Everyone should have friends like this.

My buddy Skip stumbled across the Raid Warning Holy Paladin Round Table podcast. Since he’s always been the helpful type, he mapped out my keyboard in case I should ever go with a Flash of Light build. As you can see, he completely understood the message that you shouldn’t play with just one button, so he made me two:

He also put together something more elaborate for the progression-oriented Flash of Light paladin who needs to keep gearing up:

I found them adorable so I thought I’d share ;D

Also, in case anyone was concerned that I’d fallen off the planet (I’m sure no one was, but just in case), I do have a full length blog post about the Lich King fight written and polished, but I got in my head that I want A SPECIFIC screenshot for it. I’ve been asking around, but it looks like I’ll have to wait until the next time I see the fight. Which I’m hoping will be tomorrow.

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