And that’s when my computer gave me the finger

*sad face*

Thursday night I ran home from the coffee shop, grabbed my computer to raid and was greeted by the Grey Screen.

My first thought was, of course, “there goes my chance of getting an ICC drake”.

The only achievement I’m missing is All You Can Eat 25 so I’m kinda bummed. The guy at Staples said 5-10 business days, though, so I might have chance…if my guild is nice to me… which is questionable since I’ve barely been gone a few hours and they’re already pushing hardcore to recruit a new holy pally. Like srsly, what is this I don’t even. (ps. Apply here)

So while my computer’s sitting at Stables next to the grocery list of problems I made for it (while getting the screen connection fixed, I might as well get the power supply, the CD reader and whatever it is that smells like burning plastic fixed), I’ve been catching up on sleep (6pm last night to 10:30am today, awww yeah), following new people on twitter (the best time to follow new people is when you don’t have a computer, no?) and trying, oh really trying, to get some schoolwork done.

And speaking of schoolwork, I have a Toxicology midterm on Monday and a Cardiology midterm on Wednesday, so I better run.

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