Updating the Blog Links. And stuff

So I’ve been computerless for a little over a week now. I do have a list scribbled out of all my exciting adventures in the tangible world, but, um, I kinda want to go home and have a nap. Amazing how much sleep ones body is capable of when not confronted with screen glare for several hours a day.

Personal Links

I did update the links on the side of my blog. My list of goofy posts is unchanged. As for the slightly more informative posts, I cut all the completely outdated links. Some, like the Cleansing post, the Aura Mastery post, the Hand of Protection post and two of the boss strategy posts (Valithria and Lich King) still hold partially true, so I left the links with a note indicating that they’re dating back to 3.3.3. I did something similar with “Things you probably always wanted to know” posts. While specific abilities have changed, most elements of the leveling mindset have not.

It was hard, deleting the links to all that hard work! I should write more silly posts, those never go out of style. Or if they do, it’ll be, like, 25 years from now, and while people probably won’t find them amusing anymore, they’ll be useful to provide historical insight into WoW gaming culture circa 2010. Always happy to do my part in contributing to future society.

I did add a category with all the World of Logs posts I’ve done. WoL is still a mystery to many, so I thought it might be helpful to have a few quick links on the side bar. While the fights featured in those posts will soon be pretty dated, the tricks to navigating WoL will not.

The Blogroll

Aaand now for the social tediousness that is the blogroll. I hate blogrolls, so so much. I want to keep it short, but I want to link to a good variety of blogs and I certainly don’t want to insult anyone. I’m subscribed to something like 400 blogs. Not all of them are active, not all of them are even legible, but I hate to miss something exciting, so I just subscribe to everything. I read the posts that sound interesting and skip those that start with “Not paladin info for current patch“. Oh and with 20 different folders, keeping things organized is a joke. But as a result, I know specific posts better than specific bloggers. I know those whom I communicate with often, as well as the pally bloggers, but for most everyone else, I’m all “And you are? …Oh! You wrote THAT post! Oh yeah, I totally love you. What’s your blog again?

I’ll link to pretty much every paladin blog I can find, because I think our class community rocks. There’s so much great stuff out there and it all deserves to be linked to. Besides, new or not-so-new paladins looking to network with other paladins should be given every available option.

I am, however, biased towards healing these days, so there are probably many retribution or protection blogs that I’ve missed. Heck, there are even holy paladin blogs that I discover far too late! So if anyone knows of left out paladin blogs, please give me a heads up. My only major criteria is that they be updated regularly (I set the cutoff date for this batch of updates as October 4th as the last post). I do link to a handful of retired pally blogs, either because of their contribution to the community or because of personal reasons but I like to keep that list as short as possible.

All the new additions this time, I think, were holy.

Pally Changes and Introductions

I was shocked when I noticed that I hadn’t already added Azeroth Apple. She’s an excellent writer and her gentle yet candid style makes her posts super easy to relate to. Her latest posts have been about joining a new guild, learning to raid, experiences that we’ve all encountered at some time or another, or that we might be having right now, and they’re always a pleasure to read.

I was also surprised when I realized that Non Elitist Raiding Diary wasn’t linked anywhere. Bragwen’s been busy with her new baby MMO Leader, but she is a holy paladin (and is writing about it more and more!) and her posts are usually either informative, thought-provoking or all of the above. She knows how to write and how to write well, so her posts pretty much read themselves.

Another addition was Looking for More… by Jeffo. (Note that there is another blog called Looking for More by Analogue and Reversion, which is also excellent and I suggest you all check it out). I’ve been subscribed to his blog since forever, but he updates so sporadically that I could never tell whether or not he was active. When he does update, though, he has a unique writing style that spices up any topic he tackles. Definitely a blog to add to your readers.

Muradin Musings is a newer blog that I’ve been following for some time now. Janyaa’s choice of topics, primarily paladin oriented with guild or general gaming experiences mixed in, are very similar to my own, so I was hooked immediately. She updates frequently, her posts always have a good substance to them and she masters the art of blogging from a very personal yet classy perspective, so I can see her gaining a lot of momentum in the WoW blogging world within the next couple of months.

As for retired bloggers showing some activity lately, I was excited to move A Touch of Arcane back to Holy and The Suicidal Zebra to Retribution. Both blogs, I believe, speak for themselves and hardly need an introduction. I hope both will stick around for some time.

