Numbers for 4.0.1

EDIT: As of Oct 19, there were changes made to our spells so the coefficient values might not be correct anymore. The tooltips are no longer accurate, so it’s back to the old fashion method. I’m leaving for Blizzcon Wednesday night, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to update this. I’ll try for tomorrow, but chances are it’ll be next week.

I jotted down my numbers for 4.0.1 and thought that others might want them as a reference. Feel free to double check my math.

Stat Conversions
46 mastery rating = 1 point of mastery
1 int = 0.0075% Crit, 1 SP

Spell Coefficients
WoW automatically calculates the range of each spell and displays it in the tooltips now (screenshots after the cut), so I calculated the coefficients by comparing the in-game numbers to the values on Wowhead.
Coefficients work like this: Base heal value + (Spell power*coefficient) = Heal output

Holy Light = 0.33
Divine Light = 1.04
Flash of Light = 0.77
Holy Shock = 0.69
Word of Glory = 0.22 (calculated for 1 point of holy power, assuming coefficient is independent of holy power points)

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16 Comments on “Numbers for 4.0.1”

  1. Rilandune Says:

    This melts my brain a bit. Still wrapping my head around Holy Power mechanics and still scared to get back into LFD leveling as Holy spec, and you are posting theorycraft maths… very impressive =)

    • Ophelie Says:

      Oh yeah, this post isn’t really user friendly. It’s just a reference thing, all I get out of it at the moment is that spell power increases our output a lot less than it did before the patch.

      • Rilandune Says:

        So not only are my two mail BOA pieces going to crush my mana pool, but also all the spell power pieces I had picked up by accident but made my heals hit pretty stinking hard are now going to not help as much? Great. /sadface

        I have a lot of work to do on my poor Paladin =(

        • Lynesta Says:

          not only that but you are probably gimping your intellect a significant amount by not wearing all plate.
          LFD leveling is easy, just have confidence. if you knew how to heal well before you still know the mechanics of healing well. the only thing changed is your toolbox of heals.

        • Ophelie Says:

          I’m stuck with two pieces of mail too :(. There shouldn’t be spell power on most of your gear anymore (I think weapons and trinkets are the exceptions). The gear you had before the patch is still fine after the patch. While spell power doesn’t increase the strength of your spells as much as it used to, the amount of spell power we receive from intellect increased quite a bit and we have a lot more spell power than before (mine almost doubled).

          Don’t worry about the numbers here. They’re just for quick reference and don’t mean much without a context.

          • Rilandune Says:

            You’re both right =) I was mainly playing, but yeah I should be fine. I just hate being the reason for wipes, so I’ll drag some guildies into LFD with me that are in mid-70’s to test out the new toolbox and healing mechanics on them. I really wish I would have hit 80 prior to this patch, but getting Kingslayer on my Rogue took up too much time.

  2. Codi Says:

    What kind of sample size did you go with for the coefficients? I’ve been looking for some solid numbers on them (in addition to a firm answer on if the Spirit regen equation is the same as it was in Wrath for priests/druids).

    • Ophelie Says:

      WoW calculates your potential hit range for you using the coefficients and your spell power. Just mouse over the tooltip. You have the option of displaying your range or the average.

      Just to be sure, I compared the numbers WoW gave me with my cast strength (I did about 50 casts on three different occasions for HL and DL, I did Holy Shock 30 times) and DL and HL seemed accurate (less than 100 away than my max and min casts for DL, HL). Note that I tested my casts in ret spec so that Conviction wouldn’t skew the values (I’ll have to redo Holy Shock to make sure the tooltip is right for that one…it occured to me that I would have tested it holy). I didn’t notice any ret talents that would influence the strength of my heals.

      EDIT: Actually I didn’t really measure up WoG the way I should have, I’ll go over that one again.
      EDIT2: Realized that I was in holy spec when casting Holy Shock, will redo that one in a Holy spec without Conviction.

  3. […] 12) Our spell coefficients have changed. Thanks to Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon for doing all the scary math for us. Here are the new spell coefficients. […]

  4. Wasselin Says:

    AHHH Word of Glory has terrible scaling. What are they thinking with that coefficient?

    • Ophelie Says:

      Actually, I might have to check WoG again. I assumed the coefficient stayed the same regardless of holy power points and the values I used were for 1 point, but now that I think of it, it’ll be good to verify.

      • Rohan Says:

        Well, if the coefficient is multiplied by the number of holy power points, a 3-pt WoG has a .66 coefficent.

        That’s pretty close to the Holy Shock coefficient, and it would make sense that the two spells would scale at the same rate since they are tied together.

        • Ophelie Says:

          It would depend if holy power multiplies the spell output or the base value. It would make more sense for it to multiply the output (which would give us a final coefficient of 0.66), but it needs to be checked.

          Aaand now that they boosted all our spells, none of these values are accurate anymore anyway 😦

  5. Brangwen Says:

    I will see if I can get some updated numbers tonight for you. Enjoy Blizzcon!

    • Ophelie Says:

      Awesome, thanks! I’ll fiddle around with the game some more when I get back, was too busy today to log in. Vacations are so much work! ;D

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