What happens when I talk on vent

I coordinate the Sunday 10 man ICC runs. Last Sunday, we had a bit of a shakey start, but once we were off, we were off. Despite only having half of our normal group (and one of those who were helping us out claimed that he’d never been in ICC before), we were rocking the place.

Things were going great, but we noticed some strange things… At one point, Stinky dropped aggro on the tank and charged our mage.

Raid: Watch your aggro!
Mage: I was nowhere on the aggro list!
Tank: He wasn’t near me at all on the aggro list, this doesn’t make sense.
Me: Mages just have a secret taunt button.
Raid: You know, a real mage would have iceblocked.

We shrugged it off as a freak event, and moved on. Then Rotface did something similar, gobbling down our enhancement shammy and our poor mage in the process.

Rotface Tank: I somehow lost aggro, I don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense.

Great, we thought, a bugged instance. We ended up calling a wipe and trying again.

Sure enough, it happened again. Our mage had learned his lesson by then and iceblocked, so only on the shaman was sacrificed.

It was then that our Rotface tank figured out the problem. “It’s like I’m bopped, she said, I can’t attack or anything!

In our guild language, “bop” is the word for Hand of Protection. Quickly, I look for a pally to blame.

No other pallies in the raid.

I check my bop.

Sure enough, on cooldown, the timing coinciding exactly with the aggro reset. I was shocked. I must have hit the wrong button. But it didn’t make sense. I’ve had the same key binding for years and I’ve never hit it by accident.

Then it dawned on me: my key binding for bop is ctrl + right mouse button.

Ctrl = vent press-to-talk
Right mouse button = Holy Light

Speaking on vent and trying to heal causes me to bop the tank.

It had never been in a problem in the past because I don’t usually speak on vent. That night was different because I was leading and, due to some earlier events that evening, was feeling more outspoken than usual. Plus, I usually tank while I’m leading, so I don’t typically find myself casting Holy Light.

In my past guild, the first time I spoke on vent, we wiped. It was just coincidence, but I gained a reputation for wiping the raid when I speak. I guess it’s sort of a curse. Years later, I am still wiping the raid when I speak.

Anyway, for our final (and successful) Rotface attempt, I put bop on cooldown before the pull, then halfway through the fight, just to be safe. I did cast it by accident on a tank later on that night, but thankfully there was no wipe involved.

But I guess it’s time I start revamping my spell bindings.

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33 Comments on “What happens when I talk on vent”

  1. Kae Says:


    /rofl πŸ˜€

  2. Rades Says:

    Haha, I’ve done that before too…damn Vent buttons. I have mine keybound to the minus key on the number pad, so I never press it accidentally, and I can press it with my thumb while still using my mouse with the rest of my hand. A little awkward, but best I’ve found so far.

    • Ophelie Says:

      That’s a good idea. I play on a laptop on my bed since I don’t own a desk, but if I ever upgrade my surroundings, I think I’d do something like that too.

  3. Iris Says:

    I have my Vent keybound to the pause/break button because I definitely know it’s not used for -anything- else.

    Your story is pretty funny though. As annoying as it is it’s funny stuff like that that makes things fun (and keeps things interesting..)

  4. Iris Says:

    Just remembered a funny story. This priest in my guild who is known for her bad sense of direction and falling off ledges (SSC was always hilarious with her) originally keybound her Vent to the same button she used for autorun…

  5. Pheadra Says:

    This is what I fear for keybinding things to my mouse.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Mistakes like that can probably happen to keyboard bindings too, just got to be smart when mapping bindings. (Apparently I’m not very smart ;D)

  6. Erinys Says:

    In TBC I transferred server to join a guild with my paladin. For some reason, I redid my keybinds before my first raid with them and ended up BoPing our tank on Morogrim. Luckily he noticed and removed it before the raid wiped but not before the GM’s rogue got squished. Ever since then I’ve been paranoid about BoP.

    Oh and surprisingly enough I passed my trial. Although it does still get brought up now and then.

  7. Beruthiel Says:

    Don’t feel too bad! They key binding that I have set for Rejuv also happens to be the same one that I have set to BoP on my paladin.

    Just ask our tanks how many times they’ve heard “oops” in vent when I’m on my paladin and knew *exactly* what happened πŸ™‚

    • Ophelie Says:


      That’s exactly why I try to keep similar spells on bindings between characters. My emergency buttons are at the same place, same as my mana buttons, tank-saving buttons, do-not-touch buttons, etc. But since most of my characters are lowbies (or other paladins) it hasn’t been too difficult yet.

  8. Codi Says:

    Ouch. XD Make me doubly glad that I don’t like mouse-button healing! LOL …and that I have my P2T set to Caps lock…

    • Ophelie Says:

      Caps lock is a good idea. I think I might switch my p2t to that. Its near ctrl, and the only times I use it is when I hit it by accident.

