Double O podcast Episode 2 is up!

Check out the second episode of the Double O podcast!

I’m really, really excited about it. Ok, I know I’m always excited about our podcasts. But our topic, gaming addiction, is one that’s very close to the field I’m trying to specialize in in real life (substance abuse and dependence pharmacy) so I was particularly enthusiastic and I think it shows. I didn’t have to chop as many silences out of my speech as usual.

We also had a special guest, as close to an expert on the topic that exists right now, our blogosphere’s own Lady Erinia. She’s a wonderful, knowledgeable speaker and I hope you all enjoy her presence on the podcast as much as I did.

I know the intro music fades out a bit too fast. I’m using Audacity now, instead of that nasty Traverso that bailed on me last time. Audacity is fantastic in a lot of aspects (like not crashing after my every action), but effects are bit more annoying to work with. By the time I was finished snipping and ready to add the music, I was too fed up to figure out how to get the perfect sound. Next time will be better!

A Point on Addiction and Insight

On the podcast, I made a mistake that I want to clarify. If you’ve heard the podcast, you’ll be scratching your head because I cleverly chopped out that part along with any references to it. But I did originally say that to meet the criteria for addiction, you need to have tried to quit (or wanted to quit) and failed.

While this is part of the criteria, how the diagnosis of addiction works is that there are 7 criteria (including wanting/trying unsuccessfully to quit), but you only need to meet 3 out of the 7.

That said, I think that with gaming addiction, in order for it to be an addiction, there has to be some level of insight (meaning you’re aware) – addiction is a very extreme condition – but given the stigma associated with both gaming and addiction, it is very possible to know there’s problem, but not want to admit it.

Anyway, I hope we came across as non-judgmental and easy to understand on the show, and still managed to be somewhat entertaining despite the serious and sciency topic.

Want to be a guest on the show?

We’ve been getting a lot of requests from people wanting to be guests on the show. That’s awesome! We love having guests!

I haven’t run this through Oestrus yet and will do that before I make any official statements on the podcast webpage, but my answer for now to anyone who’d like to be a guest is to suggest an area of expertise you have and that you think would make a good theme for an episode. We like to have specific topics (and we especially like controversial) for each of our shows, so let us know what you want to talk about.

Note too that our podcast is bi-weekly so, while we’ll probably love to have you on the show, it might take a few months before we can accommodate everyone.

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9 Comments on “Double O podcast Episode 2 is up!”

  1. Phitom Says:

    It’s not an addiction I have complete control over my gaming habits. I enjoyed your podcast a lot can’t wait till the next one.

    -Torquel’s stalkee

    • Ophelie Says:

      Uh-oh! I have to watch what I say now! ^_^

      Thanks for dropping by! I appreciate it!

      • Phitom Says:

        Haha, As long as its pro me and anti everyone else there should be no problem jk jk. ๐Ÿ˜› I Posted that as I was about half way done listening to it. After listening to the whole thing I still think that it was really interesting. Also the part about how I am guessing it was Oestrella (Sp?) broke up with her ex was really messed up. I know that if I had a gf that wanted me to play less I would certainly try and compromise with her. Plus, I would go insane raiding every single day. I work on one toon most of the time and have a couple alts I like to play around with but nothing serious.

        On another side note. I enjoyed running heroics with you and let me know when you want to run some more. I’ll gladly go with you.

        -Torquel’s Stalkee

  2. Phitom Says:

    Sorry Oestrus, I really didn’t mean to slaughter your name. Have mercy its finals week and I am slightly sleep deprived.

    • Oestrus Says:

      That’s OK! You kind of took my name in a Spanish direction and you gave me something to possibly name one of my alts.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast and hope you stop on by for future episodes with Ophelie and I!


    • Ophelie Says:

      Oestrus needs new name suggestions anyway, since hers is apparently too inappropriate for Blizzard’s taste!

      • Phitom Says:

        I saw a guy named suckmyd*** and gutterc**sl**the other day I dont think hers is inappropriate. Also those two toons named above were in their 40s.

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