How I’m healing in MoP – Holy Pally 4eva: Glyphs

Better late than never, right? I’ve got my fingers crossed that I can finish this guide by the next expansion. (2 years, is it? I can do this in 2 years.)

So now that we’ve explored Stats and Talents, the next logical step is Glyphs. Glyphs, actually, are fairly similar to the new talent system, but add an extra fun dimension to building a character. We get two types of Glyphs: Major and Minor. Major Glyphs directly affect existing abilities while Minor Glyphs, for the most part, just make abilities look cooler.

I won’t go into Minor Glyphs since they have very little effect on gameplay (though Glyph of the Falling Avenger can help during Tillers Dailies). I do, however, highly recommend Glyph of the Luminous Charger because, you know, we’re shiny paladins and our mounts should reflect that.

I divided the Major Glyphs into possible uses to make the post more efficient. I left out the ones that affect retribution- or protection-only abilities but included everything else, for the sake of completion.

Healing Style

These glyphs all affect how you’ll be healing. I fit Divine Plea into this category because the nature of the Glyph has very little effect on mana regen and a lot of effect on how you’ll fit the spell into your healing.

Glyph of Light of Dawn: Light of Dawn heals for more, but hits less targets. I’ve yet to find a use for this. In 5s and 10s, I get better results by putting Eternal Flame on everyone than by casting Light of Dawn, while in 25s, if I’m using Light of Dawn then I want to hit as many people as possible. Feel free to experiment and share your discoveries, though. Rating: Your mileage may vary.

Glyph of Flash of Light: If you cast Flash of Light, your heals for the next 7 seconds will heal for more. For the most part, unless you’re a weird Flash of Lighting paladin, this Glyph is a wasted slot. I have found use for it, however, on Tsulong’s Day Phase where Flash of Light can be a smart spell choice. Rating: Situational.

Glyph of Beacon of Light:
Removes the global cooldown on Beacon of Light, making this Glyph lovely for tank or target switching fights. Feng and Garalon come to mind as fights where I like to use this Glyphs. Also, if you’re running with a less experienced team where the tanks tend to die (or fight over aggro), this Glyph can be handy. Rating: Situational.

Glyph of Divine Plea: Removes the healing penalty from Divine Plea but adds a (freaking long) cast time. If you’re new to paladin healing, are just gearing or running with a less experienced team, this Glyph sucks. The healing penalty is a little annoying, but the cast time is deadly. I’m sure it becomes less of a pain as Mastery shields and Eternal Flame ticks become powerful enough to keep targets alive during the 5 second cast and quite a few commenters stopped by to say they loved the Glyph (so do try it) but I’m hesitant to go back to it. Rating: Your mileage may vary.

Glyph of the Battle Healer: You heal the raid a little when you melee. It does very little healing, but if I can melee on a fight and I can’t find a third useful Glyph, I’ll use it. A teeny bit of healing is better than no healing. Rating: Filler glyph.


These Glyphs are all about mana. Because we like our mana.

Glyph of Illumination: Affect mana regen via manipulation of Spirit and Holy Shocks. To see if you’d benefit from this Glyph, Joe Ego (theorycrafter at Leveling Holy and Elitist Jerks) made a spread sheet. To use, make a copy of the spread sheet, plug the appropriate numbers in the blue squares and look at your graph. Basically, those who’d get use out of the Glyph run with low Spirit and never miss a Holy Shock. Which isn’t many of us. It might make a good Glyph for someone wanting to try an all-Intellect gemming style combined with a Tier 4-piece. Rating: Rarely useful.

Glyph of Divinity: Increased the cooldown of Lay on Hands but adds a 10% mana return. Good in combination with the Unbreakable Spirit talent. I’ve come to use this Glyph as baseline, since I rarely want to use Lay on Hands more than once or twice per fight, and an emergency mana button is always appreciated. Rating: Go for it.

Self Preservation

These Glyphs affect self-healing or incoming damage reduction. Sometimes they add a bonus to your healing, other times they just keep you from having to blindly trust your raid healers.

Glyph of Divine Protection: Adds a physical damage reduction component to Divine Protection but lowers the magical damage reduction component. For fights with a lot of physical damage, this Glyph is like a ray of light shining through the clouds (with, you know, naked baby angels singing and stuff). Wind Lord Mel’jarak’s Rain of Blades comes to mind. But if a fight is mostly magical, leave this Glyph at home. Rating: Situational.

