Spending those hard earned Valor Points (Holy Edition)

Now that I’m not raiding on a regular basis, I’m suddenly very, very conscious of my valor points. While I wasn’t lucky with the RNG in the month and a half I was killing a lot of raid bosses (I didn’t see a single plate drop, not one!), I still hoped. Now my mantra is: If you’re a good girl and do your random heroic every day and pug your Baradin Hold once a week, every month or so you can choose a new piece of gear.

Since every Valor Point is precious to me, I’ve been very, very careful with the order I spend them in. Don’t want to buy a piece of gear I might replace later on in the week. Eventually I was able to make a list of the items I wanted, in the order I wanted, as an occasional raider who has intermittent access to raid loot.

A Pre-note: Spirit/No Haste vs No Spirit/Haste

The points cloak, relic, ring, and, to an extent, boots, force you to choose between a piece with Spirit but no Haste and a piece with Haste but no Spirit. Which do you go for?

If you’re using an absolute Int > Spirit > Haste > Crit > Mastery approach, the piece with Spirit wins out. If you’re using a weighted stats approach (for example, Int = 1, Spirit = 0.98, Haste = 0.95, etc – note that this is just an example and not one of the several weighted stat suggested at Elitist Jerks), then a piece with no Spirit, but Haste and Crit will win out.

Looking at what the more reliable EJ paladins are doing with their gear, it seems that those who are wearing a mix of 346 and 359 pieces are opting for a mix of Spirit/No Haste and No Spirit/Haste pieces, and those, well, the one, poster in heroic raid gear was choosing exclusively the badge pieces with Spirit.

From a practical point of view, as much as my inner big number lover craves haste, a bit more Mana regen is probably a safer bet than a bit shorter casts.

Pre-note #2: Assuming Haste above Crit and Mastery

There are still different schools of thought as to the ideal proportions of Haste and other output stats, however the dominating trend is MAOR HASTE FASTER FASTER FASTER CASTS. I’m also a very impatient person and love my haste. Therefore, this list assume you’re like me and favor haste over crit and mastery.

Valor Points Pieces, In Loose Order of Acquisition for the Occasional Raider

1- Core of Ripeness

For 1650 points, this is a great, easy to acquire, piece for a newer level 85 if you don’t expect to have access to two of the following: Tyrande’s Favorite Doll (long, long hours of Archeology), Vibrant Alchemist’s Stone (Concentration) (Alchemy only) and Darkmoon Card: Tsunami (BoE Inscription). (For a list of what the stats of each translate to in table form see this post)

Your Tol Barad dailies can get you Mandala of Stirring Patterns, but the constant Spirit with an Int proc is far less useful than constant Int with a Spirit proc.

If you do raid on occasion, the trinkets that might drop are Jar of Ancient Remedies from Maloriak and Fall of Mortality from Cho’gall.

2- Relic of Eonar/Relic of Norgannon

You won’t have to worry about replacing these any time soon: the points relics are the only pve 359 relics available at the moment. And for 700 points, they’re a bargain.

They’re not a huge upgrade from the 346 Book of the Well Sung Song (Vanessa Van Cleef, HDeadmines) or Tattooed Eyeball (BoE Inscription) which is why I opted for the trinket first. And if you’ve been lucky enough to have landed yourself Captured Lightning (Asaad, HVortex Pinnacle), you might not be in a hurry to exchange 41 Haste and 700 points for 12 Intellect and 18 Spirit. (Edit: Thank you Effteeaye for catching my omission.)

However, if you don’t have a 346 relic yet, go pick up a Valor points relic.

3- Twined Band of Flowers/Band of Secret Names

These guys are 1250 points each, a worthy investment. Your only other choice for a 359 ring outside of raiding is Ring of the Boy Emperor (long hours of Archeology), which is similar, although slightly inferior due to Mastery instead of Crit, to Band of Secret Names.

If you do raid, early bosses Omnotron Defense System and Conclave of Wind drop Security Measure Alpha and Planetary Band respectively. Late boss Cho’gall drops Signet of the Fifth Circle, which is identical to the Archeology ring.

