Watching WoW from the Bleachers

Guildie: Did you see we got LK down on 10 man a couple weeks ago?
Me: I did. I wasn’t invited and I’m bitter.
Guildie:…you didn’t have an internet connection.
Me: So? I’m sure there’s a way to do raid invites via phone.
Guildie: But…you’re busy wine tasting and jumping off cliffs into freaking cold rivers and stuff like that.

I miss WoW. In the past 3 weeks, I’ve raided once. I’ve logged into the game a few times and have been trying to keep on the drama (which isn’t too hard to do, Conquest tends to be rather quiet in the drama department). But between crappy (and sometimes nonexistent) internet and trying to not be rude to the friends I’m visiting or people I’m meeting along my travels, WoW has been put on the backburner.

I even went for 48 hours without an internet connection. FORTY EIGHT HOURS! That means 48 hours of no blogs, no checking the guild website, no vent, no twitter, no email and no WoW. Oh the horror! Of course, it’s always the most remote locations that have no internet, so I spent a lot of time wrapped up in a blanket with a good book (I just teared through Kushiel’s Mercy…so so good! I want to see how the story turns out but I don’t want the series to end!). Had lots of girly daydreams about sexy sadistic princes. I secretly watched hockey games (don’t tell anyone!) and drank tons of local beer. I explored small towns and large forests. I went white water rafting and jumped off a cliff into a Canadian river in the first week of May. 6 hours later, I’m still shivering.

The break is kinda nice. It’s also frustrating. Thankfully I don’t have the time right now to fine tooth comb the logs, otherwise my head would explode. Whenever I get the chance, I’m begging my guildies for news. What did you kill? Who screwed up what? Who joined? Who left? I hate having to watch progression from the bleachers.

When we got LK down on 10 man, it was bittersweet. I was excited that after all the work we all put into it, we finally got it. I was sad that I was house hunting during the raid and couldn’t be there. When a second 10 man group didn’t kill LK I was disappointed, but also relieved. Same with hearing our 25 man stories. Annoyed that we’re not progressing, thrilled that I’m not missing anything memorable.

As much fun as I’m having on my trip, I just can’t wait to get back in the game. I’ve never looked forward to a Monday this much before. Hopefully they haven’t forgotten all about me.

Speaking of memorable events, I’m excited to announce that the Raid Warning Podcast is doing a holy paladin round table and that yours truly will be taking part!

If there are any (holy paladin related) topics you’d like to hear me talk about, please let me know or get in touch with Brian and Seven.

And with that I need to get back to bed. Hypothermia makes me sleepy.

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10 Comments on “Watching WoW from the Bleachers”

  1. Antigen Says:

    Sounds like you’re having some pretty amazing experiences, take the time to enjoy and cherish them; we’ll be here when you get back!

    Looking forward to the podcast too!

  2. Matt Says:

    Trust me that feeling is mutual. The cupboard is extremely bare. Our other Resto Shaman’s making a return back to raiding, although at something like 75% strength (which still has me worried).

  3. Codi Says:

    I might actually have to listen to that podcast. I’ll be taking notes and have my calculator out, just in case! ;D

    • Ophelie Says:

      It’s a shame it’s not live. I am kinda worried about saying something wrong. I’ll make sure to prepare a lot beforehand!

  4. Kaomie Says:

    You did miss some interesting (or not) Pallies drama.

  5. KimboSlice Says:

    By the time you get the LK will still be waiting for you

    • Ophelie Says:

      Yeah, I think he’ll wait for me to die. Which is partly relieving, partly OMGWHATISTAKINGYOUPEOPLESOLONG!

  6. Codi Says:

    I hear SOMEONE got me invited to the podcast with her. LOL I’ll get all those number related questions wrong so you don’t have to! XD

    • Ophelie Says:


      They just asked me if I knew any holy paladins so I voluntold you. I’m glad to hear they got back to you and that you agreed to be on the show! It’s going to be a good time!

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