Holy Paladin 4.1 Mastery with World of Logs Pictures

Patch 4.1 brought on some changes to our Mastery. Two changes:

1) Shields last 15 seconds instead of 8.
2) Each point of Mastery increases the amount absorbed by 1.50%, up from 1.25%

These changes triggered the following question: Should I still avoid Mastery?

My generic response was: “I don’t have any logs to look at and I haven’t had the chance to read about others’ experiences, but the changes look pretty minor to me.

Now that I have looked at the discussions on Elitist Jerks and Plus Heal, or rather the lack-thereof discussions, my answer is pretty much the same. I find that, with the exception of intellect/spell power which pwns them all, the value of all our throughput stats is somewhat subjective. Haste is generally preferred as the few extra casts during a fight are more practical than unreliable Crit procs or the mini-heals during global cooldowns Mastery shields offer.

One person on EJ brought up logs of someone who was getting some nice bang for his buck out of Mastery, which I felt like talking about.

The Gist of These Logs

These logs were taken from a hard mode, 25 man raid. I pulled up this paladin’s Armory (and, thank the Light, unlike most of the other paladins I armoried last night, he wasn’t in ret spec or PvP gear) to check his Mastery: 14.28. (This means his Mastery shields will be 21.5% of his heals: 14.28%*1.5 = 21.5%)

His reforging scheme was clearly Haste > Mastery > Crit, instead of the more typical Haste > Crit > Mastery or Haste > Crit = Mastery. Note, as well, the spell domination of Divine Light.

Lets use the arbitrary number of 30k for Divine Light (I went through the log browser, his Divine Lights hit from anywhere from 15k to 45k). 21.5% of 30k is about 6450, which is decent (but not orgasmic), on condition that the target with the shield takes damage between Divine Lights.

I pulled up a few individual fights to see what Mastery looks like in different contexts.

Halfus 25, Hard Mode

I wish I knew the damage patterns of that fight! But it seems like the Divine Lights were generating nice shields, shields that were gobbled up by incoming damage. (The 200 Illuminated Healing ticks not due to Divine Light were probably due to Light of Dawns and Holy Shocks, which explains why the reported Illuminated Healing average was so low).

From this, I’m going to conclude that Mastery is most likely to shine on fights with heavy, rapid damage on a single target- a fight where you need lots of Divine Lights and just can’t get them out fast enough.

On other fights, it doesn’t shine as much. Here are the logs from the same paladin, in a unconventional fight.

Chimaeron 25, Hard Mode

Even at this guy’s high Mastery levels, Illuminated Healing is getting less usefulness than other spells.

What About Non-Hard Mode Players?

Now, if you’re sitting here, reading this and thinking: “Well, this is a fine and dandy post about hard mode players, but what about players like me who run normal modes?

I dug up some logs from more casual players and took a peak. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone with very high Mastery, so we’ll have to settle with this guy.

This is from a 10 man Magmaw, normal mode. The paladin in question had 10.16 Mastery points, yielding shields that tick for 15.24% of his heals.

He is using Divine Light as his primary heal, yet he’s not getting much out of his Mastery. Likely the damage just isn’t intense or fast enough.

I do get the impression that Mastery is more useful at higher levels of play, since the damage on normal modes just doesn’t occur quickly enough to really milk Illuminated Healing. And if you’re not using Divine Light as your primary heal (which often happens in regular modes- I think I get more out of Holy Light, myself), you’re probably not getting anything worth talking about from your Mastery.

The above is from Magmaw 25, normal mode. The paladin here has a Mastery of 9.56.

These are the overall logs from a Flash of Light paladin (I question the abusive relationship he has with his mana bar). The fights are all normal mode and his Mastery is 10.50. Flash of Light, being very fast and kind of meh in strength, isn’t very compatible with Mastery.

After All That…

I have lots more screenshots of logs, but I’ll spare you all. I realize (though I do not understand!) that not everyone experiences great thrills while looking at combat log parses.

So is Mastery a better stat than Crit?

I think it depends on the paladin and on the fight.

On regular modes (for those, like me, who only raid casually), I think Crit, with it’s Infusion of Light and occasional bigger heals that give me mana breaks, still outweighs Mastery. In hard modes, where damage is more intense and more frequent, you might enjoy some bigger shields on your healing assignments.

But either way, the practicality and control that come with being able to squeeze a couple of extra heals in via Haste are still more appealing to me than the other two stats.

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8 Comments on “Holy Paladin 4.1 Mastery with World of Logs Pictures”

  1. Joe Ego Says:

    I can’t pull up my armory right now to check my Mastery, but I am trying it out based on similar observations. H Halfus I am not reforging away from the Mastery on my gear, while most fights I go for Haste > Mastery > Crit. I prefer Haste for H Chimaeron.

