have more role flexibility than we do and aren’t as healing pigeonholed as we are.)

I like the removal of defense. I look forward to including uncritabileness in talents. While stat balancing is a meta game of it’s own, a meta game that I do enjoy, I wouldn’t be sad to have replaced with something… less… time consuming.

I realize that I’m finishing this on a rather uncomfortable note, but the time seems too early to work my dreams and wishes for Cataclysm. I live in the moment and my criticism, suggestions, opinions won’t be ready until I have more information to work with.

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7 Comments on “Shared Topic: How Will Cataclysm Change YOUR Game?”

  1. Ryan G Says:

    sticking with your pally… so blood elf or tauren?

    go go raid-wide faction change!

    • Ophelie Says:

      OMG do I look like someone who can afford a faction change? Server changing a few characters used up my gaming budget for the next year or so!

  2. LabRat Says:

    I’ll cry rivers for the epics I worked so hard to earn being replaced by random world drops, then resume raiding, most likely.

    That, and I think I *gotta* level a troll druid. TUSKBEAR.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Gogo tuskbear!

      Replaying my epics at the beginning of Wrath was awful. The hardest part was destroying my tier gear. I kept a few pieces in my bank as a souvenir. I blame my current indifference for loot on those sad early-Wrath days.

  3. Jamie Says:

    A good idea would be to change the travel form of the druid from just another fast cat to a horse or Horde equivalent which could then take a single rider, using a command similar to ‘follow’.

  4. Nim (Ankh) Says:

    Apparently, the initial “travel” form for a druid was a stag. Ever notice how the tooltip is a hoof, not a paw? Just use the Talbuk skin, add antlers, and tada! A ridable druid.

    • Enlynn Says:

      That totally explains why that icon never made sense to me!

      A talbuk would look so much neater, I always thought the current travel form looked a little too much like… cat form.

      Being able to carry our friends through Azeroth would be neat. I’d love it if a Druid could pick up a friend in each talon and fly away!

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