See These Loose Threads? I’m Tying Them Up.

Those looking for my bondage blog will have to keep looking, I have a relatively strict minimal bondage talk on this blog rule.

I know all my blog posts start with “I have lots of ideas, but real life is kicking my arse, blablabla.” I really have no idea how the rest of you do it. My day goes like this:

7am – Get up, get ready for work.
7:45am – Leave for work.
5-5:30pm – Get home from work, get supper ready.
6:30-7pm – Finish supper, have pre-raid nap.
9:50pm – Wake up, get ready for raid.
2:00pm – Unwind from raid, go to bed.

SEE HOW MUCH BLOGGING TIME IS IN THERE? Considering a blog post takes anywhere between 2 and 12 hours to write, it’s just not going to happen. I have no idea how people with kids and a social life manage to do this stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not quitting blogging, I’m just making sure THE ENTIRE WORLD is as annoyed as I am with days that only have 24 hours. Like WTF. What was Mother Nature thinking? 24 hours is clearly not enough for a full day.

The Blogroll

There are few things I hate more than updating the blogroll, but there you go, it’s more or less up to date. If I forgot any paladin blogs, give me a nudge. My criteria are:

– Must have a paladin component
– Must have been updated in the past month.
– Must have been around for a few months.

I’ll make the occasional exception when I feel like it, but I don’t really take recommendations outside of those criteria. I add most blogs to my reader, but my blogroll is long enough, I have to cut somewhere.

New additions you might be interested in are :

Lykkos’ The Healing Bubble – Lykkos joined Conquest around Cataclysm and the guy is brilliant. Really, really smart healer. Hopefully he’ll update a bit more if he gets some traffic.

Joe Ego’s Levelling Holy – Most of your probably know Joe Ego from Plus Heal. And if you don’t, then you should. He’s had a blog for awhile, but the updates have become regular lately so I’m excited to finally get to add his work to my blogroll.

Aunna’s Bandage Spec – Aunna’s blog was actually in my “General Healing” folder, but pretty much all the content is paladin specific. Updates seem to be about every two weeks or so (kind of like my blog!) but the posts are good. They show a solid understanding of the class (I’ve learned a trick or two from Aunna!) and they’re written in a way that anyone get something out of them, from beginner to advanced players.

Fannon’s Dwarven Battle Medic – Another general healing blog that ended up being paladin-centric, Dwarven Battle Medic was one of my favourite discoveries lately. He post about everything from raiding, to general WoW commentaries, to amazing screenshots (I hear he’s trained as a professional photographer and, well, it shows!).

Porkchop’s Porkchopsnholysauce – Another great recent discovery, Porkchop writes about paladin healing and boss strats, with a few inserts about the greater WoW beyond paladins.

Vilepickle’s Best in Slot Ressource: Paladin – I found Vilepickle’s raid logs once when researching boss kills. It was totally random, and I was all “hey, that’s the Best in Slot guy!”. Errm. Anyway, his old BiS tool was so popular that he’s expanded to cover all classes. You have to pay to get access to everything, but there’s enough free information to be useful, even for those of us depended on our meagre student loans.

Naithin’s Fun in Games – A rare non-paladin exception, Naithin was one of the first people I “met” when I started blogging. A former Warrior/Druid blogger, he now writes about most aspects of WoW, with a touch of other games. He’s also a pillar among those of us who write about WoW for the writing part moreso than the WoW part. Those of you who want to get involved with a community of people who write and love to write, Naithin’s your guys.

Twitter Behaviours I feel Compelled to Mock

Yeah, I felt too bad to give these their stand alone post, but there are some (and by some I mean 3) Twitter behaviours that make me /facepalm.

1- Proudly announcing: “I UNFOLLOWED @SOANDSO” “So and so, you’re not my friend anymore! HEI EVERYONE! So and so isn’t my friend anymore!” Like srsly, grow up. Unfollow whoever you want, no one cares. Well, ok, we all love the popcornable drama, but you’re really not doing yourself a favour.

2- Tweets of “Unfollow me all you want, I don’t care!” Hi, stop lying. If you notice you’re being unfollowed and take the time to tweet about it, you obviously care. And if you care, it’s probably because you’re not being followed by enough people. Get out there and make some friends (or just add anyone who seems mildly interesting), then you’ll have no idea who follows you and who doesn’t.

3- Post argument “Oh, @soandso thinks this!” or “I love arguing with stupid people” Really obvious manoeuvre there. You realize that it’s impossible to have an intelligent discussion with 140 characters a reply and you deal with it by making sure the other person is JUST AS FRUSTRATED as you are. And you do it by trying to publicly humiliate them. Great people skillz you got there.

Yeah, I’m sure I demonstrate poor social skills at plenty of times too. Like when I mock people’s Twitter behaviours on my blog.