Glyph of Avenging Wrath:
You get some health back while Avenging Wrath is active. If you’re using Avenging Wrath on cooldown, most of the health back will be overheal, but I could see the use on fights with constant raid damage (like Garalon or Tsulong) if you can’t think of anything better to use as a third Glyph. Use in combination with the Sanctified Wrath talent for maximum effect. Rating: Rarely useful.

Glyph of Protector of the Innocent: You get some health back every time you use Word of Glory (and it works with Eternal Flame too). This Glyph is a waste if you’re using primarily Light of Dawn as your Holy Power sink, but if, like most Holy Pallies, you use a lot of Word of Glory/Eternal Flame this is a fantastic Glyph, especially on fights with a lot of raid damage. Rating: Common Situational.


These are all Glyphs that affect damage output. You’ll rarely use them for raiding (though they might come in handy to beat an enrage timer), but you’ll love them if you want to do your dailies in Holy spec, run challenge modes or are bored in 5s heroics or Scenarios. I couldn’t find any solid numbers for dps increases per Glyph and my napkin math was inconclusive, so I’ll just explain the Glyphs and let you decide which respond best to your dps needs.

Glyph of Word of Glory: After healing with Word of Glory, your damage output increases by 3% for 6 seconds. Our dps is pretty low, so on it’s own, this Glyph won’t make miracles.

Glyph of Double Jeopardy: Judging a different target does double damage. I did the math with my spellpower and the Glyph gave me a 1400dps increase. Take that as you will.

Glyph of Denounce: Holy Shock has a 50% change to reduce your Denounce cooldown. Which means that, on average, every 12 seconds, your Denounce will take 0.75 seconds to cast instead of 1.5 seconds (or slightly less, depending on your haste).

Glyph of Harsh Words: Lets you use your Word of Glory offensively, provided you don’t have the Eternal Flame talent. Since I always end up with tons of Holy Power I can’t use when trying to kill things in Holy spec, I would probably go with this as a Holy DPS Glyph. I’d use it in combination with the Sacred Shield talent if soloing, or possibly Selfless Healer if running instances.

PVP and/or CC

Glyph of Blessed Life: You have a 50% chance to gain a charge of Holy Power when stunned, feared or immobilized. There is no situation in PvE where you will be any of these states frequently enough for this Glyph to useful (half a chance to gain a single charge? Really?) but perhaps it would have its use in PvP.

Glyph of Rebuke: Increases the cooldown on Rebuke but lengthens the effect. Again, I doubt it’ll ever come in handy in PvE, but PvP adepts might enjoy this Glyphs when quickly killing certain classes.

Glyph of Turn Evil: Instant casts on Turn Evil, but longers cooldowns. I’m not sure how many Demons, Aberrations and NPC Undead are in Pandaria, but this Glyph is available if you want to fear those types of mobs.

Glyph of Blinding Light: Blinding Light knocks down opponents for 3 seconds instead of blinding them for 6. Since damage breaks the blinding effect, this Glyph would let you damage your opponents right after using Blinding Light. I could see uses in PvP or soloing, but rarely for anything else.

And that completes the section on Glyphs. Tune in next time (whenever that might be) for another exciting chapter of Holy Pally 4eva!

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7 Comments on “How I’m healing in MoP – Holy Pally 4eva: Glyphs”


    I usually run with Divinity, Divine Plea, and use the last slot for Divine Protection or Beacon/Battle Healer. If using the 4pc Eternal Flame setup, I’ll mix Protector of the Innocent in there as well.

    The only time I’ve ever found myself using the Glyph of Flash of Light is with the 4pc PVP “rotation” where you spend every GCD either casting Eternal Flame or generating HP, which means sometimes FoL-ing quite often. Other than that though, yeah, never.

    I prefer the Glyph of Divine Plea, but it’s definitely per-person-preference. I would say however that it’s a good choice on Feng, Elegon, Tsulong (if you can time it with transitions properly), and Lei Shi due to lengthy periods of deadtime/no incoming damage where you safely have time to get off that 5s cast.

    Ironically, PVE raiding is where I switch glyphs the least…I find myself swapping them in/out far more when doing Heroics or PVP, to get some extra damage to make heroics go faster (Denounce, Harsh Words) or to be able to do some PVP damage and survivability in PVP (Denounce, Harsh Words, Blessed Life, Blinding Light)

    • Ophelie Says:

      I actually never really switched glyphs either (with the exception of Beacon of Light) until I started doing the research for this post. That and since I was looking to optimize my performance for potential guild applications. Divinity and Protector of the Innocent were my baseline, with Beacon or Battle Healer as my third. But now I’m all “Ooooh Divine Protection! And Flash of Light for Tsulong!”