4- Eternal Pathfinders

For 1650 points, you can get this pair of shoes. Spirit junkies can wait for Life Force Chargers to drop off Omnotron, but I gave up a long time ago.

Note that these are BoE, so if you’re pressed for Valor Points but are drowning in gold, you might be able to pick these up on the Auction House, or pay a high end raider to pick these up for you with their points.

5- Heavenly Breeze/Haunt of Flies

I put the cloaks (which are purchasable for 1250 points) this far down on the list because Drape of the Twins which drops from Valiona and Theralion is so perfectly itemized that it’s worth waiting for. If you’ve reached #5 on the Valor Points list and still haven’t seen the cloak drop, go ahead and trade in your points for it.

If you don’t raid at all, you can consider picking up the cloak earlier.

6- Reinforced Sapphirium Breastplate

For 2200 points, this chestpiece is expensive and way inferior to its alternative, Breastplate of Avenging Flame which drops off early boss Magmaw.

The 2p and 4p set bonuses for paladins are lackluster, and even if you are aiming for the 4p (which you won’t get unless you’re killing end bosses), the chestpiece is the piece you’re recommended to leave out of your set.

The only reason that this piece isn’t last on the list is that the tier pants and legs can drop in easily puggable Baradin Hold. If you’ve picked up all the other pieces on the list, have 2200 points lying around and you still haven’t gotten lucky with Magmaw (or you don’t raid at all), consider picking up this chest while you’re waiting for something better.

7- Reinforced Sapphirium Greaves

This are so low on the list because they’re expensive (2200 points), you can get them for free if you’re lucky in Baradin Hold and they’re inferior to Legguards of the Emerald Brood, which drop off early boss Halfus.

Don’t get these unless you’ve run out of other things to do with your points and you’re still in need of a pair of pants.

8 – Reinforced Sapphirium Gloves

Why waste 1650 points on these when you can just buy the superior World Keeper’s Gauntlets as soon as you’re exalted with Earthen Ring? If you’re collecting your valor points by running the daily heroic, reputation is one of those things you never, ever have to worry about. You’re magically exalted with everyone before you realize it.

The third glove alternative are the Flash Freeze Gauntlets which are lovely itemized and drop off Maloriak.

If you’re desperate to build your tier set, wait until you already have everything else and you’re convinced that Baradin Hold has something personal against you. Even at that, sell a couple of boots (Valor points boots are BoE) before putting 1650 points on these.

And then, sell more boots and start another set

When boss kills are a rare event for you, it’ll take awhile to get far on this list. But if, for whatever reason, you do run out of things to do with your points, remember that all the boots can be sold on the Auction House. You can also start looking into tanking, or dpsing, which are other leisurely activities within World of Warcraft.

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17 Comments on “Spending those hard earned Valor Points (Holy Edition)”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Babylicious, Ophelie. Ophelie said: New BP post: Spending those hard earned Valor Points (Holy Edition) http://bit.ly/hmGI7L […]

  2. Jen Says:

    I’m not a paladin, but this has been useful for my leafy self too… I didn’t know there were VP rings.

    (And I’d invite you along to our runs. Holy pally plate is ALL that drops. Seeing as we didn’t even have one until last week, they all became lovely shards.)

  3. repgrind Says:

    Nice post! I’m following pretty much the same stat priority, and thus I’ve been sitting on something like 2700 points while browsing the lackluster stats on the vendor items and drooling over the stats on things that drop on mostly early bosses. Halfus, Omnomnom, Maloriak … stuff my raid has killed at least once.

    I am definitely getting the relic .. but past that … *shrug*. I’m considering the cloak for the simple fact that it’s the one piece of gear that others in my 10 man might need if it drops. As the only holy pally, the boots, gloves, legs would be all mine anyway.

    I actually powerleveled alchemy once the new stones came out, even though I already had another alchemist. That thing is awesome.

    • effteeaye Says:

      I noticed in your relic comparison you didn’t mention Captured Lightning (drops from Asaad in VP.) With both spirit and haste I’m finding it hard to justify spending the points on Relic of Eonar to replace it.

