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There’s a lot of things in game, things about my paladin even, that I don’t really stop to think about. Every time I feel like I know my paladin, I discover stuff that I’ve been taking for granted, that I never stopped to wonder if it’s right or wrong.

Aura Mastery is one of those things.

The part about “improve the effect of all other auras by 100%” leads to confusion. Does it affect all other auras that are currently up, or just any aura the paladin casting Aura Mastery happens to have up?

For example, say I have Shadow Resist Aura up and my pally friend has Fire Resist Aura up. I cast Aura Mastery. Will we get a bonus on both Shadow and Fire Resistance or only on Shadow Resistance?

I’ve sorta asked myself the question before. I did a quick search through various guides, but found no answer. Instead of testing it like I should have, I just shrugged it off and forgot about it.

Then yesterday I came across this thread at Plus Heal, where Vine states that Aura Mastery only affects the Aura the casting paladin has up. It reminded me of my past inquiries, so I decided to give it a try.

I tested with a few different paladins. I picked one aura, they picked another. With my character tab open, I hit Aura Mastery.

Sure enough, the stats from my aura increased, but the stats from the other paladin’s aura did not.

So the question revisited:

For example, say I have Shadow Resist Aura up and my pally friend has Fire Resist Aura up. I cast Aura Mastery. Will we get a bonus on both Shadow and Fire Resistance or only on Shadow Resistance?

The answer is: Only on Shadow Resistance.

(Of course, as I go to write this post I discover that both Wowhead and Wowwiki have the answer, but still, nothing like checking it out for yourself.)

What this means in practice

In a fight where Aura Mastery is needed, the paladin(s) with the talent (typically the holy paladin(s)) should be running the aura targeted by Aura Mastery.

Side note about Concentration Aura:

The 3.1 Patch notes read: “Aura Mastery: Now grants anyone affected by Concentration Aura immunity from Interrupt and Silence mechanics”

The spell description in the tool tab (the image at the top of this post) specifies the casting paladin’s Concentration Aura is needed for the silence immunity effect but the patch notes seem to be contradictory. I couldn’t figure out how to properly test this (I don’t know anyone with a horde character willing to silence without killing a pair of paladins for the sake of research.), but judging from how Aura Mastery affects other auras, until someone corrects me, I’m going to assume that the casting paladin’s Concentration Aura is required for the silence immunity effect.

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12 Comments on “Aura Mastery”

  1. Tarinae Says:

    I hear there are fights in ICC that this talent comes in handy but I -atm- do not have this talented.

    Thought it definitely works great for PVP.

    • Ophelie Says:

      We use it especially on Blood Queen and Sindragosa because of the periodic elemental damage in those fights. If you want to get creative, you can use it in combination with Devotion Aura to take some edge off physical damage as well.

      With it’s short duration and situational use, it’s not the OMFG AWESOME AMAZINGest talent out there, but for only one talent point and two minute CD, it’s a decent investment, especially if you’re going to be doing the fights with heavy elemental damage.

      • Tarinae Says:

        I may respec. I had taken it out to put it in in my ret tree but I didn’t have a use for it at the time. I wasn’t using it so I put it in a more effective talent for the moment.

  2. Codi Says:

    That’s correct about Concentration Aura. It must be the aura the AM using paladin has up.

    AM is so great. People who don’t take it and use it are really missing out. I’m still trying to condition myself to use it every CD, even if it’s only in conjunction with Devo aura. (Extra armor for the tanks, yay!) I’m going to try testing it on Marrowgar during his storms to see if the increase of DPS from Ret aura is worth it. 😀

    • Ophelie Says:

      Thanks for the clarification!

      That’s another thing I never stopped to think about, but it’s true, if there’s no crucial moment in the fight to save it for, there’s no reason to not use it at every opportunity. I’m going to condition myself to do that from now on too.

  3. Brangwen Says:

    Yep! Spot on.
    This leads to aura twisting, if you are really clever.

    For example think about freya and her adds.
    One add has fire damage, one has a silence effect, one has frost (IIRC).

    You are the only pally in the raid. You throw up fire resist for the little adds, you then swap to frost for the 3 adds and when the big add with mushrooms comes along, you throw up conc and use AM so people can cast and move to a mushroom at the same time.

    Another example is if you have a few pallies in the raid and a fire burst every minute or so. One pally has fire up and uses AM to cover off the burst, then you swap auras to that the other pally has AM not on CD ready for the next burst.

    Use it sensibly as often as you can.

    Also, it improves EVERY AURA by 100%… a 60% increase in flight speed on that rusted proto drake is AWESOME! HAHAHA! ZOOOM!

  4. Joe Ego Says:

    AM uses for your Holy & Ret paladins:

    1) Super Crusader Aura while mounted. Theoretically usable on Valithria, but you’d better have good aim on those orbs.

    2) Shadow Resist on Festergut’s exhale if people haven’t picked up 3 innoculates. Also good before 1 inhale just to resist more damage.

    3) Frost Resist on Deathwhisper’s second phase.

    4) Frost Resist on Marrowgar’s “fire”.

    Remember to trade off with other paladins because the effects won’t stack. Priest Shadow resist is still good for stuff like Festergut just to ensure coverage but AM will take precedence when it is active.

  5. Khraden Says:

    I have used it since it came out, if not just for the super mount speed. Though I have yet to fight the Lich King, I’m sure that it would be helpful if you have a Pally tank on the Raging Spirits. As if you have a Holy Pally they could pop AM with Conc up, and allow him to keep threat up and damage upkeep on the Raging Spirits… just a suggestion.

  6. Protopethunter Says:

    You said you cant test that last piece because you cant find a horde toon to help you. You can go to any of the free for all arenas like Gurubashi Arena, Dire Maul Arena, Nagrand Arena, or the arena in Blade’s Edge (I cant remember the name of it.) and bring one of your alliance friends with a silence. Just remember that you need to be in party with the paladin and your designated silencer cannot be in party.

    BTW I recommend either the Nagrand arena or the Blade’s Edge ones because you could then do it quietly without too many people trying to grief you.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Thanks for the tip!

      Arenas and their free-for-all-pvp didn’t even cross my mind! (You can see right away that my natural inclination for PvP is somewhat lacking.) That opens a lot of possibilities for testing things.

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