Cool pictures of the scenery

Due to popular demand, here are some pictures from my backpacking trip so far. Sorry, no pictures of me. I love traveling alone but it has the downside that I never get to be in any of my pictures. Also no pictures of guildies, I was forbidden from posting any compromising shots and, um, all pictures I take of people are compromising.

Click on any picture to make it bigger.

Some views from the Nanaimo-Horseshoe Bay Ferry:


Random cute sailboat.

Horseshoe Bay.

Vancouver Pictures:

Vancouver: they have furry trees here.

View of North Vancouver

Cute picture of the city.

I’m heading back to Vancouver next week, so I’ll probably get some more exciting pictures then… When I was there last weekend, I came across the best views on my last morning there, when I wasn’t carrying my camera around.


My little corner of the Penticton hostel.

View of the wineries from the road.

Red Rooster Winery. So much delicious wine!

View from above of the town of Naramata.

I *believe* this is the Hillcrest Winery. The food was overpriced, but amazingly good. One of the best meals I’ve had on this trip so far.

There’s a town there, BUT I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO REACH IT! Picture of Penticton. I got lost on the way back to the hostel. So close to town but yet, so far away.

I still have another week of traveling left, so I should have some more pictures I can use to brag about my trip soon!

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12 Comments on “Cool pictures of the scenery”

  1. donna Says:

    Welcome to Vancouver. Hope you’re enjoying it! 🙂

  2. Anea Says:

    Ah, Nanaimo. My family and I went there (among other places) on a bicycle tour. They have a bungee jumping place.

    (That’s about what I remember from so long ago, haha. Besides how pretty it is.)


    • Ophelie Says:

      I was going to stay a few nights in Nanaimo on the way back, but decided against it. The place I’m living is only an hour and a half away from Nanaimo, so I’ll probably go on a weekend trip there sometime. Not sure about the bungee jumping though!

  3. Nazaniel Says:

    Looks like awesome fun, I’m very jealous 🙂 Stuck over here in the technological backwater of high-ping Australia where nothing cool ever happens 😦

    What do you like about travelling alone? I backpacked alone around Europe for 2 months (20-something girl) and found it part fun, part loneliness, part oh-my-god-why-is-every-traveller-either-18-and-getting-smashed-and-sleeping-with-random-boys-or-45-and-married-and-travelling-in-a-couple. The cool part was getting to do whatever I wanted I guess 🙂 It’s cool that you’re travelling with your laptop too – what do you do with it during the day? Carry it with you or lock it in a locker? Mine kills my back if I try to carry it around, but I’m petrified of it being stolen from hostels and stuff so I generally leave it behind.

    Have fun 🙂

    • Ophelie Says:

      I like being able to travel at my own pace and get my peace and quiet. Whenever I travel with other people, I just get pissed off and yell at them the whole time. Generally, I meet a lot of very cool people, but this trip is way off season so there aren’t many other travelers. I’ve been visiting friends as I go, so it helps with the loneliness.

      I keep my laptop locked in a locker, I’ve been doing that in hostels for years and it’s never been a problem. I think North American hostels are safer than Europeans ones though.

  4. Razorstorm Says:

    Wow, how pretty! I need to take my wife there! I dare not show your pics, though, for fear she’ll want visit sooner than we can afford. Add it to the list. Hope you’re having a lovely time!

  5. Rhidach Says:

    Wow, Vancouver is beautiful! Although didn’t seem like you have very good weather.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I lived in Newfoundland for four years. I find this slightly cloudy weather to be lovely. (Although in the two pictures I have of Vancouver, the sky is blue, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about)

      I got some rain and some hail when I was mountain biking in Penicton, but it only lasted an hour or so and I was wearing dry-fast clothes so it wasn’t a big deal).

  6. KimboSlice Says:


    If you like shitty cloudy rainy wheather


    but not really hope an earthquake takes it into the sea

  7. Jasyla Says:

    Gorgeous pictures. I’ve never been out west, it looks so nice.

  8. Hempia Says:

    Compromising pictures!? All that does is make me want to see them all the more. ;P

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