Frames Layout, Bossy Pally style

I have good news! My badass, sex fiend of a Sith Warrior finally proved herself to the Dark Council and earned her Darth title! (And because her timing is always impeccable, the second she returned to the ship, the companion she’d been hitting on the whole game decided at last to put out. She was getting a little worried there, after choking him then hooking up with another companion…but it all worked out. She had a great night. I’m happy for her. Really, I am.) What all that means is I can go back to living a normal life. Normal life which includes vacuuming popcorn off the carpet, washing away the orange stuff that oozes through my bathroom walls when I take showers and updating the blog.

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat to write and had to think “um, what should I write about?” The hesitation I have about writing pally posts these days is that I really don’t want to spend 6-8 hours writing something that will be totally outdated in a couple of months. Then I got an idea. Lately, I’ve been exchanging some emails with a fantastic leveling holy paladin (also resto shaman). We got onto the topic of raid frames and buff/debuff tracking and she raised a lot of excellent points. Plus, raid frames is a fairly timeless topic. And thus, you’re now reading (or quickly scrolling through) a post about my sexy (IMO) raid frames.

Raid Frames

Raid frames are a totally personal thing and I don’t push any addon in particular. I say go with what your friends are using. It’s easier to get help that way. Buff/debuff tracking is also a personal thing and I’m not here to force my frames layout down anyone’s throat. But if you’re looking for ideas, then this post is for you.

I use Grid (or more specifically, Grid 2), but I have played around with the other addons (Vuhdo and Healbot) and I recall being able to configure them similarly.

In a 25 raid, my frames look kinda like the shot I posted above. It dates back to ICC, in Wrath (and most of these characters don’t exist anymore/have changed names, so don’t even TRY to stalk my ex-guildies!), but my (timeless!) frames still have the same features:

– Vertical groups (arranged by party)
– Pets on the far right
– Horizontal health bars
– Colours according to class

Here’s snapshot of a single box, with a bunch of things on it:

Lets break it down!

How I’ve got tracking set up

You’ve got a lot more possibilities when it comes to where you want your shiny colours or icons to appear, but this image shows the spots I use.

And now I’ll entertain you all by listing what goes where, as well as what kind of indicator I use. (In order words, whether I use an icon, a colourful square or text.)

Top Left: My Beacon of Light (icon)
Top Center: Other Beacons of Light (or as I say it, Beacon of Lights – icon)
Top Right: My Holy Radiance (icon), any Hand (Sacrifice, Protection, Freedom – icon)
Center Left: Raid markers (icon)
Center Text: Offline status, Death, Names
Health Bars: Health (by class colour), Out of range (fades out at 40 yards)
Center (Extra Large!) Icons: Awaiting resurrection, Any important buffs or debuffs that I need to pay special attention to in a fight, Dispellable debuffs (magic, poison, disease)
Bottom Left: My Judgement of the Pure (icon)
Bottom Right: Forbearance (red square), Other Holy Radiances (yellow square), Low Mana (blue square), Undispellable debuffs (curse – purple square)
Border: Aggro

Notes and Points of Interest

1)My spells vs Others’ spells: The feature’s been around in Grid for as long as I can remember, but I only started using it recently. I love it! It really comes in handy when you have other holy paladins in the raid. I was having troubles with my Beacon falling off due to being buried under other Beacon indicators. But no more! I also use the split for Holy Radiance. And I only track my own Judgement of the Pure since I’m not a raid leader and really don’t care if other pallies have their Judgement of Pure up.

2)Priorities: I think this may be a newer feature, but it’s lovely if you limit the number of indicator locations on your frames. When I listed my indicators above, I went in order of priority. So if someone had Forbearance and Low Mana, I would see the Forbearance square, not the Low Mana one. The places in my settings where priority is a concern are Center Text, Center Icons and Bottom Right.

3)Buffs/Debuffs in the middle: I find that I don’t act quickly on special statuses if they’re not obvious. I experimented with a few locations and eventually settled with big, obnoxious icons in the middle. In a raid environment, you rarely have to deal with more than 1 or 2 debuffs or statuses per fight, so it works perfectly. However, this setup is probably not ideal in pvp or even 5 man dungeons.

And there you have it

That’s how I big brother the raid. I’m often looking for new ideas and layouts, myself, but at the same time, it’s also good to limit what you track to what’s really useful. Too much noise in your frames will draw your attention away from the important elements.

And, if you were wondering, yes, I genuinely screwed up that image because I don’t know my left from my right. Don’t laugh.

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7 Comments on “Frames Layout, Bossy Pally style”

  1. anafielle Says:

    No worries. I still have to hold my hands up in the L _| shape (you know what I mean) to remember which is right and which is left.

    All the time. Not kidding.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I didn’t even know that trick! Usually I think really hard about which hand I write with (the left) or I have to look for the tiny scary scar on my left hand. But even when I do that, I still sometimes get it wrong. Made driving lessons a nightmare!

    • Saunder Says:

      Anafielle, The standard response to that is that if you hold your hand up making the ‘L’ with the back of your hand towards you, thats’s your Left … and if you hold your OTHER hand up with the PALM towards you, then that one is left as well. Bwahahaha.

  2. AliPally Says:

    I use healbot, I always have and I guess as long as it keeps being updated, I always will. What I also use right now is Blizzard raid frames. I have my Healbot at the bottom of the screen, and the Blizz frames at top left. I keep buff markers, class colours, mana bars etc on the Blizz frames, and I keep simple things like debuff tracking and my spells (Beacon, Hands) on my healbot.
    These days I also keep track of my Beacon and Judgement on a separate timer bar, and if either is about to fall off I get a big icon appear in the middle of the screen. There have been times before where I did lose my beacon and I didn’t realise!

    Left and Right: I always think – most people Write with their Right hand ( I don’t I’m a lefty too!) so that’s how I keep track.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I do frequently ask myself “which of these hands would I write with…that must be left” But sometimes I get it wrong. Ah well, being side-ly challenged hasn’t killed me yet and makes for funny mishaps.

      I couldn’t image having more than one thing to look at. I even wish I could put boss frames in Grid so I wouldn’t have to move my eyes around so much.

  3. healingspeck Says:

    Great write up. Years ago I tried Grid, found it difficult to set up so I settled with Healbot. Most recently switched over to Vuhdo. Perhaps one day I’ll give Grid a shot but just by reading this article it seems Vuhdo and Grid are very similar.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Yeah, the more these programs evolve, the more similar they become. I gave all three a decent trial about a year ago and found they all do the same thing. Vuhdo takes a long time to set up since you have to enter all your spells manually (unless they’ve recently changed that). Grid used to require extra addons if you wanted to do anything fancy (though I found it did enough stuff without extras that I only used Clique and boss-specific addons and did fine) but with Grid 2, everything is pretty much included. Healbot didn’t leave a strong impression on me. I can’t remember if there were any weaknesses to it.

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