Shared Topic: Positive Random Dungeon Stories

“Is my DPS high enough?”

Our warlock shyly asked us if she was doing alright. I assured her that stuff was dying fast enough so I was satisfied. Our crazy well-geared and could have gotten away with being arrogant tank agreed with me.

This week’s Shared Topic, as suggested by Zan from Altoholic Anonymous aims to balance out all the pugging horror stories floating around the internet. Links to the other participating posts can be found at Blog Azeroth. Also want to mention that I noticed a few other bloggers coincidentally posting about happy LFD stories earlier this week. I didn’t catch names so please let me know or report to Blog Azeroth so I can link you on the Shared Topic recap at Twisted Nether.

Hey, we're almost all at full health! Must be a good group!

I have talked about how impossibly lucky I am with the LFD before, but since I don’t recycle posts for Shared Topics, I have two newer stories to share.

Back to our warlock, I knew it was a “she” because the instance was Oculus. The date was December 26th, some time before the instance was nerfed. Not that it really matters… Players still instantly drop group upon zoning into Oculus. So yeah, after our first tank immediately dropped, I got to know the rest of my pugmates pretty well. After our second tank immediately dropped, I got to know them even better.

The warlock told us about how excited her kids were with their Christmas presents. She’s a cool (and obviously rich!) mom who got her kids some video games. The DK chimmed in that he and his wife were expecting their first kid in a few months. The rogue let us know that he was a kid. I couldn’t contribute much to that conversation so they looked at my mana and asked if I ever ran out.

Relaxing and chit-chatting made the wait rather enjoyable. It was especially nice that all four of us were coming from completely different worlds, yet we had plenty to talk about.

The wait was getting long, so eventually the DK offered to reforge his weapon and tank for us. Obviously, as soon as he finished reforging, a third tank zoned in. We called the DK back.

Is this one staying?

We burst out laughing and tried to explain to the clueless tank that we’d been stranded at the entrance of Oculus for the past half hour.

Anyway, once we had a tank, we finished the instance in 15 minutes. Utter faceroll.

And the warlock’s DPS?

Who cares?

My other group had a colder start. I had an ominous feeling when the rogue asked for might. Never mind that the warrior tank that was from his guild already had Improved Battle Shout up. (Yes, I realized that there’s something wrong there.) The ominous feeling grew when we wiped a few pulls in. Wiping a few pulls into Utgarde Keep must be a bad sign.

Sure, in a way, the wipe was my fault, I neglected bubbling or healing myself while I was being attacked because I thought I’d have time after getting that big heal out on the rogue. I shrugged.

As I was running back, I got a whisper from the tank.

I’m going to blame the dps for that wipe and deny that it had anything to do with my crappy tanking. I’m just a dps skipping the queue.

Oh dear. I guess that explained the Improved Battle Shout. I confessed that I could have bubbled but didn’t. He was easy to heal (after all, the mobs were beating on the dps and I more than on him), so it was all good. I just vowed to be more careful.

Thankful for my good nature, the tank chatted with me for a bit as we ran the instance. He told me his stories of fail, bragged about his Ulduar tanking gear. He must have been the funniest guy I’ve ever run into in a pug. He may not have had mad tanking skillz, but he certainly made up for it by having me laughing my face off.

And yeah, we got through the rest of UK without any further problems.

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4 Comments on “Shared Topic: Positive Random Dungeon Stories”

  1. Nim (Ankh) Says:

    That is the weirdest and potentially greatest UI I’ve ever seen.

    It’s always a cozy feeling when you get a group of socialites in the random PuG. Unfortunately, those are few and far between.

    • Ophelie Says:

      The picture is cropped, which is why the UI looks so strange! All you can see is Grid, IceHUD and Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text.

      I actually don’t like it when people try to make fake or forced conversation, but the times where chit-chatting is appropriate, it makes the run feel so much better.

  2. Will Says:

    Most of my favorite LFG memories come from before cross-server Instances. (I have a few good ones, but this isn’t about those.) Nowadays, five-mans go by so quickly and silently that it’s rare for me to have a positive or a negative run. They just “are”, if that makes sense.

    A Random Heroic memory that I am fond of, however, was just shortly after cross-server Instances became available. I started doing Randoms at night, and one of my first using this tool was a Violet Hold run. The Tank was a Bear.

    The run is going along, and this Tank is good. Really good. It’s rare for me to not have to throw a Misdirection on the Portals where the mobs split, but this guy was able to grab up everything himself.

    We get Zuramat, and then Xevozz. Both were beautifully executed. After Xevozz, the Tank apologizes for being “rusty”, since he hadn’t been able to play in a few months. I never did have the chance to say anything, and after Cyanigosa was dead, everyone left group pretty quickly.

    If he was “rusty” then, I can only imagine how good this guy is now. He wasn’t from my Server, and I don’t have his name. But he was one of the best Tanks I had ever grouped with at that point.

    I don’t do Randoms all that often these days, even though I still have Emblem gear that I could get for my Hunter. They’re so impersonal these days that it’s hard for me to enjoy Heroics like I used to.

    And I’ve only done one (well, two, but I don’t know if the second should count) Instances on my Death Knight so far, but I can say right now that if I want even a little bit to Tank, I’ll queue as a Tank. If I just want to DPS, I’ll queue as DPS. Since my main is a Hunter, I’m used to DPS queue times, and it would be a heinous cheating of the group to “skip to the head of the line” just to save some time.

    This was a good column. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Ophelie Says:

      I don’t mind people who skip the line as long as they’re polite, play decently and aren’t too hard to heal. People queuing up as tanks means I can queue up as a healer and not have to wait super long to get a group.

      It is pretty cool when you get excellent players in your group. It’s hard to notice good dps (other than by their numbers) because it’s the stupid things that draw attention to dps, but good tanks really shine.

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