I’ll Call These Yhpurm Days

It all started when I queued up for the daily battground and got Alterac Valley.

See, I rarely win in BGs. I mean, I go weeks without getting the daily done. But the other day, I queued up for the daily BG and got Alterac Valley. Alterac Valley that I haven’t won in months.

Then we won in Alterac Valley. First random BG of the day, Alterac Valley and I won. I couldn’t believe my luck. You don’t understand. This never happens.

Then, I needed some more honour so I queue up again.

Warsong Gulch.


I hate Warsong Gulch. It goes like this: Me in the enemy flag room, 4 people dead in the graveyard and 5 fighting in the middle.

It started out the usual way, but then it got better. Then we won.

2. Out. Of. 2. Battlegrounds. Won. I marked it on the calenders. Clearly, this is a day where the gods smiled upon us and it should be celebrated again, year after year for the rest of time.

I was still short some points so I queue again. Alterac Valley. Again.

The gods just kept smiling. We won. Hell froze over and all was well in the afterworld.

It should have ended there. It should have, but it didn’t. It was time for the raid and our first attempt (that I’m aware of) on Heroic Dreamwalker.

Can you guess how that ended?

Yes. One shot. We one shot our first attempt on Heroic Dreamwalker. (Which, from a portal healer point of view, wasn’t much different from regular except for the orbs are red and I have to keep an eye on my health. One of the outside healers commented that heroic actually seemed easier than regular, possibly because everyone was being extra disciplined.)

The good night kept up as we killed Lich King on 25 man, the second or third (I forget!) time for the guild and the first time for me.

Shortly after, I decided to go do some dailies. My heart skipped a beat as that hunter over there, who, until now, was minding his own business started attacking me.

I heal in pvp. I can’t kill stuff for the life of me! That running in circles around people thing? I try and try and succeed only in looking like a dumbass.

But, since I was questing, I was in my tanking spec. And because I’m a fortunate idiot, I had forgotten to switch out of the tanking gear I used to kill Chillmaw. So I killed that huntard. I killed him dead and I did it fast. Poor guy didn’t even put a dent in me.

I figured I’d keep karma on my side so I decided against teebagging his corpse. Was tempting though.

I suppose all that good luck was payback for all the times I didn’t gank poor, unsuspecting, lowbie horde. But, um, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy a lottery ticket.

EDIT Oh and I forgot to mention, I pugged a few instances on my lowbie pally and in every one, I had a great tank, a decent healer and pugmates that weren’t assholes. Bet you didn’t see that coming!

EDIT 2: Oh and also, just about every mine I came across was titanium that day. I would say I got about 7 titanium mines without even farming.

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6 Comments on “I’ll Call These Yhpurm Days”

  1. Inno Says:

    Please continue blogging after you win the lottery.

  2. Scar Says:


    P.S. Tell me more about how you killed that hunter! It seems like an odd match-up.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I dunno, I just chased him around and hit him with my sword About 4 melee swings and a hammer of justice later he was successfully turned into hunter juice. I didn’t even have to hit any CDs. No idea why he thought it would be a good idea to attack me.

  3. Logtar Says:

    See a horde, kill a horde… that’s my motto. I have been ganked more times that I care to recount, so there is no forgiveness for lowbees that fall into my sword.

    WSG is fun if you have even teams, if you have a side full of wratful or a bunch of rogues… it turns into just neverending camping people… when it is a true capture the flag battle without turtling it seems to go quite fast and fun.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I don’t have the heart to kill lowbies 😦

      I expect horde to kill me on my lowbies though, so I don’t get pissy unless they’re camping my sorry level 40 corpse and keeping me from playing.

      A WSG with actual flag camping is really nice, but I’ve very, very, very rarely seen those outside of premades. Virtually all the WSGs I’ve done are just fighting in the middle until the stronger side (horde) manages to camp the graveyard. Then we all sit around dead, waiting for the timer to expire.

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