Shared Topic: Do Your Alts Know Each Other?

I’ve been running a writing about WoW drought lately. I think that may have something remotely to do with the fact that when I’m not logging in to raid, I’m only logging in for an hour or so in hopes of finally digging up that trinket. Want to know what’s ruining WoW for me? Tyrande’s Favorite Doll, that’s what.

Besides, if you look at my scale of Important Things in Life, you’ll see faded, used ol’WoW on one side. On the other, you’ll see getting a podcast up and running, planning a backpacking trip in Cuba, finishing up clerkship, studying for pharmacy legal/licence exams and preparing to move to Alberta. WHICH SIDE OF THE SCALE DO YOU THINK IS HEAVIER?

Very good.

For Confused People who've never seen an old fashioned Scale

But anyway, this week’s Shared Topic is perfect for the person who can’t really remember a whole lot about WoW. Because if there’s one thing I remember, it’s how I feel about my characters. Kamalia from Kamalia et alia came up with a Topic I fell in love with: Do your alts know about each other?

Me and RP: A Background

We’ll get this out of the way: I’m not an RPer. In fact, if I tried to do any sort of RP on my blog, RPers all over the world would be horribly insulted and hate me forever.

RP and I just don’t click. Not in real life (the big cardboard box in my closet at my parents’ house that’s says “Roleplay Costumes” on its side is dusty for a reason) and not in games. The few times I tried, I felt silly, followed by embarrassed, followed by bored.

I don’t even like reading other people’s RP. I haven’t gotten though a piece of fanfiction since the last Digimon lemon I read when I was about 16 (hey Mat and Tai were HAWT ok! In my imagination they were older than 11). I’d blame my distaste for fanfiction and RP on bad writing and the overuse of clichés like the word “trembled”, like female characters with hippy names and physical traits like “sky blue eyes”. I’d blame it on that, but I don’t even like the good fanfiction.

But…the Small RPer Within

I think we’ve established that there’s no converting me to RPing. But…sometimes….it feels like my brain tricks me. It tricks me into thinking that Rykga, my paladin, grew up in Stormwind. It tricks me into thinking she was a merchant’s daughter. It tricks me into thinking that she was sort of innocent, but adventurous and resilient.

It even tricks me into thinking she’s got a sense a humour, that she secretly loves to blow up faces but can’t take herself seriously long enough to put a +Strength weapon to good use.

I think somewhere, hidden, I might have an RPer-within. One that will never be completely revealed to the world- if I start writing bad fanfiction and the word “trembled” with any type of seriousness here, I swear I will burn my blog to the ground. But one that graces me with a glimpse of her (decidedly my RPer-within is female) presence once in awhile.

As for the Alts

The alts…my mage, the squeaky Eloise, the cynical death knight Snowfia, the stuck-up but lonely paladin Ophelie… they all trembled- Just kidding! They all seem to have their own little personalities. And my low low lowbies, I feel like they have personalities too, but I haven’t discovered them yet.

Elo's Encounter with the World

But there’s one thing that never crossed my mind – have my characters ever met each other?

No, they haven’t met

There. It’s official. None of my characters has ever met, or will ever meet one another. They’re far too different, or far too obscure, to cross paths.

As for whether they know about each other, Elo and Snow have heard of Rykga. After, she DID kill Arthas, badass that she is. They come across some old stuff she’s left lying around. Snow’s even done some business with her, operating the Auction House and the Bank for her.

Ophelie’s Horde, though, and, even though she’s ready for Northrend, she’s still too unlearned about the world to have a firm grasp of who Rykga is. Other than having heard the name once or twice in Taverns or Inns, she’s got her head up her arse and doesn’t pay much attention to the world.

Doesn’t that just weird you out?

I’m no RPer. Not now, not ever. Yet I know all this stuff about these characters (and their sky blue eyes…). That just weirds me out.

And you know what? I kind of miss hanging out with my toons. Once the real world gets boring again, I’ll probably be back watching my girls grow up.

