Blogger Elder Project: 5-Man PuG Social Rules

EDIT: I kinda feel bad for not posting anything actually useful for what was supposed to be a helpful event. If you came here looking for some fairly applicable Bossy Pally tips, check out my guide to tanking heroics without running out of mana, some techniques for effective complaining and my holy paladin talents discussion.

So I’m a little last minute with this Blogger Elder post (why isn’t anyone surprised?) But I’m getting it done AND THATS WHAT COUNTS MKAY?

I run a lot of 5-mans PuGs. Being a healer (and if I have to wait longer than 2 minutes in the queue, I magically become a tank) really helps my number of 5-mans:time ratio. I’ve noticed that quite a few people don’t know how to behave in a 5-man PuG. There is some sort of 5-man culture. Tourists unfamiliar with that culture, they stick out.

Due my inability to take anything seriously, I present to all 5-man tourists, a quick run down of social rules in a 5-man. After my quick tips, you’ll never feel out of place in a random PuG again!

1- Greeting your PuGmates is accepted but not encouraged.

It’s ok if you say “hi” at the beginning of the instance. Nothing longer than “hi”. Others may say “hi” as well. It’s not encouraged, though, so don’t come to expect greetings and certainly don’t expect answers. “gogogo” is another acceptable alternative to “hi”. Note: never capitalize. Delete the shift key from your keyboard.

2- As you zone in, type in “might”.

Even if you play a mage and even if there’s no paladin in the party, you should still type “might” as you zone in. If you are feeling particularly social, it’s ok to say “might plz”.

3- After the first pull, do not communicate with your PuGmates unless desperately required.

You can always spot a tourist by their strange small talk. Small talk is a big no-no. If you are grouped with a small talking tourist, look the other way and pretend not to be reading party chat.

4- If you must communicate, use words that are 1 letter or shorter.

“r u r y” is an appropriate sentance, “Are you ready, yes?” is not. The goal here is not to be understood. Besides, everyone is busy pretending not to be reading party chat anyway.

5- Follow each request by “ffs”

Need to ask your healer for a “h” ? “ffs” Want the tank to “p” faster? “ffs” You don’t have a “k” buff? (Whether or not there’s a paladin in the group is irrelevant.) “ffs”

6- If you are dps, during trash, always attack the creature the tank has the least threat on.

Check the tank’s threat level on all the mobs before unleashing and always choose the one where the tank has the least threat. Never attack the tank’s target, always go for the one the tank has the least threat on. If you take too much damage, type “h”. If you die, “ffs”.

7- After a boss kill, if anyone asks if they can need, DO NOT ANSWER!

If you need something, it is acceptable to ask if you can need, but it is not acceptable to respond if someone else asks. If the asker waits for a response, “ffs”.

8- After the last boss, wait to see if anyone rolls need on the orb. If no one does, roll need at the very end.

Some groups might say “roll need” or “r n” at the beginning. In that case, you can roll need the second the boss drops. Also, if another person rolls need before you roll, you can safely go ahead. However, if others are rolling greed, do not roll until the very end! And whatever you do, do not ever greed on orbs.

9- Before leaving group, “thx” is acceptable, but not encouraged.

If you’re an especially nice person, you can say “thx” at the end of the run. If your group was exceptional, you can tell them they were a good group as well by typing “gg”. It’s not encouraged, but no one will hold it against you. Nothing more though! No full words! Only “thx” and “gg”. And like the “hi” you may say at the beginning of the run, it’s completely normal if no one answers.

10- Don’t ever be the last person to leave the group

I don’t know what happens if you’re the last one to leave. I’ve never tried. I’m sure it’s terrible, though. So play safe, leave group ASAP!

With those easy rules, you’ll fit right into random 5-man culture! Say goodbye to awkwardy touristy moments and embrace your new local pugger self!

Of course, if you want some more serious WoW advice, check out Khi’s original post at her blog, The Tree Burglar and her Blogging Elder Project thread at Blog Azeroth.

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18 Comments on “Blogger Elder Project: 5-Man PuG Social Rules”

  1. Will Says:

    This was hilarious. (Thank goodness that I have a sarcasm detector handy.) It’s unfortunate that these are indeed becoming the rules rather than the exceptions.

    I enjoy the social aspects of the game, and it used to be that I tried to greet every group that I was pulled into. But since I always have a bit of lag when I first zone into an Instance, by the time I have control of my character and am able to type, the first pull has usually already happened. I always welcome the opportunity to say “hello”, though.

    I’ve always hated Netspeak. I like to capitalize words when they need it and use proper punctuation. I avoid “lol” like the plague; preferring “Ha ha” to express amusement. So whenever I see someone type “u” or “ur”, I die a little bit inside.

