I Bet You All Want Me to React to 4.0.6a

* Beacon of Light no longer triggers from Light of Dawn.

– Blizzard, Feb 11, 2011

There’s this weird pressure that comes from being a class blogger. I’ve never been one to keep up on the news. (What are patch notes?) Yet whenever something happens, a couple of people look at me (via email, twitter or in game whispers) from the corner of their eye, to see how I’m going to react.

So I bet you all want to know how I reacted when I found out about Friday night’s nerf (I found out from Kurn of course, do I look like a blogger who reads Blizzard?). For your entertainment pleasure, here’s a time-line of events, starting with time 0 being when I processed the information:

0 sec: /facepalm
30 sec: Wait a minute, I’m only a part-time/backup raider. And my 10 man team comp doesn’t really let me use Light of Dawn (LoD) anyway. These changes don’t change much for me.
1 minute: SHIT! Now I have to update my Beacon technique post. GODDAMN IT!
2 hours: Hey, I should test these changes. Wait a minute. My LoD are transferring through beacon. I WAS LIED TO.

That said, I only had one person to group with, so I don’t know if all the LoD heals transfer through to Beacon or it just one heal transfers. Those of you with more friends than me should test it and tell me about it ;D.

EJ seems to having the same experience as me.

Of Paladins and Light of Dawn and Raid Healing

One of the responses I see a lot is panic about losing our ability to raid heal if we lose the Beacon transfer from LoD. This panic is misplaced: Using LoD for the uber Beacon heal is a tank healing technique. I suppose you could place Beacon on a raid member and have them receiving constant heals, but in most fights, Beaconing a non-tank is a waste of heals.

That said, LoD has always been a really crappy spell other than the boost it gave to Beacon. It just doesn’t have the needed output to keep a group strong and healthy. While a holy pally can decently raid heal (and I usually chose to melee heal when I was running 25 mans), we’re still at our best when tank healing. Since I love raid healing, I actually prefer that LoD not transfer through Beacon…on condition that LoD receives a significant buff.

25 Man LoD vs 10 Man LoD vs 5 Man LoD

The answer to the question of Word of Glory (WoG) vs LoD changes based on the content you’re running.

When I ran 25 mans, I used LoD almost exclusively. With the exception of party healing for Chimaeron, LoD with Beacon was the most logical option: if you stood behind melee (or in melee, even), you’d always hit enough people for your LoD with Beacon to heal the tank for more than a WoG.

In 10 mans, most of the time, there are 2 or 3 people huddled together near the mob, with everyone else spread out to heck knows where. There might be a pet in melee if you’re lucky. Will LoD hit enough players to be worthwhile? It’s a gamble. I’ve found myself using WoG more and more. I even gave up my 25 man Pursuit of Justice spec for a 10-man friendly Eternal Glory spec. (Update: Fixed the specs…the originals mistakenly picked up Blazing Light. Oops.)

Edit: In the comments, Adgamorix pointed out a few situations where LoD is really helpful in 10 mans (and to those, I’ll add that a raid comp heavy in melee and pets is very LoD-friendly even on the early fights), so don’t go deleting LoD from your bars.

For 5 mans, mostly I just pound my fist on the keyboard until my hand hurts. Sometimes LoD is better, when fighting in close quarters with your group nicely piled in front of you, sometimes WoG is better, when you need to heal up a dying DPS or your team insists to stand behind you. I’ll tell you this, though: an Eternal Glory spec is so much nicer in a 5 man.

And now back to trying to find Tyrande’s Favorite Doll

If Blizzard wants to send me flying across Azeroth, they should fix whatever it is that makes me disconnect whenever I alt tab out on a bird. Am totally going to run out of numbers on my authenticator.

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11 Comments on “I Bet You All Want Me to React to 4.0.6a”

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  2. repgrind Says:

    I’m fully convinced that Tyrande was a tomboy and never played with dolls. I’ve got the freaking Vial of Sands recipe and still no sign of the trinket.

    I only run 10s, so … LoD is on my main bar, but it’s very situational for usage. I’m more likely to have everyone in front of me in a 5 man than I am in a raid. lol. I’ve got all the talents that boost WoG in my main spec. I’m testing a Denounce spec for my offspec/questing spec. It’s kinda nice not having to carry around ret gear anymore.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I wish I could bring myself to get rid of my ret gear. I’m too deadset on being polyspectual. I should give shockadin spec a test drive, though, just to say I did it!

      • repgrind Says:

        Get rid of? Say what? Nah, I’m a packrat, I sold off a bunch of my ICC gear that was hogging bank space and stuck it all away just in case. >.>

        Although, if they ever do need me to DPS, I have a raid-ready mage on the side who’s spending most of his time picking herbs, fishing, and digging in the dirt for that stupid doll. So I don’t necessarily NEED ret gear. But I’m a packrat so .. yeah.

  3. adgamorix Says:

    I run a mix build – only 1/2 in Last Word and Eternal Glory – but 2/2 in BL. I find I use LoD on some fights a ton (Crackle on Nef, P1 of Cho’gall), and others not at all. It’s a toss up, but personally I like LoD since we 2 heal pretty much everything but Nef (on regular). For me it’s a buffer heal. Puts a touch on everyone while still being an effective use of the GCD because of the BoL transfer.

    Also looks like the ‘nerf’ was out for about 5 hours, and in that time 1/2 the world seemed to riot. I think I missed the whole thing.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Thanks for the input! I’m not familiar with the higher end 10 man stuff, so I really appreciate your perspective.

      I made a mistake with the specs I linked to in the original post, accidentally put 2 points in Blazing Light. Oops. I was wondering why I couldn’t get the specs to balance the way they usually do. I’m torn on specs stuff. I really like 2/2 Eternal Glory for 5 and 10 mans. It’s saved my arse so many times lately. Last Word I can take or leave…60% chance just isn’t reliable enough, but I feel dirty not putting points there. But going 1 pt Last Word and 3/3 PotI makes a lot of sense.

      Now that I discovered where the two missing points went, I’ll add them to BL…but I really like Paragon of Virtue.

  4. ambient Says:

    I had the same alt-tab problem and it was reallllllllly annoying. Especially for archaeologizing, when you must alt-tab to not lose your mind. I finally decided to try windowed mode, which I’d always hated because the task bar ruins my immersion…and I discovered there’s a fullscreen windowed mode now! So if your computer can at all handle a windowed mode, that’s what fixed it for me.

  5. AliPally Says:

    I got Tyrande’s Doll after farming only in Kalimdor, and choosing only Night Elf sites as much as possible. Sometimes you get stuck with the boring fossil sites and have no choice but to dig there (it’s stupid, really).
    I got all the other NE rares before the Doll finally appeared. Was it worth it? Yes!

    • Ophelie Says:

      Yeah, that’s been my strategy as well. I do think you need to get all the other NE rares for it to appear. I should be getting the doll soon, but it’s been a long grind! I haven’t been compiling my hours, but I’m guessing it’s been somewhere between 30 and 40 hours of digging. It’s easy to get for someone who doesn’t raid a lot but has a lot of free time, but I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who can only play a few hours a week.

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