      • Ophelie Says:

        Good call! I missed Captured Lightning when scanning through the relics. I’ll add it to the post.

        The relics are only 700 points, for an extra 12 int, 18 spirit, minus 41 haste. If Captured Lightning is the relic you have (I’ve never seen it drop) I could see the value in getting other pieces before a 359 relic.

    • Ophelie Says:

      The rings too, unless you’ve been really lucky with Conclave and Omnotron

      Since I rarely raid, I picked up the boots, but I don’t expect to buy the chest or legs unless I’m really bored with my points. For the content I’m doing, the 346 are more than sufficient.

      If you’re sitting on points that you don’t intend to spend, you can always ask around if anyone wants to buy some boots off you since they’re BoE. I do expect they’ll add some more points stuff with the next content patch, but that’s still a few months away.

  4. Szayel Says:

    List is pretty much exactly what I have been doing.

    At the end of every week I look at my Blue chest piece and ponder spending those points for the tier chest. Yet, every time I hold off…and every time Magmaw lets me down yet again! D:

    • Jen Says:

      Have faith! I don’t know what class you are, but Magmaw drops my chest too (leather caster)… and holding off on the tier was a good idea, because last week it dropped! Good luck to you too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ophelie Says:

      The trick, apparently, is to write a 1k+ word blog post whining about how stuff never drops. Magmaw gave me my chest last night! (Finally!)

      Now to write another wall of text about how I can’t find Tyrande’s doll.

  5. Ngita Says:

    My guild is more like yours then Jen, 6 weeks from my last raid drop till I was lucky enough to get both bracers and shoulders this week. We had the very nice haste/spirit ring drop from conclave once but that the only spirit ring that dropped anywhere. The haste cloak has dropped 3 times and every healer has rolled every time:(

    • Ophelie Says:

      Bracers! Lucky! I’m stuck with 333 ones and I don’t expect to upgrade this tier ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      I have a mastery/spirit ring from Conclave, I won it on my very first raid this expansion, but I think that ring sucked up all my luck.

  6. AliPally Says:

    I bought the pvp relic first, because that is almost as good as the Relic of Eonar, and it was free; well almost. I don’t pvp generally, so finding I had enough points to buy the pvp Relic made me very happy. Core of Ripeness was my second purchase.
    I then bought Heavenly Breeze and Twined band because the bosses are not being kind to our raids. We have killed Halfus, Valiona & Theralion, and the Trons seven times now, and I have yet to see Security Measure Alpha, Drape of the Twins or Legguards of the Emerald Brood drop once.
    So all I have left to buy is Tier 11 pieces, and I’m quite reluctant to buy any of them, in case Argolath gets round to dropping them (not that he has before now).

    • Ophelie Says:

      Sounds like you’re having the same luck as me! I did see Security Measure Alpha drop, but my current guild uses Suicide Kings and I was waaaay at the bottom.

      I need to buy a ring and the cloak (I skipped ahead and bought the boots since I did have a 359 ring from Conclave) but not raiding much makes gear acquisition sooooo slow.

  7. The Pally formerly known as the hunter Grindin Says:

    Great Post! I personally think a big part of these decisions is the content you are raiding. For 10 man, I would definitely lean towards keeping spirit on every single piece of gear. But for 25 man, there comes a point where you really don’t need the spirit anymore, and for that reason, almost every valor piece I chose the haste/no spirit option. Haste is much much more powerful for 25 man raiding because of our hots etc, not cast time. In 10m our raid heals are much less effective, which diminishes the value of haste greatly. My opinion anyway, Cheers you!!

    • Ophelie Says:

      That’s a really, really good point! I wonder if that’s exactly why Blizzard gives us the choice between two variations for most pieces (other than to make caster dpsers who don’t need hit happy), to let us choose what feels better for our playstyle.

      Isn’t funny how a few weeks ago I was all “SPIRIT IS OVERRATED!!!111one” and now that I’m occasionally running 10 mans with a more casual guild, I’m suddenly all over teh Spiritz?

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