    My Dungeon experience on my little Tank is limited to one run (technically two, but that second one was weird), so I dread my having to deal with incompetent DPSers. I know that it’s inevitable, though. And I was pleasantly surprised when people responded in the positive to my asking to roll Need on the Axe that Ingvar dropped.

    I’ve only ever seen someone Ninja the Orb once. Ironically enough, it was the run where I almost accidentally Ninjad it myself.

    I always like to thank the group afterward, but since people tend to scatter like cockroaches in the light after Emblems are acquired, I’m often left typing “Tha-” to myself.

    Thanks for the entertaining column. πŸ™‚

    And forgive my ignorance, but what the heck is “ffs” supposed to mean?

    • Ophelie Says:

      ffs = for fuck’s sake (it’s not actually used that often, but it drives me nuts, I hate impatient people)

      I really don’t like Netspeak either. I do use “lol” at times, but not often, I prefer “haha” too when I laugh. “U” and “ur” make me eyes bleed too, I’ll even go as far as correcting people when I’m in a bad mood.

      It doesn’t bother me when someone needs the orb, after all, we should all be needing anyway, but it does strike me when someone waits until everyone has greeded before needed. It’s like they’re trying to be jerks.

      • Will Says:

        Thank you for clearing that up for me. If I’ve seen that in actual chat before, I don’t remember it at all.

        People are too lazy to even spell words out when they’re being asshats. What’s the world coming to?

        As for your stance on Netspeak: You’ve moved up a few notches on my “Like you” meter. [Fist bump] πŸ™‚

  2. Ryan G Says:

    I hope I’m never in your groups.

  3. Antigen Says:

    So… much… sarcasm… ffs.

  4. Angelya Says:

    Lol, what a heinous list πŸ˜€

    Let’s start a movement calling for manners and general polite-ness in pugs! The only rules are 1. Say hello at the start and 2. Say thanks at the end!


  5. Hempia Says:


  6. Iris Says:

    Hehehe this was funny. Oops ignore that I mean ‘thx’.

  7. roflmao ILY thx g2g gp bi

  8. Analogue Says:

    I feel that my runs probably help contribute to the “run silent run fast” mentality but – usually my husband and I are tank and heals (or heals and tank depending on what set of alts we’re running) and we’re communicating with each other verbally. I do try always to say “Hi”.

    Things I really like are “Can I get a b-res” when the druid in the party is the TANK (and yes, sometimes he does b-res someone anyway because he’s awesome) or “cure this disease” when the healer is a druid and nobody else can cure diseases either. In fact, I think that in pugs, the rule is that the healer can cure anything, remove anything, rez you even when she’s dead, buff you with whatever you want, oh, and she doesn’t mind sitting, drinking, filling her mana pool and then healing your lazy butt since you didn’t bring any cheese along.

    I do think we need to move toward all rolling Need on the frost orbs though, since they’re going to actually be useful again.

    • Ophelie Says:

      We should all be needing the orbs. Lately, I’ve been trying to roll need immediately to set the example. What is jerkish is waiting until you know everyone else has rolled greed to need.

      I actually don’t mind the silent, quick runs. My intent wasn’t just straight up QQ (although that’s what it looks like!) but rather poking fun at strange yet typical random pug behaviour.

  9. puggingpally Says:

    thx healz, gj!

    You forgot to mention that if you DO directly address anyone, make sure it’s by their class role! “Tank” or “heals” certainly doesn’t have a name, this way it’s very clear who you’re addressing and the people in question don’t get any upstart ideas like that you consider them a person and not just a collection of pixels that will lead them to moar loot. We wouldn’t want any meaningful social interaction, after all. What irritates me is that it’s actually much easier to type “Vid” than it is to type “heals.” It’s only three letters!

    • Ophelie Says:

      Oh, you’re right! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! It’s true, I’ve rarely seen anyone actually called by their name, and yeah, it’s like they’re intentionally making you feel like you’re not a person.

      While I don’t usually talk in the 80s instances, I’ve been making an effort to set an example in the vanilla WoW instances. When you’re stuck with a group for 2-3 hours in BRD, it’s nice to have a little humanity.

  10. Fuubaar Says:

    Fulguralis & I have vocally picked on each other. We try to act like we hate each other in chats.

    “OMG it’s YOU!”
    “Why do I always get groups with you!?!”

    We wait for responses… nothing. We think that people could potentially believe that we hate each other!

    Next time you go in with people you know with random pugs. Make it a game and see how much that player can stand your insanity πŸ˜›


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