Love is in the Paladins: Updating the Blogroll

The ol’ blogroll was due for a good scrubbing.

I did the sad task of deleting all the blogs that hadn’t been updated for a bit over a month, then took on the daunting mission of finding the new and promising paladin blogs waiting to be discovered.

I swear that finding new pally blogs gets harder and harder. I do come across exciting new blogs…only to have them die before they’ve been around long enough to link to.

Don't DIE! (Note: No paladins were injured in this screenshot. Character is not a paladin.)

And it seems that new bloggers are getting shyer about advertising themselves.

New pally bloggers, I beg of you, stop making my blogroll task so difficult dammit. I want to find you, so quit it with the hiding!

The Goodbyes

I was pretty merciless in my pruning. Whether they were friends, or bloggers I didn’t know too well, I hit the “delete” button for when I noticed that their last post was over a month ago.

The one blog that did make me do a double take was Paladin Shmaladin. Notice I didn’t link to it? I had noticed their lack of posts, but I wasn’t expecting to find a “page does not exist” when checking the blog.

I never liked Ferraro (oh yes, I am totally mean girls!). The content was often questionable, and, mostly, the writing style had always been a little…off… To the point that when it was revealed that the writer(s) behind Paladin Shmaladin had been stealing someone elses identity, I couldn’t understand why anyone was surprised.

But, in all fairness, Paladin Shmaladin had some excellent moments.

I have to give at least some respect to the person who posted the rotations of every spec of every dps class using game icons, to prove that ret paladins weren’t the most faceroll class out there. I can’t imagine how many hours that took. The guides, while usually not very accurate, were still the best illustrated and easiest to read in the blogosphere. And, most of all, Paladin Shmaladin provided us with the most fascinating blog drama I’ve ever witnessed in the WoW community.

So in thanks for the countless hours of entertainment, I give a goodbye salute to Ferraro and Paladin Shmaladin.

Welcoming the new general paladin bloggers

In the general paladining category, you can now find a link Ask Mr Robot. Mr Robot isn’t paladin exclusive, and I’ve yet to really use the resource myself, but it comes highly recommended as a starting point reference. New to your class and want a basic idea of how to build it before giving yourself a headache deciphering Elitist Jerks? Ask our friend Mr Robot.

I also added Miri’s blog Guarded by the Light. I’m actually not sure why it wasn’t already there… She was our pally tank rep on The Double O Podcast’s Tanking Roundtable, and is fluent in both Protection and Holy. She writes about general WoW topics as well, making her an excellent addition to any feedreader, paladin centric or not.

Welcoming the new Holy bloggers

As usual, Holy is the most active link list. I’m not sure if I just stumble across Holy blogs more than Ret or Prot blogs because I’m Holy, or if it’s just that us healer-types are chattier.

I added the podcast My Epic Heals. It’s not paladin centric, but Eade is a paladin (his blog, My Pally Heals, used to be on my blogroll, but I had to take it off for inactivity. Don’t panic though, the podcast is still going strong!), and they are healing-centric.

We’ve also got Amowrath joining our ranks with The Light’s Wrath. Out of all the holy bloggers who’ve opened shop since my last update, Amowrath is one of the two that are still among us. Head over to his page, give him some love, and convince him to stick around!

The other holy paladin blogger is Dreamy from Drunkard’s Regalia. Her style is completely unique, and, in my opinion, a refreshing change from the many more formal blogs out there. She’s fun, bouncy, and a tad gory. If you’re looking to add some spice to your blog reading, Drunkard’s Regalia is a good place to start.

Oh, and I fixed the link to the Paladin forum at Plus Heal. You can now use it again!

Welcoming our new Retribution brother

We have a new retribution blogger! And a good one at that! Chronicles of a Casual (and don’t let the name fool you, he is a raider, a dps paladin, and informative) fills in a huge gap in the paladin community by writing, with a teachy approach, about his adventures as a ret pally, both in raids and with the target dummy. Considering that I’ve slowly been learning retribution as an offspec myself, I’ve been following his blog in earnest, excited to see what he’ll show me next.

I added a link to Rel Pal too, a great resource for beginner Ret pallies (like me!) as well as more intermediate ret pallies.

Welcoming our new Protection sister

Bravetank is, well, bravely, leveling a tank through Azeroth’s deep dark dungeons. She shares her observations, be they about tanking or about the people she meets or about the general game in frequent, juicy, meaty posts. If you’re leveling a tank too and want some chicken soup for your soul, or if you just like to read solid blog posts, you’ll love Bravetank.

And non-Paladin links!