  9. Joe Ego Says:

    I have my PTT key set to the tilde key (upper left, to the right of ‘1’) where I can reach it while moving and/or pressing modifier keys with my left hand. I click-heal through my frames with my mouse.

    After picking up a Naga, I’ve decided my next UI upgrade will be a foot switch like this: http://www.stealthswitch2.com/

    Then I can set my PTT key to something impossible and just stomp on it.

  10. Xlark Says:

    You are the second blogger in a row today to make me laugh so hard I spilled my drink!

    My DI is no longer keybound. Enough said. : )

  11. Will Says:

    If there’s anything that I miss about Raiding, it’s these kinds of silly mishaps. The kinds of things that might irritate the group at first, but you laugh about them later.

    Someone falling off of a stairway in Kara, or getting too close and pulling Heigan while showing us where the safe zones would be…

    When I get nostalgic about my Raiding days, it’s that kind of thing that I remember most. It’s almost as if those incidents help bring everyone closer together somehow.

    • Ophelie Says:

      My guild is pretty good about those sorts of things, as long as it doesn’t happen too often to the same person. I tend to have more blonde moments than others, but I just get teased about it, not scolded.

      It’s true that, in moderation, those funny events help foster a sense of community.

  12. Jasyla Says:


    Vent hasn’t caused me any mishaps but my other keybinds have. I use shift as a modifier for my Clique bindings. I also use my mouse wheel to zoom in and out a lot. I used to always press them both at once and end up switching my actions bars. I finally unbound that particular binding.

    I recently changed a couple of my Clique bindings. It’s made me do silly things like Innervate people instead of decurse them.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I know! I hate redoing my bindings because it takes me weeks to get used it. I have the most unflexible muscle memory in the history of humanity.

      I accidently switch bars all the time by shift-scrolling too. I don’t use my bars a whole lot, though, so I never bothered to unbind the switching.

  13. Brangwen Says:

    Thanks ophelie, I feel (slightly) less nub knowing you do it too πŸ˜‰

    Actually talking about keybindings I recently redid mine (and there will be a blog post about this once I manage to drag putricide out of my head and into pixels)
    The spreadsheet is made of win, but lacking in pally icons. I have cut and pasted all the useful pally ones into a new spreadsheet. I can send it to you if you like?

    • Ophelie Says:

      Oooo! When I first saw the link, I thought “nah, I’m not big on keyboard binds”, but I really like how that guy has everything laid out. I’d love to see how you’ve adapted for paladins.

      I’m probably going to use that as inspiration and make a multi-speccing paladin keymap for myself.

      • Brangwen Says:

        Winging its way to you now.
        OH I actually have 1234567 etc bound too, but those are not ones I need to remember (and those are the ones that change per spec, these ones dont)

  14. Awryt Says:

    I had recently read that Shield of Righteousness is a 100% proc on Judgement of Wisdom and that since it is an instant cast and fairly low mana is a good idea to add into your melee rotation for regenning mana while healing. That seemed like a great idea until I accidentally used Hand of Reckoning on Onyxia in phase 3 (whoops!) because I had all of my tank-type spells on the same bar and hit the wrong one. I have since moved things around. It was kind of funny to see myself as second on aggro for the rest of the fight even with a bubble and a salv though. πŸ™‚

    • Ophelie Says:


      I actually use different bars and mousebindings for different specs. I keep them similar enough to minimize brain effort (heals, HofProtection, Cleanse, bubble, shield wall are all in the same spot), but different enough that I don’t hit a no-no button by accident.

  15. Tarinae Says:

    I hate using CTRL as a push to talk button. When I am on vent and scrolling through webpages it makes it all different sizes and weird. When I am in game my little pinky just feels out of place reaching up under me while using my other keybindings.

    I instead use the “X” key. I rarely type with X and it only creates a problem when I am typing a novel to someone AND speaking in a conversation but that doesn’t usually happen as I am in vent with those I would be typing to.

  16. Analogue Says:

    I mouse left-handed, so I use the left CTRL button as my push-to-talk and only push it when I can take my hand off the mouse for a second. Usually I can hit it with my thumb and keep my fingers on the mouse but off the buttons. Of course, I limit my in-fight talking to “I’m on a spike” or “webbed” or “Healer’s dead”. Raid leading would be a lot harder. Fortunately as a druid I don’t have any mouse bindings that are as wipe-inducing as your “bop”.

    I know! Change the push to talk button to your caps lock key and then whenever you have to type something you’ll end up shouting at the raid! And then you’ll get a reputation for being even-voiced on vent even though you get really really mad.

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