Deaths Overview Game – The Solution

Yesterday I posted the following image and challenged everyone to figure out how these two players died simultaneously:

Everyone who volunteered an answer (including a couple of guildies over vent last night) was on the right track. It’s impossible to tell exactly what happened from the very limited information, so I was really impressed.

The solution after the break! (Sorry people reading from feedreaders, I can’t manually truncate posts that go to readers.)

Here are the more detailed death logs (see yesterday’s post to learn how to pull these up from your own logs!)


Aaand Druid:

The person closest to the answer without actually having seen the fight was Imak, who wins a virtual fortune cookie, an e-heart (<3) and bragging rights.

Also note that I approved Gastroph's, Imak's and Push's comments all at the same time, so they didn't see what the other wrote.

Gastroph, as someone revealed too soon forcing me to pull out my mad censoring skillz, witnessed these deaths in person, so his answer doesn't count ;D. I will quote it as the final solution though:

My guess is the rogue spread for defile in the same direction the valk, which picked up the druid, was flying, dropping it in the path. Trying to get into place between the edge and defile to get that last stun off to save the damn druid, he fell off the edge. Sadly, the druid was also dropped.

It actually hadn’t dawned on me that the reason the Valk wasn’t killed was that the rest of the melee team was delayed by a defile in the kite path – kudos to anyone who picked up on that.

In case anyone is wondering about the interpretation of the detailed logs: the druid didn’t perform any actions in the 30 seconds preceding their death, meaning they were most likely held by a Valk. The rogue had a defile which was probably in an inconvenient location- defiles are really tough on melee. They also dpsed the Valk until 5 seconds before they died. It takes a couple of seconds between falling off the edge and dying, so they probably died trying to save the druid.

That’s what logs are all about. They shouldn’t be scary and intimidating. What they do is tell a story: the story of a fight.

As for this story, I thought it was so adorable, I just had to share it.

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  1. Hyacintha Says:

    Yay! I guessed right! That was a fun little exercise in deduction. I bet one could make a whole “Guess the Cause of Death!” game out of logs. Fun guild competition, anyone?

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