Blog Azeroth 2011 Furtive Father Winter

It’s stupidly cold outside. I frostbit my fingers digging my car out of a snowbank otherwise knows as my parking lot. It’s dark all the time. I wake up in cold sweats every night, after having nightmares about semester finals of Decembers past.

But it’s ok. It’s all ok.

Because all these things mean that it’s just about that time of year! That time of year, oh yeah, for this year’s edition of Blog Azeroth‘s Christmas event!

You may remember the exciting exchanges from last year’s 2010 Secret Santa and all the laughs we had with 2009’s Kris Kringle.

And this year, Blog Azeroth is back with the Furtive Father Winter 2011.

For those of you unfamiliar with the theme, it’s quite simple:

1- Sign up
2- Receive the name of a fellow blogger.
3- Creep Secretly learn a bit about your fellow blogger
4- SECRETLY write a guest post for your fellow blogger and email it to them.
5- Receive a surprise guest post in your email.
6- Post your received post on your blog.


It’s a great way to get to know other bloggers and draw some attention to your own work, while celebrating the season.

Ok, you say, I totally want in this, but how? How can I sign up for such awesomeness?

Again, easy!

Get the attention of your hostess for this year, Akabeko through one of these methods:

– Send her an email using this form
– Send her a tweet
– Leave her a comment in her announcement post.
– Drop by the thread at Blog Azeroth and leave a post with your interest.

The deadline for signing up is December 15, but don’t wait that long. Sign up NOW!

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2 Comments on “Blog Azeroth 2011 Furtive Father Winter”

  1. Vrykerion Says:

    I never did receive a guest post last year. lol. Maybe my email was just massively messed up as it took 3 tries to send my person the one I wrote as well. Who knows…

    Have fun all! I’m not exactly a “WoW” blog anymore, so I’m not planning on throwing my hat into this one. But I look forward to reading what everyone writes! 😀

    • Ophelie Says:

      There were a couple of people who went MIA last year 😦 I sent the list to Akabeko so she knows for this year. Thankfully there were very few bailers.

      I’m really excited to see who writes what for who. Always so much fun!

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