I don’t usually do a lot of maintenance on the non-pally blogs. Deciding which ones I’m going to link is always frustrating. My paladin blogroll is already quite long and if I added all the blogs I read, we’d have the list that never ends (yes, it goes on and on my friend). I aim for active blogs on general topics and/or blogs of more personal friends (because, yes, it’s my blog and if I want to play favorites, I’m totally allowed).

So I added Clockwork Bard. If you’re a long time WoW blog reader, you might recognize the writing style of More Bars Than You‘s Skip Cocoa. He’s a close irl friend of mine, and more importantly, a fantastic writer with an endless imagination. And thus Clockword Bard appeared on the blogroll.

The other blog I added is Healer by Nature by my guildy, raid leader and friend (I hope!) Thespius. Normally I’d require a tad more frequent posting for a blogroll listing, but because Thes is awesome, he gets to be an exception.

Know other Pally blogs that I need to list?

As mentioned in my intro, I’m totally open to shameless self promotion. Us pallies need to stick together and the only way we can do that is if we know each other.

As long as a blog is written in a paladin perspective, has been alive for a couple of months and has been active in the past month, there is a spot on my roll for it.

By the Light!

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22 Comments on “Love is in the Paladins: Updating the Blogroll”

  1. Lynesta Says:

    I can’t believe its been over a month since I last updated. I gotta get my butt in gear over here.
    Eeesh….busy life is busy!

  2. Poneria Says:

    Bonus points for Amo, my guildy! 😀

  3. Miri Says:

    Thanks so much for the add! I’ve actually got a list of stuff that I need to get written this week! So much to do, so little time!

  4. Saif Says:

    Looking at your inactive list made me sad!

    Avenging Wrathy was one of my favorite blogs to read. Honor’s Code was always a good read, too, though he’s moved on other classes.

    BUT! New paladin blood, so yay. I’ve been reading BraveTank for a while, and she is awesome. I quite enjoy her adventures and he storytelling is just brilliant.

    Thanks for pointing out the Ret blogs – not enough of those around!

    • Ophelie Says:

      Wrathy was a dear favorite of mine too. I don’t keep many blogs in the inactive list, but I liked Avenging Wrathy so much that I won’t delete it. I wonder if he still plays. I haven’t checked Maintankadin in a long time to see if he’s still around.

      I learned to tank back in BC by reading Honor’s Code. I had always thought of Honor’s Code as the beginner’s guide to tanking, Righteous Defense as the indermediate’s guide to tanking, and Avenging Wrathy as the advanced tank’s guide to tanking. Ah, the good ol’ days of paladin blogging!

  5. Reverend Zor Says:

    ugh, reading this made me realize I have been terrible lately with updating my own site

    • Ophelie Says:

      Bossy Pally, kicking people to post since 2009. ^_^

      I’ve always had you in my PvP folder, never realizing that your main was a pally. Looks like I’ll have to add another paragraph to the post!

  6. Derkhan Says:

    Thank You Ophelie. I have been reading your site for some time. Its good! You are holding those of us with keen Pally interests together with this blog.

  7. Xsinthis Says:

    “we’d have the list that never ends (yes, it goes on and on my friend)”

    you win an internet lol

  8. Zinn Says:

    “I have to give at least some respect to the person who posted the rotations of every spec of every dps class using game icons, to prove that ret paladins weren’t the most faceroll class out there.”

    Hey I remember that ^^

    • Ophelie Says:

      I plugged you guys last time! There’s no way I could pass on the awesomness that is Sacred Duty:

      When three major names from the Protection paladin community, Anafielle, Theck and Meloree, joined together for a blogging project, I thought “this is too good to be true!”. But I was wrong, it was true. And the end result, Sacred Duty is going strong with regular, informative posts on paladin tanking as well as thought-provoking commentaries on tanking in relation to other aspect of the game.

      You guys are on the roll, alphabetically between Righteous Defense and Sheep the Diamond!

  9. AliPally Says:

    Thanks for the update to the blogroll. I will visit all of them, for sure.

    I always used to read Paladin Schmaladin. There were a lot of interesting posts and guides. Ferraro often hinted that she was a Blizzard insider; something I took with a pinch of salt, because let’s face it, there was no way to prove or disprove that.
    As far as the ‘identity theft’ went, I still don’t know if she just pretended to be someone else, or if she was that person, and just pretended not to be Ferraro. It was all a bit wierd. Anyway, I stopped reading that quite some time ago, but not because of all the drama involved; it just wasn’t being updated. Drama is interesting!

  10. Dreamy Says:

    Aw, I never saw this post! Thank you so much for the mention and yay for Paladerps! 😀 I’m still kind of new and I was looking at my blog stats. The vast majority of my traffic comes from your blog, and I saw traffic coming from this post. I was like “WHUUU??” so I came to see what was happening. 🙂

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