So where did Rykga end up?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about my guild situation.

Last we spoke, I had caught up with my old guild Conquest and joined socially until the nightmare at work got sorted out.

Since then, I went guild searching at all the usual places. Let me tell you, the market is not the same as it was at the end of Cata! My work schedule does force me to look for something very specific, but still, not a single pitch was made to me. Not one.

Then I went to WoW progress and looked at EVERY. SINGLE. GUILD. in my progression range. Ok, I lie, I looked at every single US server Alliance 25m guild in my progression range.

I found 3 guilds with compatible schedules.

Guess how many of those guilds were recruiting?

That’s right: ZERO.

One even had a notice on their website that they were too full up to be accepting applications at all.

25m raiders becoming extinct, my two asscheeks.

A Decision had to be made

I really wasn’t ready to give up on raiding yet and figured I had decent chances with the two guilds that were accepting “exceptional players”. After a month hiatus, I was anything but exceptional, but a few farm runs could fix that easily.

Still, another idea was growing on me. I talked to some people, sent some emails, did a Mumble interview, took a shot in the dark and re-applied to Conquest as a raider.

Ta-da! Sporting the Tabard of Brohood once again!

Ta-da! Sporting the Tabard of Brohood once again!

I know, WoW blogger gossip fans are loving it. LOVING IT.

You went back to your ex!” (Simply a reference to how I often talk about my guild relationships in romantic terms. Rein in that gossip a little bit, I’ve never dated a Conquest bro.)

Don’t you remember what happened last time?

Believe me, I remember. I remember very well. I can even still work myself into a rage when I think about it enough.

But, you know what? After 2 years it’s time to let go a little bit and get over stuff. I’ve matured, the people involved have either left or matured, and each time I’ve gotten together with the Conquest crew in real life (that’s right, I’ve still being going to their meetups), I’ve had a blast. And seriously folks, there are worse things in life then having your feelings hurt by your WoW guild leadership.

So, how’s it going?

When asked how it’s going by non-guildies, I’ve answered with an “I don’t know“.

Then I wait a little bit as the other person squeals with excitement and grabs some popcorn. That’s when I let the hungry gossipers down with “On a personal level, it’s been awesome.”

Honestly, I’m blown away by how much the guild has grown up. I can still recognize my old stomping ground: the bro feeling is strong (girls can be bros too so it’s good), most of my favorite people are still there (but not all. Kaldora and Evan… I miss youuuuuuu) and many of the indescribable dynamics that make Conquest what it is haven’t changed.

But the things that used to bother me? Most of them, GONE! All the annoying people had left to make their own guild (which apparently crashed and burned just recently, much to everyone’s amusement), guild chat and the forums are very entertaining places, the officers, from what I can tell, are actually doing their job and I haven’t heard childish language, like, at all. (While I don’t get offended easily, I find childish behaviour tiring. If I wanted to be surrounded by 12 year olds, I’d be a schoolteacher.) There are also a few farming projects going on where everyone can voluntarily pitch in, which seems to be really beneficial socially.

It makes me want to log in and get involved and help out.

Raid-wise, though, it’s tough to adapt to a new style, especially when I liked OE’s raids so much. Since joining, I’ve been a diva, I’ve raged, I’ve pestered my healing lead, I’ve waved around the Giant Spoon… (I swear my healing lead must regret the day he promoted me to raider. Even I didn’t realize I was such a handful.) Conquest’s healing team’s only crime, though, is not being OE’s healing team. I’m just not over my romance with OE’s healing team.

I have conflicting feelings too in that I’m new, but I’m not new. I’m new in that I don’t know most of the team and they don’t know me. Some of the raid customs have changed and, as the new person, I would normally shut up and observe for a little while. But I don’t feel new. I know all the long-timers. I know the back-story to almost all the guild jokes (heck, I am the back-story to some of those jokes!). I have way more confidence than I usually do when joining a guild, which might get me into trouble. (Or it might be a good thing, I don’t know. The fight strat threads were so quiet and lonely, ever since I went all Bossy Pally on our Heroic Blade Lord thread, they’ve come alive.)

Of Progression and Efficiency

I can’t say I was taking a step back in progression because, well, after over a month of hiatus at the beginning of an expansion, a person falls far, far behind. However, I was worried about taking a step back in, I guess, progressiveness.

I’m not the healer who puts out the most hps, I’m not the fastest to assimilate mechanics (I’m not bad, but my age is showing and I’ve become slightly slower than the average progression player) and I have limits as to how far I’ll go to be better (no arena 4 piece for me). But I work best under pressure, I raid to kill bosses, I know my class, I have no life commitments holding me back (other than my work schedule) and, in the right environment, I have military-like discipline.

At the beginning of November, the last time I raided with OE, Conquest was quite a bit behind OE in terms of progression. That made me nervous. I don’t care about number of kills too much, but I crave high pressure environments, and those environments tends to go hand in hand with boss kills.