      I haven’t been switching for heroics but I think I’ll start using Harsh Words since I get SO bored in heroics. Would come in handy for Scenarios too since I don’t really like going ret for scenarios.

      I haven’t tried Divine Plea since early MoP, but I’m hesitant to give it another test drive. I’d rather have reduced healing than having to time my DP use and waiting 5 seconds before casting again.

      Haven’t done much PvP…PvP scares me a little bit!

      • Rohan Says:

        Harsh Words isn’t that good, imo. Although it says the damage is the same as healing, in reality it’s quite a bit lower. I tried Shockadin for a little bit last week, and Denounce would do 25k, and Harsh Words WoG would do 30k. It would be better to just use Holy Power on Eternal Flame on yourself to reduce downtime.

        I don’t like the Divine Plea glyph because I like to time Divine Plea with movement. If I’m running, I can’t really heal anyways, so having reduced healing does not really matter.

        • Joe Ego Says:

          I run Harsh Words for solo questing, along with Sacred Shield. With all the Holy Power generated just from Holy Shock, it’s a much better sink than recasting EF on myself. For dungeons or PvP there would be many more chances to spend Holy Power on someone besides yourself or your target(s).

          Speaking of target-s-, the only AoE damage Holy can do is Light’s Hammer or Holy Prism. This makes me sad. As nice as Double Jeopardy sounds, Judgment hits like a wet noodle as Holy so it’s only useful when you need to cast on the run. When I’m doing damage and moving I’ll just settle for Crusader Strike and the extra charges of Holy Power anyway.

          Speaking of Holy DPS (because, really, who doesn’t love them some Holy DPS?!) I found Battle Healer to perform really poorly just because I do such trivial melee damage. Some EJ posters have also noted a bug with EF ticks resetting the melee swing timer, leading to NO white damage going out once you get more than a couple EF’s ticking in the group – which negates the already minuscule utility of Battle Healer.

          All that said, it is really satisfying to help burst down an arena opponent.

        • Talarian Says:

          Most fights you aren’t moving for 9 seconds at a time, and throwing out heals at a 50% healing penalty is just throwing more mana after bad healing. I actually use the Divine Plea glyph a lot, and find it super useful.

          If I’m in mid cast and I need to start healing NOW, break the cast and keep playing, and then try again at the next earliest convenience, whereas with the 9 second self-mortal strike debuff, I’d have to cancel the buff and then I’ve lost that mana, never to get it for the entire fight. The cooldown doesn’t get triggered until a successful cast.

          The cast time is reduced by haste, as well, so you can actually get a Divine Plea off under Divine Favor and/or Heroism/Timewarp/Bloodlust in a really short period of time. You’re talking a 3 second cast time to get one off if you need to during a high haste period, which is a hell of a lot better than trying to power through a 9 second healing debuff at the most critical period of the fight if you really need to get that mana back.

          So throw an Eternal Flame on the tank and a Hand of Sacrifice (you have two of those, right Clemency?), and then power through those 3 – 4 seconds and keep on trucking. There’s plenty of times where you can afford 3 – 4 seconds of no casting if you can afford 9 seconds of half healing.

          About the only thing I can think of where I’d actually opt to not use the glyph is if I know I’m I’ll be SO strapped for mana that I’ll need to use this expansions Potion of Concentration. Then pop Divine Plea and the Potion, and watch the mana flow. In which case, yeah, I agree, the glyph isn’t so hot there. But that of course requires 10 seconds of downtime that you don’t need to move, so that’s a bit harder to swing.

  2. cebrafin Says:

    Glyph of Beacon of Light has a lot more uses than tank swaps. It makes Beacon require no GCD and no CD, so you can swap it around for every single single target cast. If you’re casting anything on anyone and your tank has full life you can beacon someone else for some free healing. Every time you cast Flash of Light or Divine Light you can beacon the targt for HP. It’s quite a bit of micro-management but from what I’ve experienced it can be a lot of free healing if you don’t need 3 other major glyphs.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Interesting. That does sound like a lot of extra work (and some risk to the tank) but if works for you and makes healing more fun, then I don’t see why not.

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