Non Paladin Blogs and Guildies

The Non Paladin blogs section is always an annoyance. I like to keep this section short, but I had a list of about 30 blogs that I felt all blog readers should absolutely follow with religious zeal. I cut it down, maybe I’ll do a rotation or something… Anyway, I go with the mentality of “if I were new to blog reading, what should I read first“. So this means blogs that aren’t primarily class based, blogs that are easy to read and blogs that are catchy. I like diversity as well: Cynwise for PvP, Pink Pigtail Inn for game commentary, MMO Melting Pot for the light it sheds on the WoW blogosphere, A High Latency Life for the colourfulness if its writers and so on. As for new additions, other than MMO Melting Pot and High Latency Life, I added Fel Concentration and The Stories of O, both lovely blogs written by fantastic ladies who often tread on unbeaten paths. Note that O’s been spending most of her blogging time these days over at Divine Aegis, a blog that you-priesty types would be familiar with (I hear they’re recruiting a pally blogger too, for those interested!). I also updated the links to Jaded Alt and Jaedia’s Menagerie (formally The Lazy Sniper). I had been wondering why I never heard from either of them anymore. Turns out they’ve both moved their sites. Oh and if you look closely, you might find a link to my personal blog. I don’t update it often, but I’ve had a few people ask about it. It’s my exploring ground, my writers’ version of singing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush, so there might be a few occasional posts there in the future.

Finally, I made a little shoutout to my guildies section. You all know Matt and Redhawks, but there’s some more hidden talent in Conquest. My guildy X started a new death knight blog called The “X” Zone. It’s pretty quiet there at the moment, but maybe with a little encouragement, he’ll write some more. And for you audio type people, my guildies Logan, Vik and Bruherd have a podcast called Leetsauced. Warning! It’s not safe for work, like, not safe at all. I think they have a few more episodes currently in production. They’ve interviewed a few of our guildies (including myself), so if you’ve been thinking on clicking the Conquest Recruitment forum link but are wondering what kind of people you’d have the pleasure of raiding with, listen to a few episodes of Leetsauced.

Well so much for that nap

I think talking about my computerless week would have been faster overall. Oh well. I’ve been getting more than enough sleep anyway. I signed up for this, um, French club thing this afternoon. I’m sort of embarrassed because I haven’t really spoken to anyone from back home in months so my French is really rusty. But then again, this a French club at an English speaking school in Newfoundland. Nooooo one should notice my accent.

EDIT: I completely forgot Paladin Complex while updating my list! Retribution blogs are a rare treasure (especially to this wannabe ret healadin), so I am quite ashamed of myself. Dallanna doesn’t update often (*scolds*) but from the sound of it, Cataclysm is likely to inspire a number of interesting posts guiding us around the ret world. As well, he (or is it she? I can’t tell) mentioned some opinion/discussion type posts in the works, the kind of posts I love so much.

Also added Oh My, Kurenai to my general link list. Rhii branched out on her own, but kept her fantastic storytelling abilities.

While I’m doing some link love, I want to mention two really new blogs that caught my eye. The first Moments in the Life of a Death Knight, is written by the upbeat and enthusiastic Lady Erinia, which goes to show that DKs aren’t the downers they’re reputed to be. Her posts about gaming addiction are what caught my eye. They’re high caliber and probably require a certain background in psychology to really grasp, if you have any interest at all in the field of gaming addiction, they’re a must read. Also check out the scarves she makes and sells to raise money for her feline companion’s surgery.

The second is guild leadership blog: Dedicated Insanity by Gaia and Roksi. I played on their server for years, and when I saw the name of their guild, I thought “No way! They have a blog!” Production Company was (and I’m sure, still is) a very prominent guild on Moonrunner, so I was thrilled to see them blogging and sharing what they know about guild management.

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34 Comments on “Updating the Blog Links. And stuff”

  1. shopshopshop Says:

    I, like you, subscribe to many blogs. However, I keep my blogroll very short for a couple reasons: 1) I like to keep my sidebar relatively short; 2) There are only a few bloggers where I read ALL the posts, even the ones about classes I don’t play, and these are the ones I feel go in my blog roll.

    I have a separate section for Death Knight-related resources, but I tend to not follow DK blogs because I prefer to get my information straight from EJ.

    Also, I enjoyed this post a lot.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I just read too many blogs regularly. I also hate the feeling that I’m leaving someone out, especially if it’s someone I like, so I try to keep it short.