It’s working out though. Right after I joined, Conquest went from 1/16H to 6/16H, and I’m hoping for 8/16H by the end of this lockout. (Last night a guildie said “have you noticed that since Rykga joined the guild, we’re finally killing hard modes?“. While I had absolutely nothing to do with 2 kills and very little to do with the others, the joke still totally made my night. It’s this new Holy Pally passive, Heroic Aura. Makes your guildies kill hard modes.)

Anyway, the environment is more relaxed, but the level of discipline is totally acceptable.

I’ve also finally started, you know, playing the game. I did my first pet battle, I wrapped up the various Pandarian questlines, I did some rep grinding with useless factions. I even did a couple of quests on my mage. I have more time for me but also, I find I want to play more and just enjoy reading the banter in /g.

There’s been talk in the guild of making 300 food and valor capping mandatory. (Matt even brought it to his blog.) Me, I don’t mind being forced to valor cap and eat 300 food. I eat 300 food anyway: if I could produce enough 2 weeks after MoP came out, there’s no reason I can’t now. I try to valor cap, but when something comes up on Sat/Sun/Mon, I don’t feel guilty about not reaching the bar.

If I suddenly needed to, I would, however I would expect proper payoff. If I’m putting the energy into the game that I would for a top guild then I expect my guild to progress like a top guild.

Going to Ride the Waves

I think that, so far, I’m happy.

I know and accept that the tides might change and I may decide the raids aren’t for me. Or 2 years ago might replay itself as I suddenly become all OCD and start grasping at threads. But you know what? Getting hurt and failures are part of life. Nothing lasts forever and I’m ok with falls as long as the ride’s worth it.

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14 Comments on “So where did Rykga end up?”

  1. Stubborn Says:

    As someone who’s in another sticky guild situation, I’m really happy that you’ve found a place to rest your feet. As you say, it may only end up being something that’s “for now,” but for now you can enjoy it, so don’t worry about what may or may not happen in the future. That’ll make you nuts.

    So work doubly hard to enjoy it – for both of us – and I look forward to hearing more positive stories coming out of your situation!


    • Ophelie Says:

      Thank you! I hope to hear some positive soon from you too. Guild breakups or guild quits can be really stressful when you value your game time (when I was guildless simultaneously to my work situation blowing up, I couldn’t tell which of the two stressed me the most!), but there IS a light at the end of the tunnel and some fantastic guilds out there of all flavours.

  2. zosimadruid Says:

    Ophelie, I’m really glad to hear you have some serious potential for happiness in the game again. I look forward to hearing about the great exploits of CQ, especially since I’m firmly set outside the raid scene and live vicariously thought others now. I know well the feeling of finding a home and here’s to a great team! /cheers

    • Ophelie Says:


      Thespius said you and him were talking about you possibly going to Teamsport. Did that fall through? I know they’d love to have someone like you on their team.

  3. Talarian Says:

    Holy Paladins, OP since Wrath, and now so OP we don’t even need to raid to down bosses ā¤

  4. slice213 Says:

    šŸ™‚ Good to see that things are working out again for your raiding life!

  5. Saif Says:

    So glad you’re raiding again – and killing hard raid bosses! šŸ™‚ I miss seeing “Rykga heals you for 1bajillion” on my FCT!

    • Ophelie Says:

      Aww, thanks! And I miss Eternal Flaming you up before pulls!

      I’ve been enjoying your Hardcore Raiding series and I’m glad to see that you guys are also doing very well. Looking forward to the next installment!

  6. That guildie comment brought to you by the Indomitable Kimboslice aka Dogooder.

    You know I had similar concerns coming back to the guild I helped found. I basically took a hiatus from wow to pursue love and other games. Was interested in the expansion and came back to the guild.

    It took some time but I really worked hard at changing the raiding environment from a free for all blame fest to something looking more like it is today. It isn’t perfect but there is some symmetry to for progression happening and we have moved along over the past 2 months very nicely. It helps getting in some more quality people are removing people that had horrible attitudes or just were not quality enough.

    • Ophelie Says:

      I was glad to see you were back in the guild. Might have even been factor in my decision to apply.

      It’s been odd, hearing about the different incarnations the guild has had over the past 2 years. To me it feels like I came home to the exact guild I used to enjoy raiding with, minus all the children from back in the day. It’s almost like no time had passed at all. Yet from your comment, from what long timers say during the after-raid session, from what Vik has told me, A LOT has happened in 2 years!

      Right now, I mostly want to enjoy the honeymoon phase that comes with being in a “new” guild, I’m sure the inevitable imperfections will stand out to me soon enough. I’m ready to help where I can, be it in posting on recruitment threads or being outspoken in the strat/log review threads, but I don’t want to get too involved again. I have pretty clear memories of what happened last time I got too involved.

  7. Viktory Says:

    Glad you’re back. Now will you stop body-pillowing me?

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