How To Use World of Logs to Spy on Pros (Also Heroic Megaera Holy Pally CD Usage Discussion)

EDIT: Want to learn even more about World of Logs and Holy Paladins? Lucy over at Intellect Plate has a comprehensive and excellently written guide which touches on this topic and so much more, I highly suggest you check it out! (I wrote this post merely days after her guide was published, not realizing that she had already covered pretty much everything I bring up. I swear this was an unfortunate coincidence and I offer her my apologies.)

I’m always getting told that my World of Logs posts are long and boring, and the only people who would make sense of them are people who don’t need to be reading World of Logs tutorials anyway.

Yes, yes, no one ever words it quite like that. THATS STILL WHAT IT MEANS.

So I am going to try again.

In my last couple of posts, I mentioned creepy stalking looking up the pros and admiring their use of cooldowns. I didn’t go into details on my procedure and perhaps there are people out there at this very second thinking to themselves, “I wish I could look at Pro logs but every time I open World of Logs I get dizzy and sleepy.

To those people, I present: How to Use World of Logs to Spy on Pros

And for intermediate WoL users, those of you who pull up CD graphs but aren’t too sure what you’re looking at, you guys can scroll down to the last section. There we are sipping tea and calmly discussing Megaera rampage CD usage.

Finding An Interesting Log

1) Go to

Simple enough?

2) Select HPS


3) Select your region (US&EU for me) and desired Mode (25 Heroic for me), in that order


4) Choose your boss fight and hit “Rankings” (for this post, it will be Megaera)


5) Select the little Holy icon under “Paladin” and choose a recent log from a paladin on server where you understand the language.


I’m sure Афиа is amazing, but deciphering his or her spell names just won’t be worth the trouble. You want to go with a recent log too, as fight mechanics and class intricacies change over time. The more recent the log, the more likely it’ll give you an accurate representation of that fight for your class.

6) Click on a Paladin’s name, and check out their spell breakdown tab before hitting the “Buffs Cast” tab.


I’m not sure what general etiquette is for using screenshot’s of a stranger’s logs. To give credit where credit is due, these are Aladya’s (from Method) logs from June 5. I picked these particular ones because the CD timing on them is perfect for teaching. If it’s inappropriate for me to use them, I will take them down and apologize profusely.

7) To view CD usage click on the “#” next to the cooldown(s) you’re interested in


Note that you can also select debuffs, and under the “Buffs gained” tabs, you can view uptime of buffs or debuffs that are cast on a player by someone or something else. For the sake of this discussion, though, we only care about Holy Pally CD casts.

8) Admire the graph you’ve created



First, there’s a graph with pretty squiggly lines. The light yellow one shows damage the raid is doing (we don’t care about that at this time) and the orangish line shows damage taken by raid. If you’re colourblind, you can distinguish them (at least on this fight – and that’s why I picked this fight) because damage taken spikes at 6 specific spots.

Those 6 specific spikes are Rampages.

Under the pretty squiggly graph, there are green bars. Each green bar shows you when a buff was active. If you mouse over a green bar on World of Logs (note, this won’t work on my screenshots!), a tooltip will pop up showing who had that buff on them. Especially useful for assessing Eternal Flame usage, but also helpful if you happen to be interested in Beacon, Hand of Purity or Hand of Sacrifice targets.

From this graph, we can see that our pro paladin has Eternal Flames running throughout the fight on a number of people (the brighter a green bar, the more people that buff is on).

We can also breakdown his CD usage per rampage:

Rampage #1: Holy Avenger, Divine Favor and Avenging Wrath. (Guardian of the Ancient Kings was used as well – I forgot to add it when doing the screenshot.)
Rampage #2: None
Rampage #3: Holy Avenger and Devo Aura.
Rampage #4: Avenging Wrath and Divine Favor
Rampage #5: Holy Avenger
Rampage #6: Devo Aura, Intellect Potion (also Guardian of the Ancient Kings, missing from screenshot)

Avenging Wrath and Divine Favor were used again at the very end of the fight. (Had it taken longer for the last head to die, they could have been used on the last Rampage, but DPS was too high and they weren’t off CD yet.)

