I Was Due for a Proper Blogroll Update

It seems that my last blogroll update was from January, so about 6 months ago. No, wait, that’s exactly 6 months ago. Or it was yesterday when I started writing this post.

Time flows faster on the internet. Since my last blogroll update date, we’ve had bloggers leave us, we’re have retired bloggers make a return and we’ve had new bloggers introducing themselves. We’ve even had new bloggers to the scene who’ve already retired. That’s how fast time flows on the internet.

Personal links

That’s right, I’m starting with my own links first, egomaniac that I am. Under the paladinning section, I added my non-raid gear post and the Holy Paladin 101 I wrote for Top Rosters. I also tearfully cleared out a few posts that were too outdated to be of any use. That’s the sad side of playing a class that gets revamped every patch: your hard work never lasts long.

Please Welcome Back

After sorting through the Paladin and the Retired folders in my RSS feeder, I discovered that two bloggers have returned from the nether for our reading pleasure.

Caer Morrighan has had her arms (and timetable) full with motherhood, but has still managed to give us some of her famous and much anticipated Crib Sheets for paladin dps, priest healing(!) and a healthy variety of Cataclysm raid bosses.

Ruthra from Holy Shock has also made a comeback, writing about Holy Paladins as well as other topics that cross his mind.

Please Welcome

When three major names from the Protection paladin community, Anafielle, Theck and Meloree, joined together for a blogging project, I thought “this is too good to be true!”. But I was wrong, it was true. And the end result, Sacred Duty is going strong with regular, informative posts on paladin tanking as well as thought-provoking commentaries on tanking in relation to other aspect of the game.

Another new Protection blog (which also has a great magey half) is D/E the Tank with Orv and Nymphy. They’ve got a lot of resources for new and leveling tanks as well as some extra fun for those of the mage persuasion.

On the Holy side of the paladin blogosphere, we’ve got Heavy Wool Bandage written by Glorwynn Lightbraid. Her voice is one of a kind, and she covers the ground that tends to be forgotten by the majority of holy paladin bloggers: healing in low level instances. There’s a lot more than leveling guides though, so take your time and browse through her pages.

Another Holy blog that has made an appearance is the interestingly titled I am McFluffy, he doesn’t update too often, but maybe if we nudge up, we’ll be seeing more of him.

Kallixta’s Notes is a Holy blog that has actually been around for quite some time. She chronicles her adventures through all the sides of Warcraft, from raiding, to leveling, to RPing to farming.

And last, but not least, Word of Glory is written by the lovely Lynesta. She’s another who doesn’t update often, but when she does, her posts are well written, her topics are relevant, her guides are helpful and she’s overall a lovely voice to read.

Got a Paladin blog?

If you know of a paladin blog I’ve missed, let me know! I’ll list all blogs that meet the following criteria:

1) Blog must have at least one regular paladin contributor (they don’t necessarily have to write about paladin-related stuff)
2) Blog must have existed for at least two months, or one month if updated 3 or more times a week.
3) Blog must have been updated within the past month (some exceptions might apply, but they’re really exceptions)

I’m not political when it comes to my paladin blogroll so if you’re not listed, it’s either because I’m a tad out of touch with the current blogosphere, or of oversight due to human error (I know it’s hard to believe, but I do succumb to that on occasion ;D).

EDIT: And here are some more paladin-flavored blogs for your reading pleasure!

In the tanking department we’ve got Sheep the Diamond by Stubborn who doesn’t write about tanking much, but when you stop by his blog, I can guarantee that you’ll find pages and pages of insightful, thought-provoking posts.

In the healing corner, we’ve got Gina’s Healbot.net, which I swear I have no idea how I missed her blog. (I mean, we’d even chatted on twitter a couple of times! Clearly I’m in the clouds these days.) Each one of her guides (and she’s written a lot of them!) is perfectly planned out and incredibly easy to follow. Head to Healbot.net for paladin and priest healing guides, fantastic 10 man boss guides and discussions on healing.

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14 Comments on “I Was Due for a Proper Blogroll Update”

  1. mhorgrim Says:

    *cries” I’m not a paladin…but I tries to make everyone enjoy a story or 3….

    • Ophelie Says:

      Aww. I stick with the paladin bloggers otherwise my list of all the awesome bloggers would be waaay too long! But hopefully your comment will get you a few well deserved clicks!

  2. Enlynn Says:

    Thanks, Bossy. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for new people to follow. 🙂

  3. Stubborn Says:

    Technically, my blog fits all of your requirements. My main is a paladin, I’m old enough and certainly update enough. I suppose “For your Prot Pally Fix: Sheep the Diamond” might seem a bit counter-intuitive, though. (;

  4. oh nooooes you missed meh! 😦

    *cries holy tears in corner*

    • Ophelie Says:

      ZOMG! For some really weird reason I was sure you were a priest! Shows how out of touch with the blogosphere I am!


      • Well….Technically I have disco, paladin, and tree at 85 (and my resto shammy at 83 now) hah! Healing army (yep I’m crazy) but my beautiful paladin is my prime raiding and blogging char 🙂

        Thanks for the note sweetie ❤
        /hugs you

  5. Thank you for the link, Ophelie. 🙂 I was wondering why I saw a spike in visitors today. It makes a lot more sense now. And thanks for being one of those much higher level paladins who has encouraged me.

  6. Kimboslice Says:

    Are you on Nerzhul still? I might come back and play but I only want to do something casual nothing crazy nuts

    • Ophelie Says:

      I’m still on Nerzhul! I’m with Thespius’ guild Team Sport at the moment. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 server and could really use someone who plays well but isn’t looking for high end progression… 😉

  7. Morrighan Says:

    Thanks for the link love 🙂

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