      The holy paladin community is a bit different from other classes in that the theorycrafting side of our class is pretty quiet these days. Even EJ doesn’t have a whole lot. I expect it to pick up a bit once Cataclysm is live, but right now all the information is about “Change X on the beta.” Yawn. But even at the best of times, there isn’t much holy paladin discussion. I like to learn through exchange, and healing is more about execution and experience than about numbers, so reading other people’s perspectives along with their successes and challenges helps a lot when it comes getting post ideas. And the more blogs discussing those topics, the better!

      As for other pally specs, since I haven’t played them with any seriousness lately, I love having all those blogs just a click away for when I’m in the mood for a change of spec.

  2. *vlad* Says:

    I like to read my favourite blogs of course, but then I tend to hit a random blog on a blog roll, and then hit another random one from their blog list.I don’t mind where I end up, really, as it’s a great way to explore the blog world.
    I would like people to keep their rolls more up to date though.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I know I’m quite guilty of not updating the blog roll often. I used to when I started blogging, but it’s become one of those things I just don’t think of. But I agree, when you’re surfing from one blog to the next (and I often do that too), it’s disappointing to land on a dead blog.

  3. Dreaming Says:

    Hi Ophelie,

    Happy to be back among fellow bloggers too. After one year of ICC I had succumbed to a serious case of hibernation. Nothing really moving was happening ingame, and the slow progression through normal and then heroic mode bosses wasn’t that thrilling to blog about.
    But Cataclysm came and the huge changes to paladins put be back on board 🙂
    I’ll stick here as long as I feel excited about our class, or perhaps another one, cataclysm will tell me that in a month.

    Anyway, nice post as always, and your blog is one of my favorite to go discover other ones I don’t know about yet.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Well, I hope you stick around for awhile, you’ve been missed.

      I’ve been out of the loop for some time for new pally blogs, so I’m hoping people will drop by with some “YOU FORGOT ME!” notes so I can update my list. I keep an eye on Blog Azeroth, but I miss a few.

  4. Antigen Says:

    I got very confused when I looked on your blogroll and saw my blog on your “No longer updated” list… and then I realized you have my OLD link there! I put the new site in my name here if you want to update it!

    • Ophelie Says:

      There you are! I was all sad when I realized that I hadn’t heard from you in awhile. I completely missed that you went self hosted.

      The link is fixed and you’re back under retribution 🙂

  5. Janyaa Says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for the link and the mention. I’ve been following your blog for quite awhile and you’re definitely one of my favorite holy pally bloggers. It’s quite an honor to know you’re reading! 🙂

  6. Poneria Says:

    *gasp* The Bossy Pally is recommending…me?

    :3 *cue bouncy happy mode*

    (Bounciness aside, thank you! Though, um, maybe I should post more often, then.)

    • Ophelie Says:

      Maybe you should post more often 😉

      I think you’re very talented both as a writer and at feeling for hot topics. You don’t give yourself enough credit so I’m going to keep nudging and embarrassing you until you realize what you’re capable of.

  7. theerivs Says:

    Thank you for adding me. Though I do play a mage as a main, i do dabble in the Pally arts with a Prot Pally.

    Colorfulness, thats a nice way to say we are a bunch of perverts, and we swear alot….but that mostly Bee, she cusses like a sailor, and is a bad influence on me.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I’m all about diversity ;D. You guys are super entertaining and you have a voice that stands out from the other WoW blogs I read. I don’t find you guys all that perverted, really, I mean, you should meet some of my guildies…

      And I totally love Bee, she makes me think about stuff.

  8. Apple Says:

    Uh. Uh. Uh.


    Wait, Ophelie linked ME? Are you sure you got the right blog? /panicflailfallover

    There, got that out of my system. 🙂 Wow, thank you so much for the link! It’s nice to know that people whose writing I enjoy also enjoy my writing! …that seems like a palindrome of some sort.

    /wanders off to bed

    • Ophelie Says:

      Oh don’t be silly, of course I like your writing. Who wouldn’t? You have such a fantastic way of saying things and a real skill for interacting with your readers.

  9. brangwen Says:

    LOL, you feeling like a Big Name WoW Blogger yet Ophie?

    Cheers for the link love 😀 There will be more Pally Posts in future, along with Strat Development posts (fresh from the new guild ethos!) as most of my guild leadering stuff will be cross posts from MMOLeader 😀

    • Ophelie Says:

      Yeah I really didn’t expect to have this effect on people… Now it makes it even harder to get a blogroll together. Everyone should be a pally blogger, dammit, that way I could link to EVERYONE I like.