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11 Comments on “Shared Topic: Do Your Alts Know Each Other?”

  1. Aeven Says:

    I decided a while back that my current set of characters have not only met one another, they’re family: Two Human orphans, adopted by a Dwarven couple in Ironforge, and their adopted siblings.

    I’m not a WoW roleplayer by any stretch of the imagination, but having a backstory and a link between my characters just… makes sense to me. While I can only play one at a time, they work as a team, particularly in terms of crafting for one another and trading materials back and forth. Coming from a large family myself, I can easily imagine their interactions one with another, even if they’ll never actually meet in game.

    • Ophelie Says:

      It’s true that the crafting aspect brings characters closer together. I thought of my characters more as a family (or at least a team) a few years ago when I was trying to max professions and level alts. But since I pretty much just focus on my pally now, the others have lost a lot of importance. I don’t do a whole lot with them, so they’ve become nothing but general citizens of Azeroth who sometimes go on exciting vacations.

      Good post BTW!!

  2. Ngita Says:

    Mine are all friends, mostly because of auto suggest on mail but still they are friends.

  3. Ratshag Says:

    Me and the alts, we gets tagether 2-3 times a month at the Team Ratshag Secret Headquarters in Booty Bay, drink some Uncle Bonechomper’s, sing some songs, swap some stories. Occasionally we runs inta each other here or there. And, when things go bad, we go to each others funerals.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Those must be some memorable parties! The meetups at Team Ratshag HQ, I mean, not the funerals. Well, actually, I bet the funerals are sometimes too.

  4. Oestrus Says:

    See, I love roleplaying. I used to be a LARP player. Major dork points there! Though I never started getting into RP in WoW until recently. I found myself wanting to do it a LOT with my lowbie warlock and possibly any other alts that I may decide to level.

    Maybe it’s because I felt like the environment or the world wasn’t doing enough to immerse me into it, so I was searching for more immersion within. That could be it.

    I plan on creating a character in Rift and leveling a handful of toons on there to see what I enjoy and what I may take to max level. I have the urge to RP on there, too. Not too much, like where I’m speaking in acents and things like that. But enough to where I would think to myself “What would this character do?” or “Where would he/she want to go next?”

    Little things like that.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I have LARPed before, so I get some dork points too ^_^ I was never able to get into it though. The LARPers in my community were just too weird. And not weird is a sexy kind way. Weird as in obsessive and deliberately creepy.

      I also was far more interested in chasing people around with squishy weapons than I was in pretending to have a reason to chase people around with squishy weapons.

      Secretly, I kind of envy those who really love RPing in game. My best friend IRL is a hardcore RPer and the stuff he thinks up and experiences in games is incredible. I suspect the satisfaction and amusement he gets out of games is far superior than the satisfaction and amusement I get out of games.

  5. I’m glad my topic inspired you! Your thoughts about why your characters don’t know each other helped me decide how to describe some of the relationships between my characters that I hadn’t thought much about yet.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I find it hard to believe that there were aspects of the relationships between your characters that you hadn’t thought of! They seem to be so thought-out and intricate.

      Thank you for suggesting this topic! It was really a lot of fun to write about.

  6. shoryl Says:

    My partner and I play WoW together a lot. And we both have Altitis. Periodically, our paladins will talk about our other paladins. My old main paladin (Taoi) is the big sister of my current main paladin (Shoryl) and my partner’s old main (Ari) ran around with Taoi all the time. So Shoryl knows both of them. Sona, my partner’s current main paladin runs around with Shoryl a lot, so she knows both Taoi and Ari.
    Our characters definitely get personalities. We don’t RP in game, but since our computers are right next to each other, sometimes we just drop into a little bit of RP chatter as we play.
    It’s particularly funny when I get on my hunter, who sortof knows about this Shoryl person, but has met Sona. (We frequently use each other’s toons to move things quickly between characters.)

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