Heeding the Call of the 666s

I don’t get tagged in memes often (I was even TOTALLY neglected in the last resurrection of the Circle of Healers questionny thing, over which I STILL cry myself to sleep. I’m a sensitive soul, what can I say?) so I was thrilled when I was tagged by Nymphy and Rivs and Jaedia (<3) in the 666s meme.

The meme was started by our resident trendsetter Gnomeaggedon and is traveling around the blogosphere at an impressive speed (in other words, I’m going to have a rough time tagging people who haven’t already done the meme). In Gnomer’s own words, here are the rules:

Go into your image folder
Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
Publish the image! (and a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I dare say I couldn’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own).
Challenge six new bloggers.
Link to them.

The internet, I think, will be pretty disappointed to hear that I don’t keep WoW pictures in my pictures folder. My screenshots are kind of all tossed together with a bunch of other crap in my normal documents folders. It’s very out of character for me to not have my WoW pictures optimally organized, but yeah. I’m not one of those people who takes pride in my WoW pictures. Screenshots get taken to colourfy the blog, then get buried and abandoned.

So what is the sixth picture of the sixth subfolder hiding in my pictures folder?

Probably not the most exciting picture I’ve ever taken, but, that’s my sixth of the sixth. Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park. I took my girl Cocoa (who was an SPCA resident at the time, but has been recently adopted to a great forever home) up to Jasper and to the Cadomin ghost town, where I had fun taking some pictures of the scenery.

Cocoa, of course, was very interested in getting her picture taken and showing us her pretty face.

Interestingly, when I open my pictures folder directly from WordPress, my subfolders get messed around, so for your visual pleasure: the sixth picture of my other sixth subfolder.

Kind of had a lighting problem there. Also not the best haircut I’ve ever sported.

In the background, Kelowna, British Columbia. Taken during my BC backpacking trip 2 summers ago.

Because I kind of feel bad for cheaping out of the WoW pictures, here are some sixes from folders that may be hiding WoW photos.

Sixth picture in my default WoW screenshot folder:

Aw, good ol’ days of ICC with Conquest. My UI may look cluttered, but to me, it’s pristine.

Sixth picture in the Sixth Game Stuff folder subfolder:

Ok, I lied. Sixth Gaming folder subfolder only has 5 pictures. This fifth photo was taken special for none other than Gnomeaggedon himself, in honour of the Blog Azeroth Secret Santa of 2009.

Sixth picture of the Game Stuff folder:

YESSS Adrianne Curry playing WoW naked! I borrowed that photo some time back to help me write a post about Valentines day 2 years ago, Love is in Singles Appreciation Day.

Time to tag

THERE YOU GO. If you’re still looking at this post after that display of picture folder exhibitionism, you’ll discover that I’ve tagged the following people:

Bravetank, from Bravetank (I’m sure she’s got good stuff stashed away)
Morrighan, from Caer Morrighan (who never posts pictures)
Saunder, from Non-Squishy Heals (because I haven’t been in touch with him for forever)
Saif, from Raiding After Dark (who is far too quiet)
WJRez, from The Epic Chef’s Hat (my first regular commenter whom I haven’t talked to in awhile)
Either Matt or Dan (whichever one of the two is the most fun) at Nerf-Herders (yay for cross game meme-ing!)

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9 Comments on “Heeding the Call of the 666s”

  1. Cymre Says:

    Good to see this thing is still going… So far I’ve only seen two my my picks go forward with theirs

  2. Jen Says:

    Your UI in that screenshot looks sooo much like mine. I used to hate how much space PP took, that change to paladin buffs was great. Ok, so it’s not super pretty, but it works even after a patch and, as long as Grid and Clique are fine, I can heal anything. (I still remember raids where we spent an hour on “shit my XPerl isn’t working, brb!”)

    • Ophelie Says:

      I like looking at a million things at once, so I don’t even find my UI cluttered ^_^ It does look better now that I have a real computer monitor, but I find that having everything clumped together on the laptop screen actually made it easier to know what’s going on because I didn’t have to move my eyes around as much.

      I remember those fights with XPerl too. I think they fixed it now so that it doesn’t explode every patch, but yeah, back in the day I lost my patience with it very quickly.

  3. Saunder Says:

    Um, thanks Ophelie, I may be wordy but I’m not actually screenshot-happy so that will be … interesting to see what turns up. lol.

    *hangs head in shame* I did what? I … no, couldn’t have forgotten … Surely I would have remembered to … *checks Healing Webring 2.0 list* Oh. OH! I can’t believe that noone tagged you! That’s terrible! How could that many people makes such an omission! Gah, fail of the week, that!

  4. Jaedia Says:

    Heyyy I tagged you too! :p

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