      Looking forward to new pally posts! I’m sure Cataclysm will be bringing tons of opportunity and need for strats, guides and discussions.

  10. jeffo Says:

    Thanks for the link and kind words, Ophelie! I’m *trying* to get myself on a weekly schedule and now the pressure is on!

  11. Jaedia Says:

    Thanks for the link, I’ve found it fairly difficult to get the word out about my URL/name change (thank God I was able to keep the same RSS feed URL!) so I appreciate any help there 🙂 I did consider reintroducing myself at BA but I wasn’t really sure how to go about that, so hmm.. Will have a think about that one.

    I’ve really tried, personally, to keep my blogroll short. I follow roughly 200 blogs myself, and it has been very difficult as the whole point is to give a list of blogs that I think everybody should read! Admittedly, I think there are a few I haven’t got around to adding yet, which I really should soon but.. big job.

    I personally think that the hardest thing about blogging is the blogroll, because I don’t really like to just stick an RSS link to my reader like a lot of people do, but then I don’t want to offend anybody, or let it get out of hand.. so I have to be somewhere in the middle!

    • Ophelie Says:

      I’ve seen other bloggers post their new link at Blog Azeroth, either by digging up their original thread or by starting a new one. More people browse BA than we think, so it would be helpful in getting the word out.

      My issue with the blogroll is exactly the same as yours. It’s nice to have it short and tidy, but there are so many great blogs out there, as well as great people, I feel bad that I can’t include everyone. Something that I wish I had (and I would get if I went self hosted) is one of those RSS widgets that show the last 5 or so updated blogs. That way I could include lots of people and the list would rotate on its own based on activity.

  12. Equis Says:

    So, I finally updated. Yes… Im going to start blogging a lot more. Mostly on weekends 🙂 lol.

  13. Equis Says:

    And thanks for the shout out!

  14. Dallanna Says:

    If you need an opinion/pundit blog, I’ll try and fit the bill. 😀

  15. Lady Erinia Says:


    I just wanted to say thank you thank you for the shout out! I really appreciate the link to my blog.

    My kitty is doing okay. Still working on getting some scarves done though. Stupid school!


    • Ophelie Says:

      No problem!

      Have you been getting a lot of requests for scarves? I’d be interested in buying one, but I don’t want to swamp with you with work.

  16. Oestrus Says:

    Hey there, Ophelie! I am like everyone else, in that I am incredibly flattered to be thought of you so highly by you – as I feel the exact same way about you and I feel like you are a kindred spirit to me, in the control freak department!

    With that said, I don’t really post on The Stories of O anymore. I do most of my writing on Divine Aegis, though I do keep the O blog up. Since I re-rolled to a priest, I felt Divine Aegis was better equipped to handle where I was going with things and such. I would still be incredibly flattered and humbled to still have your blog lovin’ – I was just hoping I could persuade you to change the link to Divine Aegis, instead.

    We are planning on seeking out a new paladin voice, to replace our previous one (note to self – get on WoW Ladies and schmooze), so not only could the site link to me and my musings – but hopefully also to some lovely paladin musings, as well.

    Again, thank you SO much for including me and take care of yourself!


    • Oestrus Says:

      Duh. The link is http://divineaegis.com

      It’s Monday, be kind.


      • Ophelie Says:

        The reason I went with Stories of O instead of Divine Aegis is that I wanted a short list of blogs that could be read by anybody, not just people who play a specific class. And Divine Aegis is exclusively priest how-tos and discussions. I also love that you do original things with Stories of O, like the audio posts. I really hope you keep writing your own blog, if only once in awhile.

        That said, if you do get a paladin writer for Divine Aegis, I’d be very happy to link to you guys under the pally section.

        • Oestrus Says:

          I can certainly understand that and am thrilled to be included, regardless!

          And hey, it’s motivation to put things up on the O blog more often. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to and you sure have tilted my decision in the more affirmative direction, so thank you for that!


          • Ophelie Says:

            For what its worth, I added a link to you guys in the main text. I definitely support blogs by other classes, I just enjoy too many blogs. And I don’t want to come across as priestophobic or anything. I even have friends who are priests!

            I’m glad to hear you’re finding some motivation for your own blog. I miss your thoughts and opinions on general WoW related topics.

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