Let us figure out why I’m so bad at writing papers

Ok, so I spent 3 hours writing a wonderful and intricate blog post about the mechanics of a specific spell (and by 3 hours of writing, I mean 3 hours of sort of writing while flipping back and forth and participating in other discussions) and then I went to save it and WordPress gave me the finger and I lost it all and OMG I don’t want to start all over. I even had MATH in it, just to prove to Codi that I’m not always lazy! (Note, since everyone’s feelings are kind of on-edge these days, I want to specify that I am saying this with much affection and <3)

So after the obligatory crying fit, I decided to write about something lighter for a Friday post. It has little to do with WoW, but perhaps if we all put our heads together, we can figure out why I’m such a bad paper writer. (And the whole reason I have this on my mind is because I have 2 papers due Monday that I’ve barely started)

This is my paper writing process:

1) Read assignment question.

2) Check blog stats.

3) Reread assignment question.

4) Gather dirty clothes and start some laundry.

5) Pull out notebook to work on plan.

6) Look for pencil.

7) Discover a roll of Lifesavers under bed.

8.) Tweet about said Lifesavers roll.

9) Refresh blog stats.

10) Start working on plan.

11) Check blog comments.

12) Write rest of plan.

13) Check Blog Azeroth.

14) Start paper, write 3 words.

15) Go get snack.

16) Tweet about snack.

17) Write 3 more words.

18) Refresh blog stats.

19) Write 3 more words.

20) Remember laundry.

21) Get interrupted by cat demanding food. Feed cat.

22) Write 3 more words.

23) Run “1” heroic (courtesy of @Acaldra)

…. and so on.

Anyone have any insight on why it takes me a week to write a 2 paged paper?

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15 Comments on “Let us figure out why I’m so bad at writing papers”

  1. Vailladin Says:

    lol, I cannot find anything wrong with your process…

  2. KimboSlice Says:

    You lack proper motivation

    What I would do is go down to the Mill and look at my future if I didn’t go to school

    • Ophelie Says:


      9-5 job, married with small children, fighting over money…

      Yeah, to be honest, I kinda prefer the paper writing.

  3. Rades Says:

    That’s funny…yesterday I ran a random DTK with a tank who kept saying how she was procrastinating and was only doing “1′ heroic too. However she was wielding a sword and not a giant spoon so I assume it wasn’t you!

  4. Jasyla Says:

    I don’t see a problem with your process, it’s a lot like mine. Unless I have a due date, I will procrastinate and get sidetracked all the time. However, once I get close to the due date, I can get a paper written in a jiffy.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Yeah, I’m the same, I’m always impressed about how productive I can be the night before something is due. If only I could be that efficient all the time, my life would be so much easier.

  5. Antigen Says:

    I’m not sure if this will help you, but it helped me a LOT when writing papers and I don’t know why:

    When you’re staring your writing assignment down, as if to peer into its soul and ascertain its essence, trying to mentally convince the paper to write itself…

    I’ve found that simply writing my cover page / name, date, and title helps me get into the paper writing mood. It’s almost like it locks me into ‘author-mode.’

    Or it could be that writing a relevant title (i.e. something other than ‘Paper 1’) helps you start thinking about the gist of what you want to say, and begins the necessary thought processes required to go through the source and analyze and critique its main points.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I find that helps too. It’s not enough to keep me motivated, but it’s true that the hardest part is actually getting started with a title and getting momentum going.

  6. Iris Says:

    I have no helpful insights to add as I am completely the same and can only be thankful for no longer needing to write papers.

  7. LabRat Says:

    It lacks my critical step, which is “write outline in head, while showering”. It is impossible to find another distraction while naked, blind, and covered in soap.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Now that’s an interesting image O.o

      I do find that my best ideas come to me in the shower but I never stopped to think about why that is.

  8. Tarinae Says:

    “Anyone have any insight on why it takes me a week to write a 2 paged paper?”

    Diagnosis: You’re in college.

    This behavior is the norm; don’t worry, the side-effects wear off sometime after May.

    On a side note: I am glad I wasn’t blogging when I had to write my 30 page senior thesis! ❤

  9. Angelya Says:

    Hate to tell you, but it won’t stop anytime soon. I have this exact same problem at work every day 😀

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