Anyway, that’s the loose end tying for now. Next few weeks are all about internship work (the joys of being a health science student: you have to PAY TO WORK) and negotiating for an official job when I graduate. As usual, the pattern of offers go: my first choice company doesn’t get back to me, so I go with the best offer among the companies who do get back to me. Then when I’ve developed a good relationship with best offer company and am ready to sign the contract, first choice company SUDDENLY shows interest in me again. It’s so much STRESS.

And to think that I could have gotten a job at WalMart right out of high school and not wasted 10 years of my life going to college and being STRESSED OUT all the time.

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19 Comments on “See These Loose Threads? I’m Tying Them Up.”

  1. Grimmtooth Says:

    Don’t feel bad, I have a blog post that I have literally been working on for a MONTH, and I might actually be close to posting it NEXT WEEK.

    Of course, if I posted less fluff in between, I’m sure I’d be done by now. I am what I am 🙂

    • Ophelie Says:

      I hear you! I “don’t have time” to write that post I’ve been planning on beacons for the past 2 months, yet I write over 1k words about how pressed for time I am. Though I find that the longer I plan a post, the more I struggle with writing it.

  2. Fannon Says:

    Ophelie, thank you so much for those kind words. I’m a little speechless, frankly.

  3. ladyerinia Says:

    Oh yes, the infamous unpaid internship. Soooo not excited. and I feel the pain about not having time for anything.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Yep… I can’t wait to have an income above the poverty line! I’m just reminding myself that there’s only a few months to go and I can finally get a normal job like everyone else.

  4. Naithin Says:


    What does one say to that? ‘Thanks’ doesn’t quite seem sufficient, yet I am thankful all the same. Although also admittedly just a wee bit dubious of the veracity of the claim. 😛

    Either way, it is an honour that you would say so and have me listed despite my distinct lack-of-paladinning ways . . . Does it make it better or worse if I mention I have a paladin, but that it is also my bank alt? 😛

    A good list of additions in any event though, Fannon’s DMC in particular is one I’ve been eyeing a bit lately as well. 🙂

    As for everything else! Certainly find a bit more time for yourself somehow. Going to bed at 2:00 (am, I assume) and being up again by 7:00 is pretty rough when it’s a somewhat ongoing thing.

    • Ophelie Says:

      You know, I’m constantly offending death knights by telling them how great bank alts they are.

      The link was my pleasure. I don’t doubt the veracity of my claims. You’ve always been the writing cheerleader among the blogging circles I’m part of. And I’m working on that guest post for you! I’ve started bringing my netbook to work to write during my downtimes. No internet access, but at least I have wordpad.

      • Naithin Says:

        Not sure if you saw DM on the matter or not, but really don’t stress yourself too much over it; particularly if putting behind your own writing!

        I’m going to have to go to a concerted effort of finding an appropriate topic for your return guest post as well; everything I’ve thought of lately has been at best on a WoW tangent.

        If you have anything in particular you might want me to cover, send me a DM or somethin! Otherwise will try and let you know what I’ll do by end of tomorrow (my time). 🙂

  5. saif Says:

    Write when you can. 🙂

    Good luck with the job hunt.

  6. Enlynn Says:

    Thanks for the list. Found a couple of healadins I hadn’t seen before, always glad to find more!

  7. David Says:

    Thanks for the mention in your post. That’s funny you found me looking through logs too 😛 Can’t say I’m not in the thick of things.

  8. Joe Ego Says:

    Thanks for 1) the link (new traffic high 2) the kick in the pants to post after missing one last week. I won’t be upset you linked me when my site looked a touch stale 😛

  9. Jaedia Says:

    Ooh I hear you on the Twitter thing. I never understood the point in publicly denouncing somebody like that, it’s extremely immature. We all have issues with people from time to time, announcing it won’t make matters any better. And I do unfollow people for acting like that too.
    And with a schedule like that, I don’t think I’d let myself raid. /bow – much respect to you for keeping up that schedule!

    • Ophelie Says:

      It’s actually not much different for anyone elses- working 8 to 5 is pretty typical. The timing of the raids was a killer though. I did end up leaving my guild (other reasons were at play too) and I’m taking some time to myself (read: to play Civ 5) before jumping back into the game.

      On Twitter, I don’t usually unfollow people unless they’re REALLY annoying, but I’m always surprised at the sheer number of people (many of whom are highly intelligent and well adapted individuals as far I know) who use childish blows. Then again, I probably do stuff like that all time, but never noticed!

      • Jaedia Says:

        Ahh, it’s different to what I’m used to being an EU player. The biggest time difference I’ve come across is 2 hours, it’s usually just 1 though 97% of the time (still in my experience not an actual figure :p). The most annoyance we have is raids starting at 6pm so if you work, you barely have time to relax and have dinner before raid starts. Can’t imagine how annoying it must be to have such drastically different timezones!

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