Shared Topic: Posting blog links on Armory

No, posting blog links on the Armory isn’t a new feature. But say it was. Would you post a link to your blog?

Yep, it’s time for a Shared Topic! This one was suggested by Anea of Oh Look, An Alt! and you can find other takes by checking out the forum at Blog Azeroth. (And even if you don’t want to read Shared Topics, you should go to Blog Azeroth anyway because I said so.)

So would you post a link to your blog on the Armory?

I totally would.

Granted, had I been asked that question 6 months ago, my response would have been more along the lines of: “OMFG NO! WTF ARE YOU THINKING!” Then I would have panicked for a few minutes at the thought of strangers reading my pitiful attempts at writing about WoW.

And it seems pretty unanimous among those who’ve responded so far that posting a blog link on our Armory page isn’t appealing.

Still, I would do it.

While it took me awhile to get the hang of writing (and I’m still pretty embarrassed about my early posts), I’m comfortable with my content. When I blog, I keep in the back of my mind that anything here may be read by anyone. It’s just how I am.

We have this illusion of anonymity on the internet, but that’s all it is, an illusion. I wouldn’t be surprised if a potential employer came across my blog. And if I’m comfortable with a potential employer reading my blog, I really don’t have a problem with random strangers reading it. Besides, having random strangers read it is kind of the point of having a public WoW blog in the first place (in hopes, of course, that these strangers will lose their stranger status).

A question asked the other bloggers who’ve answered the topic so far has been: Who would be armoring me anyway?

I don’t think my armory page gets many hits. Maybe some from guildies (who know about my blog anyway), maybe some from former guildies (who also know about my blog), maybe some from blog readers (who obviously know about my blog). But other than that? I rarely PuG or PvP, I’m not vocal on my server. No one cares about my armory. (Wow, that actually sounds kind of emo, hmm….)

Even in the rare chance that I piss someone off to the point where they go to the armory, find my blog link and give me a hard time, so what?

Another point raised by others who’ve answered this topic is: What if I’m applying to a guild?

After all the discussions about guilds and blogging, it’s been made very clear that different bloggers have different relationships with their blogs and their guilds.

There are some bloggers who seem to go as far as take pleasure in bashing guildies on their blogs. I can understand how they may not enjoy a new guild reading their blog. On a less extreme side of the secrecy half of the blogging spectrum, a few bloggers said that they just enjoy their privacy, their right to talk about the game without guildies breathing down their neck. I can certainly respect that.

Personally, though, if a guild can’t take my blog we have a problem. I don’t see why they would have a problem with my goody-goody, very PC, OMG-lets-all-love-each-other-and-be-friends style, but as we’ve all discovered at one point or another, people read what they want into your writing. And since getting used to a new guild is something I’d like to not do too often, I’d prefer to know ahead of time if they’d iffy with the topics I blog about, with my articulateness (or lack thereof) or with my personality. Maybe not so much when I was a new blogger (note that my GM recently made sure the world knew that I didn’t link my blog in my application). Now that I have decent sample size of posts, though, some very personal, some very dry, some very WTF, making sure a new guild is fine with my blog before I join would a be a top priority.

So, yes, I would link to my blog on my Armory page.

I don’t think it would generate much traffic (and I must admit, I would be very curious as to exactly how much traffic it would generate), but I don’t see why I wouldn’t link to myself. Shamelessness FTW.

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7 Comments on “Shared Topic: Posting blog links on Armory”

  1. Windsoar Says:

    I think my absolute biggest problem would be where it would get shown. I really don’t want every character I play to get marked, but neither do I want to have to go mark up my public alts because, well, I’m just that lazy 😛

    • Ophelie Says:

      Well, since this is a hypothetical question anyway, it’s up to your imagination whether the blog link appears on one profile or on all of them.

      I did notice that the “many alts” bloggers mentioned not being able to decide which character would get the link. I didn’t think of that while writing the post, though, because I’m such a one-character player.

      Given the choice, I would probably put my blog link on all my paladins, my mage and my DK. My other “lesser played” characters are mostly used for when I want some alone time (doesn’t happen often, but it does happen) so I would rather guildies and friends not find them by googling my blog url.

  2. arybeth Says:

    Had I a blog with the amount of awesome as the Bossy Pally, I’d certainly post it in my never-visited armory!

    Specially for the posts with much WTF!

    Just make sure you don’t apply to Gevlon’s sociopaths guild-projects, your blog might be a problem, specially with the lets-all-love-each-other part!

    Wanna jump in the beer garden?

    • Ophelie Says:

      Sure, I love getting jumping partners in my beer garden ;D

      It’s strange for me to say because my blog is so socially oriented, but there are a lot of things Gevlon says that I believe in. Not everything, and I certainly don’t usually agree with the way he says things, but despite my fascination with people I do have a very pragmatic side. I just don’t blog about it often.

      As much as I don’t approve of griefing lowbies, the “ganking guild” is the funniest thing I’ve read in months.

      ps. You flatter me. ❤

  3. Antigen Says:

    Seeing as my blog has evolved into one part half-assed attempts at being helpful and two parts mental landfill of humor and QQ…

    Sure, I’d link mine in my Armory. Sometimes I bitch about something in guild that’s happening, or how I don’t get a piece I think I deserved, but I never do so unjustifiably.

    I think, overall, people would be impressed that such high DPS and general awesomeness can come out of a person whose thoughts are as disorganized as books in a dyslexic library.

    Or whose jokes are as tasteless as a Healthy Choice TV dinner. Yuck.

    • Ophelie Says:


      I love your blog, it would be such a shame to hide it from the world.

      I kinda wonder how people who know me in game view my writing style. On my blog I talk’n’talk’talk’n’talk’n’talk, but in game, I won’t say a word if there’s more than 5 or so people around.

  4. Anea Says:

    You’re a braver lady than I 😉

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