    With only H Maloriak attempts to look at so far, 3 Holy Paladins were seeing 8% to 10% due to Mastery and a minimum overheal (wasted shield, yeah?) of about 40%. This fight sees us doing 40% or less of our healing on tanks, letting our Beacons prop them up while we raid heal the swill-eaters. From the logs it looks like a good portion of shields on dps were useful, meaning they were taking swill damage often.

    I don’t want to link logs until after tonight so I can better compare between different fights.

    • Ophelie Says:

      The Mastery seems to be gobbled up well by DPS, but since most of their shields come Light of Dawn or Holy Shock and not Divine Light, I wonder how useful those shields actually are. I guess every little bit counts though.

      I have yet to see my logs since the patch (I’ve only healed once and didn’t take logs), so I don’t know how my shields are looking. I’m a bit over 10 Mastery and in a casual guild where I can get away with using Holy Light more often than not, so I’m thinking of keeping the same reforging scheme for now.

  2. Silkain Says:

    I find guaranteed healing from the mastery on shields more useful than maybe a crit. One is guaranteed and will reduce the healing output needed the other might.

    I’m not reforged to mastery though, I’ve gone the intellect/spirit route for my gems and gear and I am in mostly 359’s . That said looking at my logs illuminated healing puts out between 1.6k to 2.5k for me and I do notice it now having an impact on fights that are damage intensive if anything the shield gives us breathing room. And no matter how you look at it the free healing off mastery is mana saved all the time you use any heal that proc’s it.

    If anyone is interested in my logs they can find me on wow logs under the guild Tyrian Alliance name Silkain we do 10 man regular on normal.

    • Handisias Says:

      I agree with the spirit/int way of healing, mastery is too insufficient and my throughput is awesome enough to not worry about crit. Mana regeneration for those longer fights seems to still be the way to go.

      • Ophelie Says:

        I see Spirit kind of an “as needed” stat: if you’re swimming in mana, lean towards more throughput, but if you’re running low on mana, focus on regen.

        One thing I found interesting when my Baby Pally hit 85 was that she could keep people alive as easily as my main could When I took her to Tol Barad, she did as much healing as the geared priest did. She just couldn’t do it for as long. As much as I hate to admit it, being a fan of big numbers and all, I think mana supply really is the main determinant of how well we’ll heal.

        That said, I’m (as my main) currently in a really casual guild, so it’s not like I get a lot of selection when it comes to gear, ha! I take what I can get.

    • Ophelie Says:

      It’s nice to see the discussion shifting from “MASTERY IS TEH SUXOR!” to “Well, I consider Mastery.” I do agree with everyone who says our Mastery is boring (it’s so, so, so passive!), but I do like the concept of a soaker between heals.

      I don’t think the averages recorded on WoL are really representative of what Mastery is really doing: the 800s from Light of Dawn and the 6000s from Divine Light are worlds away from either other; but it is interesting to see the low overheal and the overall percentage of healing done from Mastery.

  3. Zahia Says:

    “The 200 Illuminated Healing ticks not due to Divine Light were probably due to Light of Dawns and Holy Shocks, which explains why the reported Illuminated Healing average was so low”
    I don’t know how Illuminated Healing is calculated by WoL, but I suppose it works like Power Word: Shield, and this could alone explain the low average healing.
    In fact the number of shields is the number of time a shield absorbs something, not the number of shields casted. If you cast a 10k shield on someone who take 5 x 2k damage, WoL will show 5 shields of 2k and not one big 10k shield.

    • Ophelie Says:

      That would make sense. The number of Illuminated Healing ticks is always almost equal to the number of casts triggering Mastery (and when it’s not equal, it’s not under by much), but that would just mean that the shields are being used. Illuminated Healing shields are really small compared to Power Word: Shield, and compared to the amount of damage taken by people affected by IH.

      Here are some log browser samples of PW:S:
      [18:57:21.506] Magrin gains Power Word: Shield from Shouryuken (Remaining: 28949)
      [18:57:25.521] Magrin’s Power Word: Shield is refreshed by Shouryuken (Remaining: 14251)
      [18:57:26.787] Balzac casts Power Word: Shield on Thrizzy
      [18:57:27.193] Thrizzy gains Power Word: Shield from Balzac (Remaining: 35564)

      And here are some from IH:
      [18:57:19.443] Magrin gains Illuminated Healing from Glowinglight (Remaining: 1554)
      [18:57:20.303] Glowinglight’s Illuminated Healing fades from Magrin (Remaining: 0)
      [18:57:21.459] Kragsbubble gains Illuminated Healing from Glowinglight (Remaining: 2079)
      [18:57:21.506] Glowinglight’s Illuminated Healing fades from Kragsbubble (Remaining: 0)
      [18:57:22.662] Kragsbubble gains Illuminated Healing from Nerradain (Remaining: 7291)

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