I added Divine Plea to the screenshot as well, you can see how it was used shortly before the third and fifth rampage.

Now, when I’m writing Holy Pally beginner CD guides, I always say “Don’t use Divine Favor and Avenging Wrath at the same time, you just get more overheal and less time with an active throughput CD“. I stand by that. For 5s, most normal fights and periods of lowish damage, at least. When damage is periodically intense (such as this fight) and every ounce of healing will be useful, you might as well hit with everything you have. Plus, the earlier you use your CDs, the more likely they’ll be up at the end.

For progression fights – whether you’re doing crazy heroic modes or you’re working on normal Horridon, you can plan your CD usage based on fight length and the time it takes for CD to come up. And then your “Buff Cast” graph can look like this one.

Ending Words

I was going to end this post by adding a few more CD graphs of top Holy Paladins. Then I realized that I’d be wasting a precious exercise opportunity. So go, use the instructions here to find other examples of Holy Paladin CD planning!

Hours and hours of fun, I assure you!

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14 Comments on “How To Use World of Logs to Spy on Pros (Also Heroic Megaera Holy Pally CD Usage Discussion)”

  1. Tree Says:

    World of Logs posts are great, even if they don’t walk through every detail. If nobody talked about it, nobody would know.

    I learned about WoL when a DK tank on EJ explained Heroic Lich King cooldown usage using WoL screen shots. Before then I knew about it, but didn’t get what was so great about it.

    So hopefully you are showing someone the light, since WoL is pretty much the best thing ever.

    • Ophelie Says:

      Hehe, yeah, I love WoL. When I have the time, I prefer to use it to learn boss fights over strat guides or videos. I tend to get overenthusiastic when I write about it, though, and end up stretching the post in 10 directions, losing everyone in the process.

  2. Nina Says:

    This is what I get for lurking and not posting. I adore your WoL posts and hope you’ll make many more

  3. AliPally Says:

    The poster has the option to hide the log as far as I’m aware, so if it’s supposed to be private then they should hide it.

    Going though WoL is great fun, except when I see how badly I play at times; then I get all depressed!

    • Ophelie Says:

      I think there are privacy options, but still, I try to be polite! Confidentiality is a huge thing in my IRL line of work, so I get in the habit of worrying about it in everything I do.

      I get so depressed too when I do terrible. But that’s sort of what got me into logs. I got tired of being terrible so I learned how to compare what I was doing to what others were doing. Then I discovered it was fun. Now I’m a total WoL junky!

  4. Perr Says:

    I am just a random Boomkin that has enjoyed reading your blog over the years. Thanks for the WOL read. Usually the second thing I click on the site is the close button.

  5. Aoire Says:

    Hey Ophelia,
    Do you happen to know how to check how many Holy Power Eternal Flames are people using in WoL?

    • Ophelie Says:

      Unfortunately I don’t think there’s an easy way to tell.

      The only way I know of is to go through the log parser, search for “Eternal Flame” and make different queries for different targets. Even then, you’d have to guess based on the strength of the spell how many Holy Powers are used, but it’s usually fairly obvious. (I suppose you could query Holy Power charges too, but that would take up far more room than it’s worth.)

      • Aoire Says:

        Thanks for fast respond!
        on how many Holy Powers do you suggest using Eternal Flame?

        • Ophelie Says:

          I usually use 1 while Holy Avenger isn’t active, sometimes 3 on the tanks, and 3 while Holy Avenger is active (not that it gives you a choice!). The goal (for max HPS) is to have as many Eternal Flames going out as quickly as possible, but for functionality sake, you’d probably have to adapt based on damage patterns and healing assignments.

  6. Kyaza Says:

    This is a great post. It’s nice to see logs broken down so efficiently.

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