It’s All About Teh Blizzcon (and the subsequent vacation)

I was half tempted to use a picture of the lineups, but I was worried that no one would understand the image choice.

It’s almost time to stand in line with ten thousand other geeks to pick up my Blizzcon package! I had so much fun last year that the bar for this year is set high. I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint.

All my guildies suck and aren’t going, so I will be looking for a foster guild for the weekend. I assure you that I am not too whiny (as long as I’m fed) and won’t get into fights (unless it’s over food). If you see me and recognize me (I’m easy to spot: I’m a tall, skinny blonde chick and I’ll be hanging out with a tall, loud redhead), don’t be shy. Come on over and say hi. Don’t worry about seeming creepy or anything. I can’t recognize faces, ever, so I’ll be all polite and act like I know you regardless.


The best thing about Blizzcon is, of course, the parties.

The plan is to hit WoW Insider/Wowhead at the Anabella on Thursday night and Twisted Nether on Friday night at Bar Louie. Both parties are usually a hit – WoW Insider will be PACKED with geeky goodness, and TNB will be a tad more intimate, with friendly, familiar faces all around.

Saturday night is still up in the air. Maybe we’ll hit the Hilton party, or maybe we’ll take off for some booty-shaking at a local dance club. I haven’t been dancing in what feels like forever! It’s time we remedy that.

Post-Blizzcon Odyssey

I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t decided to turn Blizzcon into a two week backpacking vacation! Here’s the plan:

1- Phoenix
2- El Paso
3- San Antonio
4- New Orleans

Two weeks is short, so unfortunately thats as far as I can get before having to head back to work. But if you find yourself in one of those cities shortly after Blizzcon and would like to go for a drink (or even better, if you find yourself with the irresistible urge to buy ME a drink!), give me a holler!

See you at Blizzcon!

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12 Comments on “It’s All About Teh Blizzcon (and the subsequent vacation)”

  1. Saif Says:

    Jealous! I’m hoping to make it to the con next year. But I say that every year.

    New Orleans is my absolutely favorite place in the US aside from my beloved home in NYC. The autumn is a great time to visit NOLA – you’ll have a blast! 🙂

    • Ophelie Says:

      I was actually supposed to go there on student exchange for a semester. But shortly before I left, Katrina hit and I got rerouted to California. Wanted to go and see what I missed. I’m staying a few days there, should be a good time!

  2. Megacode Says:

    Lucky me, I live 45 min from Blizzcon. Looking forward to all the fun stuff.

  3. AliPally Says:

    I live a long, long way from Blizzcon, so no chance of going at all. Shame because it would be nice to experience it, I hope you have a great time!

    • Ophelie Says:


      Yeah, f you’re from overseas, yeah, its pretty far to go. I flew from Newfoundland last year and going that far for a weekend really wrecked me. It was worth it, but it was rough!

  4. When you get to Phoenix, lemme know! 🙂

  5. Fimlys Says:

    You are always welcome to hang out with us all weekend 🙂

  6. Ah, I want to go! Like, so bad!

    Seriously, sound like such a good time. Anyway, I’m going for the next best thing. Obviously the virtual ticket! In which I am going to be Live Blogging the whole event to those without either XD

    Have fun! I want a geek party 😦

    – Jamin

  7. slice213 Says:

    have fun at blizzcon! Phoenix well Az is a beautiful state!

  8. Amerence Says:

    I wish I came this year, never been to any Blizzcon yet. Hopefully next year. =)

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