For the Undergrads Fans – Followup to the Calgary Convention

Yeah, that’s right, I’m going to not talk about WoW again on my WoW blog. Hey, it’s my blog and I can write about whatever I want.

I’m also a bit behind the times on this post (I swear I’ve been working on these short lines for over a week now…the ol’brain just ain’t what it used to be) but I wanted to share a couple of links with my fellow Undergrads fans, and I want to show my support for a potential season 2, should all the stars align.

I swear I am borrowing this picture for a good cause!

So, remember last post about the Calgary Expo? Where I excitedly attended a panel by the writers of the college student and/or former college student must-see show, Undergrads?

And remember how I mentioned that it was a 10 year old show (actually, I suspect it’s a little older than 10 years, since I remember watching the French version of the show in high school, and I graduated in 2001), it aired for one season then got cancelled? And how the panel made a big splash at the Calgary Expo, with all of us fans discovering we are not alone.

The excitement went on after the Expo, even among fans who hadn’t been able to attend the convention, and all the buzz resulted in this portal website (which, I believe, was made by the show writers themselves). That’s right!

– You can catch the videos of Saturday’s panel (here, here and here – and don’t worry about there not being any footage from Sunday’s panel, both days ended up being almost identical. Funny how fans always ask the same questions.)!

– You can join the Undergrad’s Facebook Groupville (group that is actually admined by Williams, Cagan and Rheingold!)

– And! You can check out photos from the Expo on their Flickr page!

I challenge you to find me in the Facebook group!

Later, guy!

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6 Comments on “For the Undergrads Fans – Followup to the Calgary Convention”

  1. Vrykerion Says:

    I would give no less than four toes and three fingers and at least one kidney for another season of Undergrads! 😀 Even if it never got brought down to the states, I would find it, download it and send Pete money for it!

  2. Talarian Says:

    Oh man, that show was soooo good. Here’s hoping Season 2 happens!

  3. Matojo Says:

    EEEEEEEEEE. I remember watching that show ages ago, it was great — I really hope it does get another season. I’d watch the hell out of it.

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